Smile Challenge

On MOVE Live On Tour, we talk a ton about movement. One might assume we’re only referencing dance as a way to move, but the fact is there are many different types of movement. You can move your physical body, be moved by something emotional, and even feel movement happening within your life. The list goes on!

On tour, we aim to inspire the audience to discover what moves them. What inspires all of us to become greater, more appreciative contributors to the world? We believe movement is the key to unlocking some of these questions.

The way you move directly affects the way you feel.

My challenge to you this week is to catch yourself in a moment where you feel yourself checking out: maybe you’re stuck in traffic, making your morning coffee or waiting in line somewhere — and SMILE. Smile to yourself or smile at another person.

It’s incredible what lifting the corners of your mouth upward does to our brain. You can actually feel your smile releasing kind, happy vibes through your soul!

Let’s see those pearly whites! #juleschallenge

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  1. I love the positive energy you’re putting out to the world! It’s infectious and it’s something that has become so uncommon in the world today. Something as simple as being happy, kind, thoughtful and just smiling has become a rarity. It has become cool to gang up on someone, make fun or tear each other down. Especially women – we are no longer united. I appreciate the effort to making the world a better place one smile at a time. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. I thank you for using your popularity for good! Love you! Xo

  2. That’s a good one! I remember learning that the mind-body connection goes both ways: the mind can affect how/what the body feels, and the body can affect how/what the mind thinks. What goes on in your mind may well be a reflection of the state of your physical being. So when the corners of your mouth go up, your mind starts thinking it’s happy! Who knew? Very much appreciate what you put out into the world. XO

    1. They are coming to Canada to Orillia, Ontario. Watched the show there last year. Totally awesome. I think that might be the only Canadian stop.

  3. Even on my worst day I go out of my way to make sure I smile at strangers. Just a simple gesture that can lift someone’s spirit.

  4. “You can actually feel your smile releasing kind, happy vibes through your soul!” what a cutie you are.

  5. How awesome would a tv show about a couple prone travelling the country and performing acts of kindness, helping people in big and little ways, changing lives for the better?! Just saying, I’m available

  6. Hey Julianne! Please like my #JulesChallenge picture I uploaded on Instagram a few hours ago!! My username is agusecastro but it’s private so look for it on the Hashtag #JulesChallenge please I am sure you are gonna love it! Good night girl! Also… The challenge you gave us was pretty awesome love you

  7. Someone once taught me that we often wait for others to smile or greet us. But if we make it a point to greet people first, say hi, ask them how they are, not only are we building up more positivity within ourselves, but we are giving it off as well.

  8. I would wan’t to dye my hair pink for festival season this summer. But how long did it take before it was out of your hair? And did you ger it all out with just washing it?

  9. I love what you and your brother Derek stand for on this tour. Motion equals emotion! So true! I love moving my body and it makes me smile and laugh! It feels so free and careless!

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