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Apple Ginger Delight: The Energy Drink That’s Good For You

My boyfriend Brooks is a great influence when it comes to eating clean. He’s always looking for tasty ways to incorporate our love to grub with our priority to stay healthy. Brooks created this delicious juice that I’ve been downing nonstop! I love the taste and the benefits – a total win-win! But enough from me… I’ll let him tell you about it himself:

Between Jules rehearsing 6 days a week for her MOVE tour and my staying in shape for next season, our schedules are pretty non-stop. Rehearsing and practicing for dance and hockey is a huge mental and physical demand on your mind and body each day. In order to be able to meet these energetic demands, we’ve started juicing before and after we go about our days.

To juice goes beyond buying a pre-made bottle of OJ. It’s a process of putting vegetables and fruits, often with their skins intact, into a juice machine and extracting the juice. The resulting juice is filled with an abundance of health-building elements — vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. You can juice almost any vegetable or fruit, and each is beneficial to your health in different ways. With a little research, I found a great recipe that kickstarts my and Jules’ days, and gives us an organic energy boost!

Try making this at home and you will feel like you have the energy of a kid on the playground! Continue Reading

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Jules’ Stuffed And Roasted Peppers

In the beginning of my relationship I faced a minor challenge when it came to a major factor: FOOD! Brooks likes to eat very clean. He would never substitute health over taste. I, on the other hand, am the total opposite. Bring on the creamy, salty, sweet, spicy goodness and I will happily devour it!

Wanting to be a great girlfriend and test out my domestic goddess-like skills, I set out to find creative meals to make that would satisfy us both. He’s always surprised when I am able to create something new and delicious out of ingredients that might sound otherwise uninspiring. This one got two thumbs up, so I thought I’d share it with you! Continue Reading

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