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Holy Humidity! 4 Ways Your Hair Can Beat The Heat

Traveling through the south this summer has been so much fun. The one and only drawback? My hair sometimes resembles that of a Chia Pet. Luckily, I’ve made friends with some sweet Southern belles who shared their tips for keeping their locks tame and under control in this sticky, steamy weather.

If you’re facing a similar hair fight this summer, read on for some easy styling tricks that actually work. Continue Reading


Grocery Girl’s Guide to Glossy Hair

My hair goes through some pretty intense transformations on a daily basis. Whether it’s for DWTS or a dinner date, my head gets its fair share of heated tools, hairspray, teasing, spiraling, straightening — and let’s not forget the impromptu pink moment I had last week. While I take precaution to use gentle products there’s only so much you can do to save your strands, really.

Recently I was standing in line at the grocery store next to a girl who had the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t just stand there and covet, so I asked her straight up: what is your shiny hair secret? She pointed out a few items in her basket and told me about her surprisingly simple and inexpensive weekly ritual. Usually, I’d further investigate advice from strangers but guys let me tell you – it was that good. I gave up my spot in line and sought out the items she swears by. The results? Life (of hair) changing. Continue Reading

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Save the Earth, Save Your Locks

Happy Earth Day, friends! This day is all about supporting and protecting our one and only planet. There are many, many ways we can make a difference by slightly switching up our regular routines. One way I choose to conserve is to save water by washing my hair less frequently. What’s that? Eeew, you say? Well, luckily there is a genius product out there called dry shampoo that removes the eeew factor, giving you fresh looking locks. Skipping that one wash can save up to 150 gallons of water each month! That’s pretty crazy when you think about how much water is literally going down the drain.

Dry shampoo can get a little tricky. It took me several tries to get it right but once I mastered it, I was hooked. When applied directly into the roots, the fine powder absorbs all the oils that make your hair appear dirty. Most have a light scent, so your hair looks and smells fresh and clean. Continue Reading


Festival (Hair) Style: My Weekend At Coachella

Last weekend I had an amazing time at the Coachella Music Festival! My girls and I danced, barbecued, swam and sang our faces off. Packing for Coachella is always fun because the vibe is very boho and eccentric, so it’s a good time to break out the cut-off shorts, crotchet tops, feathers, fringe and whatever else you fancy! It’s also an awesome opportunity to do something exciting with your hair and I’m just saying — my crew didn’t disappoint with our ‘dos. Continue Reading

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How To Go From Bedhead To Beautiful In 5 Minutes Flat

Sometimes you just don’t feel like spending time and effort getting dolled up for a quick trip to anywhere. I love rolling out of bed and going straight to brunch — but nobody else should have to suffer from the sight of my bedhead. Am I right?

My goal is often to be out the door in five minutes, without looking like a hot mess. So here are the three keys for achieving maximum cuteness with minimal effort… Continue Reading

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