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Lift This: DIY Wrist and Ankle Weights

Try as we might, we can’t always squeeze a workout into our schedule. I learned a long time ago sometimes you have to get creative and let the workout come to you.

With these DIY wrist and/or ankle weights, you can go about your at-home business while getting toned and tight.

You can put them to use while you squat, lunge and work your arms or, like me, you can wear them while you put groceries away, vacuum, and blow dry your hair! As long as you’re moving, they’re working.

These sock-weights are easy to make in just 4 simple steps. Continue Reading


Sweating For Your Health

I recently learned by committing to break a sweat for 30 minutes every day, I’m reducing my risk of breast and ovarian cancer by as much as 20%! Immediately added that to the list of reasons to get moving every day. This risk-reducing activity is only one of the many ways we can take action. I found dozens of other tips, facts and tools to prevent and detect ovarian cancer on Bright Pink’s website.

When detected early, the five-year survival rate for breast and ovarian cancer is greater than 92%. It is essential for women of every age to take action and practice early detection and risk reduction. We have the power to be proactive — so let’s do what we can!

In the event I don’t necessarily feel up for a solid workout (come on, we all have those days) I made this list of active activities I could get into for at least 30 minutes. Continue Reading


Clean Space = Clear Mind

Often things come up in our lives that cause us stress and frustration. Whether it’s waiting for a final grade or stirring over a big decision, situations that have us feeling disorderly or out of control can truly drive us nuts!

In these times, I know of one simple solution that provides a temporary relief and offers a sense of order: organizing. Not so much sorting your thoughts or sketching out a to do list but rather straightening out something completely unrelated such as a spice rack or desk drawer. Cleaning up this real mess doesn’t completely clear the one in my head, but it sure gives me a little sense of order and accomplishment.

Try it! You might be surprised. Below is a list of spaces I usually dig into when I’m needing to sort through something physical. Cleaning out and straightening up any junk drawer will give you an instant jolt of pride but these spots can usually always use some sprucing up as well: Continue Reading


The Trick To Staying Cool? Get Hot!

They say you learn something new every day so a few days ago, this was my lesson learned. I was pretty blown away to discover when we’re feeling the heat of the hot summer sun it isn’t an ice-cold glass of anything that will cool us off quickest, but rather a warm mug of something.

Yup, you read right! Research shows when you drink something hot, the nerves in your tongue send signals to your brain telling it your body temperature is rising. Our brain tells our body to go into cool down mode, which begins with producing sweat. When the sweat begins to evaporate off our skin it lowers the temperature of our body. Crazy, right?

What’s the best hot beverage to sip if it’s super hot outside? Continue Reading

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