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DIY Summertime Citrus Bath Salts

If you’re not familiar with the adorable Willow and Sage Magazine then you’re in for a treat! I first saw the magazine in a bookstore, and with its hand-drawn illustrations and fancy recipes, it was too beautiful to pass up. Naturally when they sent this gorgeous DIY project I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

These citrus bath salts are packaged so beautifully they’d make the perfect gift — just be sure to make an extra for yourself because they smell and feel delicious. And with all-natural ingredients and fragrances, the result is a clean, fresh, wholesome product that anyone would love. Plus the packaging is totally pin-worthy.

I’ll let Sarah take it from here. Post a pic if you make these at home!


Hi everyone! Sarah here from Willow and Sage Magazine. This recipe for summertime bath salts includes a zesty citrus scent and bath herbs that will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s so simple to make and a great way to get your skin glowing and summer-ready in no time!

I decided to package this recipe in these adorable test tubes, making it small enough to gift, or display on your vanity. We all know someone who deserves a little TLC (and it might be you!), so dress these up by adding a button, gift tag, and jute twine for a finishing touch that is sure to please. Continue Reading


Let Mr. Kate Be Your Thrift Store Guide

Thrift shopping takes patience, persistence and often, a creative eye. Sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily what you’ll get as an end result. For example, a beat up picture frame might look like a piece of junk at first glance, but with some care and restoration it could end up becoming a work of art itself. The same goes for clothing. I was advised to pay attention to prints and patterns more than shape and size because a great tailor can turn almost anything into a perfect fit. 

As much as I love looking for treasures, I’m no expert when it comes to seeking out a diamond in the rough. Luckily Mr. Kate, an expert in all things thrift, is giving us some of her best advice when it comes to shopping in thrift stores. And in honor of it being National Thrift Day, Kate threw in one of my favorite DIY projects featuring painted patterned mugs!

I’ll let Mr. Kate take it from here. Happy thrifting!

Jules Continue Reading


Crafting With Nina!

Is it too soon to #tbt to Easter? Last week, I took a trip to one of my best friend Nina Dobrev’s hometown in Toronto. Once we were there we got our Easter egg on! Nina’s Mom taught us a new technique for decorating eggs. They turned out so great I wanted to share her way with you all. File it away for next year or get crafty just because! Is there ever not a time for pastel colored eggs? Nah.

Continue Reading


Make Your Own Umbrella-Ella-Ella

Something rare and exciting happened in LA last week… it rained! As I dusted off my one and only umbrella, I realized how uninspiring my basic black dome is. There must be a way to jazz this baby up, I thought. Sure, I could go out and buy something with more pizazz but where is the fun in that? I spun my rubber boots back around and did a little online research. Of course there are dozens of amazing DIYs out there! To the craft store I go…

These were my very favorite DIYs, and I found it almost impossible to choose just one! Continue Reading


DIY Recycled Wrapping Paper

After all the presents have been put under the tree, you might find yourself with a few rolls of leftover sparkly paper. A friend gave me a great idea the other day: take the unused holiday paper and use it as décor!

She wrapped hanging mirrors, framed photos and art to look like gifts decorating the walls of her home, which I loved. She also lined the bottom of clear coasters, cut strips for coasters, and updated the lining of her serving trays. Everything looks so festive and exciting! Continue Reading


Spectacular Sugar Cookies!

A few weeks ago I saw a comment on my Instagram from @nutmegandhoneybee, saying she’d love to contribute a recipe to the site. I clicked over to her profile and was absolutely blown away by how incredible her work is! Of course I had to have one of her recipes here, and I am so glad I reached out. Aren’t these cookies amazing?!

Here are all of Meghan’s baking secrets so you can make these incredible cookies, too! Continue Reading

Home Decor

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I am especially proud of this pretty DIY tree I decorated at home last week. It was surprisingly simple to do! All you need are a few easy-to-find items. You can use the ones I list here, or get creative and go with your own ideas.


Start with clear, round and heart-shaped globes that feature openings near the top.

Place twirled pieces of yarn inside, using the same shade of string as ties to hang from the tree. I chose to use hues of cream and brown because I wanted a natural color scheme but obviously the options are endless! I also used a rose gold wire in some of the globes for a touch of sparkle. Continue Reading


4 DIY Projects That Make Perfect Gifts

Allow me to get this off my chest: HOW IS IT DECEMBER ALREADY?!! Seriously, was it not just July? Okay, okay, end rant. Time to start thinking about a serious holiday season task: presents. I’d love to find a cute craft I could create and gift to my friends. Something that is thoughtful, useful, and festive.

Last year, a friend of mine gifted mason jars filled with everything you need to make holiday cookies. It was wrapped in a pretty bow and included a little tag with printed directions. I could tell she took the time making these and I thought it was a great idea. I loved the look and size of the mason jar and knew there had to be other ideas out there. Turns out, there are many!

Here are some great gift ideas I found using mason jars. What do you guys think? Do you have a DIY go-to gift? Continue Reading

Home Decor

Take It Or Leaf It

Piles of crispy, colorful leaves make me want to do two things: 1) dive into them and 2) do something crafty! I searched the Internet for home decor inspirations using fallen leaves and found some seriously stunning ideas.

I love all these projects and I can’t wait to try them out. Just click the link under the photo and it will take you to the full tutorial!

If you do any of these DIYs please post pics! Continue Reading

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