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Ring Your Neck

Many of you have noticed my love for the choker necklace and asked where I’ve been scooping them up. Good news! This ’90s throwback accessory is back in a big way, so most stores are carrying variations of this trend in virtually every style.

I usually wear a thin, simple choker in my day to day because I like the little hint of something extra it lends to a simple tee shirt or sweater. When dressing up, I’ll go for a solid gold or ornamental mixed-metal style to match the fancier look.

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As far as what not to wear: I avoid anything too wide and overbearing because it will look (and I imagine it will also feel) awkward and uncomfortable. Continue Reading


Bring Back the Bling

When it comes to accessories, often I forget what all I have. If it’s out of sight, sadly it’s out of mind. Besides, when it’s all stored together my necklaces, earrings and bracelets become a tangled, mismatched mess. Since having a store display is out of the question (not to mention pretty extreme) I turned to the bloggers for bling solutions that are functional, decorative and pinterest worthy.

Find some of my favorite DIYs here: Continue Reading


TOMS x Malala Fund

By now we all know about TOMS, the great company who is all about giving back. They’ve come a long way from the shoes that put them on the map of must haves; their products now also include eyewear, bags, apparel and home goods.

Today, TOMS is releasing a limited edition collaboration scarf with the Malala Fund. Malala’s international efforts fund education for young girls, enabling them to achieve their potential. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, met Malala last year and was so inspired and moved by her that he wanted to create something special to support her efforts.

100% of the proceeds from the scarf go to this charity. 100%! Every single cent goes straight from you to this beautiful fund.

Will you join TOMS and myself in supporting Malala?


Take A Peek Inside My Bag

According to my Ask Jules inbox, there are many of you who want to know what I tote around everyday in my bag. When I’m zooming around town, I like to be prepared for anything — whether it’s jotting down an idea, fixing a sweet tooth or rewarding my dogs (for being the best ever, of course.)

So here’s what you’d find if you emptied out my everyday purse: Continue Reading


Sparkle Your Way Into The New Year

My extremely talented friend and stylist Anita Patrickson knows a thing or two (million, that is) about finding unique and stunning clothing pieces and accessories. Anita generously took a beat from composing New Years Eve ensembles for her best-dressed clients and compiled a list of sparkling must haves just for us! I love how playful and frilly each piece is.

What will you all be wearing when the clock strikes midnight? Which of these pieces inspire you?

Continue Reading


My Fall Hair Accessory Must Have

When I think about fall fashion, I picture a whole lot of leather (or pleather). The buttery jackets, pants, backpacks and shift dresses come out in full force once the first fallen leaf hits the ground.

One trend I noticed happening a lot during New York Fashion Week was the use of leather hair accessories. I saw them wrapped around sleek, low ponytails, holding down tousled waves and pinning back both messy buns and tight chignons.

I love how leather accessories add an instant chicness to any do, whether it’s clean and classic or all over the place. No matter if you go for real of vegan leather, there are plenty of options out there.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Ahhhh! I want all these!! Which one do you love?


New York Fashion Week: A Recap

Just a few days ago I was lucky to be in the big apple for New York Fashion Week. There is no other time quite like NYFW, when the frenzy of excited fashionistas buzz in, out and all around the city. The fashion was exceptional on the runway and in the streets. Continue Reading

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