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Unsteady: The Story Behind The Dance

This week on Dancing With The Stars, Derek and I performed a dance that will certainly be one of my most memorable. To me this piece was so much more than a dance. It was an opportunity for us to tell our story while expressing our deepest emotions, the ones we’ve protected the longest and the most.

The magic and beauty in dance is that I am able to express my heart through movement. This opportunity is something we can all practice in our own way. It doesn’t have to be dance, either. You can express yourself through movement by painting, hiking, singing, or even talking. Whatever you’re feeling shouldn’t be held in. Let it go through movement in a way that works for you!

Many of you might be able to relate to our dance which represented some of the tougher times my family went through when I was growing up. I can truly say those testing times are the ones that brought us closer and made us who we are as individuals and as a family. I mean this from my heart — whatever you are going through is going to work out in time and it will be for the best. Just hang on tight and hold on tighter to the ones you love.



My Sister Shares Her 3 Tips For A Lasting Relationship

When it comes to strong and loving relationships, one of my biggest role models is my sister Sharee. With almost 20 years of marriage behind her and many more to come, she always has the best advice for couples. I asked her to share with us her top tips for a lasting relationship and here’s what she had to say…



1. Always do a weekly date night!
It’s important to nurture your relationship and spend quality time together. Randall and I have a very busy schedule, but we always make a date night every week, even if it’s just for an hour. We spend so much time caring for our six children that sometimes we forget to take care of each other. But if we don’t then the very basis and core of our family isn’t strong so we make it our first priority. Continue Reading


Dance Battle Challenge

A few years ago over Thanksgiving, my family recorded and posted a crazy fun dance routine we made the kitchen. We were just goofing around as per usual! Not long after, Maria Menounos posted a video of her friends and family dancing with choreography. She tagged Derek and I, challenging us to a dance battle. Other celebs like Amber Riley, Mark Ballas, Kristi Yamaguchi, and many others from around the world started submitting videos, too.

When Christmas 2013 came around, we challenged everyone to another battle — suffice to say they did not disappoint! The best part about it was that it wasn’t just celebrities getting involved. People all around the world were taking the time to connect with their family and join ours in the challenge. During the holidays, things can be difficult and stressful with all the traveling, clashing personalities and so on. This was special because it bonded families together in a fun, creative way.

After the consecutive years of success of the viral Instagram videos, ABC decided to pick it up as a special, which will air sometime this year! Continue Reading


My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Finale

Last night was nothing short of incredible! I always look forward to the finale show because we get to revisit all the dancers from the season and reminisce some of their best moves. My favorite part of the night was of course performing with my brother alongside Sia to her beautiful song, “Elastic Heart.” It was emotional and powerful but most of all — it was fun!

A little insider info: It was Sia who contacted Derek and said she wanted him to perform to her song. Meanwhile, Derek and I have been prepping for MOVE Live on Tour, and we already planned on putting this song in our show. Derek always envisioned it as a romantic love story but I saw it in a way that expressed the difficulties that come with a family’s love. In our lives, we’ve had experiences where we want so badly to keep the peace in our family. The lyrics say, “I’m like an elastic band. If you pull too hard, I’m going to snap.” We came up with a concept based around family dynamics and how a family’s love can be difficult, too. Continue Reading


My Mom Marriann On Being A Mother

My mom is one of the most beautiful, kind and inspiring people I know. I am aware that I’m fortunate to have such a wonderful figure in my life, so I’d like to share her message with you all. No matter who you’re celebrating today, this note is not only for me but to you too.


There are no words that can describe the feeling of the moment right after childbirth. The first of course is of great relief! Followed by one of exhilaration at the precious moment when your sweet baby is placed in your arms. The overwhelming love, gratitude and privilege floods over you with a flurry of other emotions. The weight of responsibility and hoping you can measure up to the mother you esteem yourself to be holds your heart hostage. Last but definitely not least the instinctual momma bear syndrome sets in.

As far back as I can remember when others would ask me the proverbial question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always responded, “I want to be a mother.” Being young myself served me well because I too was like a kid having fun, playing, learning and making mistakes right along with my kids. I liked having fun and being silly, loving and supportive. The forever cheerleader, I wanted my children to be independent and unafraid, to experience life, take their own journeys. I didn’t realize just how independent they would all become and leave… Ha! Continue Reading


My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 3

My favorite moment from filming last night’s Dancing With The Stars was when my mom came to the show! It’s awesome getting to see her watch the entire show from the corner of my eye (hey, I’ve got a job to do here!). No matter who is dancing — whether it’s Derek or someone she’s never met — if it’s a dance she likes she can’t contain herself. She jumps up out of her seat with excitement, beaming throughout the performance. I love it!

Whenever my mom is in town we try to pack in as much catch-up time as possible. She always says, “Hurry up and tell me everything!” I am elated that she’s staying with me for some much needed mommy/daughter time. I’m very grateful for my career, but sometimes it’s tough having to uphold an image of strength and certainty when you’re not feeling 100%. Like many of you, my many hats require me to make decisions that are overwhelming and make me feel weighed down. Continue Reading

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