Surprise! Challenge

What’s better than a birthday party? A surprise birthday party! This week I pulled a fast one on my brother Derek for his 30th birthday. Since the day was smack in the middle of finale preparations for Dancing With The Stars, we had it on set and in between rehearsals.

As you know, I’m all about a theme party so of course there were props galore. For his present, my family and I pooled together to send Derek to Hawaii, so naturally my theme was all things aloha! I had a blast stocking up at the party store. I scooped up a tablecloth with blue waves, fish printed plates, shark napkins, Tiki lights, toy lobsters and balloons, lots of balloons! The best thing I found was hands down the giant crab costumes. How could I resist? My mom and Shirley were voted in as the lucky crabs. Did I mention it was nearly 90 degrees outside?

We invited Derek’s closest friends, some of our family and our DWTS family, too. I was super stealth and sneaky decorating the lot quickly, trying my hardest not to get busted. Well little did I know, the surprise was on us… Derek was almost an hour late! My mom and Shirley were stuck sweating it out in the massive crab outfits for over 45 minutes!


Everyone had the greatest time including Derek, who loved the surprise. Sometimes the best plans are the unexpected ones! For that reason, I challenge you to surprise someone this weekend. It doesn’t have to be a party or anything extravagant. It can be flowers, a card, a coffee – or even just a visit! Showing up for people and letting them know you care is the greatest gift of all.

Let me know how you end up surprising someone special!


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  1. Love the surprise and I love your blog! Surprising my hubby tomorrow night for his birthday to an awesome little hole in the wall restaurant that has the BEST steaks! All of our close friends will be there. He never lets me plan anything for his birthday so a surprise it is!

  2. Why haven’t you danced with Mark on DWTS? You competed together as teens I would think you’d be great together.

  3. Hi Julianne! I just wanted to say how much of a positive inspiration you are! I love your Instagram posts, but I actually just took the time to look at your blog today and it’s even more beautiful and inspiring! Keep on being such a wonderful addition to this world 🙂

  4. Why didn’t you ask Sasha and Alan to dress like crabs? I think they already have experience HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

  5. Awesome challenge, Jules! I surprise my best friend with a infinity bracelet that I got from Kings Island and I wrote her a note about how much I love her and how much she means to me! I haven’t given it to her yet, but I know she is going to LOVE it!!

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