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In Honor Of Earth Day, Try These Eco-Friendly Swaps

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (this Saturday!) I’d like to check in with you guys to see how your eco-friendly challenges have been going. I’ve done well with some of my changes, but some of them were more difficult for me. I’m a work in progress!

Besides our contributions at home, there are thousands of companies who are dedicated to developing new technology to lessen their carbon footprint. As much as I love to DIY beauty products, there are some household items you just can’t re-create at home. When I have to hit the store, it’s important to me to continue my sustainable efforts by supporting these businesses who are making an effort to be more earth friendly.

For example, Method started packaging some of their household products with plastic reclaimed from the ocean! And I just learned that researchers have found a way to potentially skip the plastic and create packaging out of unsellable potatoes. There are already some snack foods out there that are sold in biodegradable bags!

Each year I try to add another sustainable habit to my lifestyle. I know I can’t do it all at once, but I’ve found that even adding in one thing makes me more aware of other choices I make throughout the day. I’ve put together a few products that I think I can swap out to do my part with our environment — what everyday things do you think you can live without?

PS: You can click the items to learn more!

I’d love it if you could help me come up with a list of sustainable products! Please send your favorite earth-friendly brands to I’ll post a list of our recommendations to share!


One Planet = One Love

This week in celebration of Earth Day, I looked for additional ways I could continue to make environmentally responsible choices. I learned there is so much opportunity to be of better service to our environment. Through minor adaptations to our regular routines, each of us could truly make a difference that effects our environment. My challenge to all of us this week is to make at least one change that is good for the planet. Maybe that’s driving less and using public transportation or riding a bike, powering off electronics when they’re not in use, switching out light bulbs for ones that are energy efficient, replacing shower heads, purchasing recycling bins for places that don’t have the option. Cool?

Let me know how you’re making a difference! #JulesChallenge

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Save the Earth, Save Your Locks

Happy Earth Day, friends! This day is all about supporting and protecting our one and only planet. There are many, many ways we can make a difference by slightly switching up our regular routines. One way I choose to conserve is to save water by washing my hair less frequently. What’s that? Eeew, you say? Well, luckily there is a genius product out there called dry shampoo that removes the eeew factor, giving you fresh looking locks. Skipping that one wash can save up to 150 gallons of water each month! That’s pretty crazy when you think about how much water is literally going down the drain.

Dry shampoo can get a little tricky. It took me several tries to get it right but once I mastered it, I was hooked. When applied directly into the roots, the fine powder absorbs all the oils that make your hair appear dirty. Most have a light scent, so your hair looks and smells fresh and clean. Continue Reading

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