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Unsteady: The Story Behind The Dance

This week on Dancing With The Stars, Derek and I performed a dance that will certainly be one of my most memorable. To me this piece was so much more than a dance. It was an opportunity for us to tell our story while expressing our deepest emotions, the ones we’ve protected the longest and the most.

The magic and beauty in dance is that I am able to express my heart through movement. This opportunity is something we can all practice in our own way. It doesn’t have to be dance, either. You can express yourself through movement by painting, hiking, singing, or even talking. Whatever you’re feeling shouldn’t be held in. Let it go through movement in a way that works for you!

Many of you might be able to relate to our dance which represented some of the tougher times my family went through when I was growing up. I can truly say those testing times are the ones that brought us closer and made us who we are as individuals and as a family. I mean this from my heart — whatever you are going through is going to work out in time and it will be for the best. Just hang on tight and hold on tighter to the ones you love.



My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 9

Last night on Dancing With The Stars we witnessed something truly great. Alexa PenaVega’s contemporary dance, brilliantly choreographed by her partner Mark Ballas, was more than just a dance. It was bigger than her — it was a tribute to anyone who has ever struggled to overcome something.

Before her dance, we saw her speak openly about her struggle with bulimia, and how she overcame it. You could see in her movements that she was conveying something so deeply personal, and everyone in the audience was truly moved when the dance was over. I had goosebumps! Continue Reading


6 Ways To MOVE: The Dance Challenge

You all know how I feel about dance when it comes to elevating my mood and staying in shape. Derek and my feelings and beliefs about dance were the major influences behind us creating the MOVE Live On Tour! We wanted to share with everyone the sensational benefits of movement. I realize not everyone can make it to our show, but I’m hoping I can still inspire some of you to get your groove on.

This weekend, I challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and do something exciting! I’ve got some fun ways you can express yourself, but there are no rules for this challenge, so just get crazy and let loose, but most importantly — tell me how it goes!

Here are some of my ideas to incorporate dance into your weekend: Continue Reading

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