Chill Out Challenge

More often than not it's hard to find quiet in the chaos of everyday life. Most of us don't find

Ask Jules vol. 5

This week I decided to focus on answering emails having to do with confidence and uncertainty. I hope their questions

Calling All Kind Hearts!

I’ve been receiving countless letters from readers who are having a hard time being bullied. Peta’s ex-boyfriend is bullying her

Ask Jules vol. 3

This week in my Ask Jules column I decided to slip-on my Cupid wings and address a few of my
Home Decor

Ask Jules Vol. 2

You guys emailed me so many great questions about your home décor! Below I gave you my two cents and

Ask Jules Vol. 1

I absolutely love receiving all your emails! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and trusting your concerns with me. If

Ask Jules!

So many of my digital friends take to Twitter and Instagram to ask me for advice on anything and everything.
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