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Nice: More Than Just A City In France

This weekend, I’m challenging you (and me!) to perform at least five random acts of niceness. These small acts won’t cost you a thing but the pay-off on the receiving end will be priceless. Remembering to smile at a stranger might not sound like a true task, but sometimes we get so caught up in our to-do lists we forget to take a beat to be nice, just because.

Below are some of the acts of niceness I will make an extra effort to act on this weekend:

• Smile or say “Hello!” when making eye contact with a stranger.

• Hand out high fives.

• Compliment someone on their style.

• Open doors for others.

• When leaving a tip for a waitress, also leave a note of praise.

What other nice ideas do you guys have? Who else is with me on this challenge?? Continue Reading


Leave A Note!

One of the greatest feelings in the world is receiving a message that makes you feel wonderful when you least expect it. Sure, we can send a spontaneous text but, really — a handwritten note is less expected and so much more meaningful.

A sweet note isn’t only for sweethearts. They can be for roommates, kids, grandparents, friends, and co-workers. Slide a little piece of paper into their lunchbox, book, or suitcase. Continue Reading


Take Center Stage… In Your Shower!

Everyone sounds good singing in the shower (two words: awesome acoustics.) Well, at least we think we do, right? Regardless, who cares! Showers were made for singing… in addition to you know, getting clean.

There’s something about singing that makes me feel so good — especially in the shower where you can be totally uninhibited and really let loose! That’s my challenge for you this week. No matter how you sound, give it a go! If you try this and anyone complains, you can just tell them it’s good for your mental health. 🙂 Continue Reading


Top 5 #JulesGreaseChallenge Winners!

An enormous thank you to everyone who tuned in to Grease Live last night! This was one of the most exciting nights of my career and to see my excitement mirrored in you all meant the world to me. So again, thank you!

The videos submitted for the Grease challenge were nothing short of epic! I knew you all were talented but I had no idea just how talented! Choosing a top five was nearly impossible. You guys are the best! Continue Reading


You Better Shape Up!

Attention all movers and shakers! You’ve seen me sing and dance for years, so now it’s my turn to sit back and enjoy your show! Give me all you’ve got by singing, lip-synching, dancing or acting out your favorite Grease song or scene.

Upload your masterpiece to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #JulesGreaseChallenge, and don’t forget to email your video to My favorite videos will be posted on the blog next week!

Whether you’re rolling solo or performing with friends, here are some songs to get the creative juices flowing: Continue Reading


Unlocking Your Potential

You have potential. I have potential. Everyone in this entire world has potential. Whether it’s to become great at something we haven’t yet attempted, or the capability of being even greater at something we already practice, there is an opportunity to be extraordinary. Potential is a very powerful thing; it’s essentially a more exciting word for “possibility.” Continue Reading


Spartan Beast

Last weekend I participated in the Spartan Beast, a 13 mile multi-obstacle challenge! This experience was no joke – especially in the crazy California heat wave we’ve been having. My sister Sharee and her husband Randall put our team together. Since their last name is Wise, our team name was the Wise Asses!



Continue Reading


6 Ways To MOVE: The Dance Challenge

You all know how I feel about dance when it comes to elevating my mood and staying in shape. Derek and my feelings and beliefs about dance were the major influences behind us creating the MOVE Live On Tour! We wanted to share with everyone the sensational benefits of movement. I realize not everyone can make it to our show, but I’m hoping I can still inspire some of you to get your groove on.

This weekend, I challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and do something exciting! I’ve got some fun ways you can express yourself, but there are no rules for this challenge, so just get crazy and let loose, but most importantly — tell me how it goes!

Here are some of my ideas to incorporate dance into your weekend: Continue Reading


Take Two Challenge

Two songs, that is. It’s time to hit pause on whatever it is you’ve got to do this weekend and press play. I’m challenging you to pick two of your all-time favorite songs and rock out as hard as you can! These songs have to be two things: fun and loud! Music has such a profound effect on us. Happy songs can elevate our spirit and make us feel great! Therefore, I want you to pick two songs that make you feel energized and positive.

Whether you’re driving in the car, cooking dinner, going for a run – close that email, put down the phone and plug into your playlist. Dance hard, sing at the top of your lungs, let it all out! And – let me know what two songs you’ve chosen!

Mine are: Continue Reading


Compliments Are Free

Last week, we challenged ourselves to look in the mirror and name three things we like about what we see. I loved all the positive and honest things you all shared here in the comments and on my Instagram. It’s so cool for me to see you all creating such a positive community. That’s what inspired me for this week’s challenge: let’s flip the switch and give those feel good feelings away to someone else!

Have you ever seen a little girl’s eyes light up when you compliment her sparkly shoes? That feeling truly never goes away. If you’re shopping and thumbing through a rack next to a girl with a fresh fishtail braid – let her know you admire her hairstyle. Continue Reading

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