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Leftover Cranberry Dip

Can you believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone?! Not to be cheesy, but time really does fly when you’re having fun! And speaking of cheese (mmmmm… cheese), I discovered this great cranberry dip recipe that is phenomenal slathered on a bagel, on top of crackers, or even just spread over a piece toast.

I don’t know about you guys, but we always seem to have a leftover bag of fresh cranberries every year that just sits there begging to be whipped up into something — but I never know what. Now I do! Continue Reading


A Thanksgiving DIY: Making Your Own Thankful Tree

My sister Marabeth is one of the most creative and entertaining hosts I’ve ever known. She doesn’t ever simply host a dinner — no way. There will be games, activities, and décor galore. Like all extraordinary hosts, my sister is all about the details.

The DIY Thankful Trees she made for us last Thanksgiving was one of my favorite details to date. They were gorgeous, but more importantly they were a great reminder for all the joys our family brings us. It made our gathering even more special, and it just might be the perfect thing for your family’s holiday, too!

I asked Marabeth to give you all the step-by-step details for making your own “Thankful Tree” for your family dinner this year. Be sure and tag me if you make one!


I absolutely love Thanksgiving! I host my family every year and it brings me so much joy and gratitude. As Julianne mentioned, I do love the little details. They are always what everyone treasures the most!

A photo posted by marabethpoole (@marabethpoole) on

This year for one of our activities, I’m going to fill a jar with Indian corn for all to guess how many are in the jar. Whoever guesses the closest wins the candy-filled jar! Continue Reading


Crafting With Nina!

Is it too soon to #tbt to Easter? Last week, I took a trip to one of my best friend Nina Dobrev’s hometown in Toronto. Once we were there we got our Easter egg on! Nina’s Mom taught us a new technique for decorating eggs. They turned out so great I wanted to share her way with you all. File it away for next year or get crafty just because! Is there ever not a time for pastel colored eggs? Nah.

Continue Reading


Merry Christmas, One and All

Merry Christmas, everyone! No matter what you celebrate today, even if it’s just life itself, I hope it is a beautiful day filled with love and laughter. Thank you for being a part of what I’m thankful for this holiday season!


Photo credit: phongphan5922


DIY Recycled Wrapping Paper

After all the presents have been put under the tree, you might find yourself with a few rolls of leftover sparkly paper. A friend gave me a great idea the other day: take the unused holiday paper and use it as décor!

She wrapped hanging mirrors, framed photos and art to look like gifts decorating the walls of her home, which I loved. She also lined the bottom of clear coasters, cut strips for coasters, and updated the lining of her serving trays. Everything looks so festive and exciting! Continue Reading


Ask Jules Vol. 6: Holiday Edition

Thank you to everyone who continues to email me at! This week’s column is dedicated to celebrating the holidays with your loved ones.

I follow your blog and Instagram regularly and you always seem to have the best girls’ nights! My friends and I are thinking about having a Christmas Night In with just us girls.

Do you have any advice or tips to make the night great?? Movies, drinks, snacks, the whole bit! Thanks so much! 🙂


A great girls night in is right up my alley! What a fun way to celebrate the holidays! If it were my party, I’d definitely organize a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Tell everyone ahead of time to bring a wrapped gift that doesn’t cost more than whatever price range your friends would be comfortable with.

I also love having a craft for everyone to do and take home. The DIY ornaments from yesterday’s post would be perfect. Cookie decorating would also be a super fun thing to do (and eat!).

Set the tone by having holiday music playing all night. And keep your guests fed well with theme drinks like hot cocoa and treats with gingerbread and peppermint. I turn to Pinterest for inspirations when it comes to cute finger foods.

Don’t forget to share your pics with all of us!!

Jules Continue Reading

Home Decor

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I am especially proud of this pretty DIY tree I decorated at home last week. It was surprisingly simple to do! All you need are a few easy-to-find items. You can use the ones I list here, or get creative and go with your own ideas.


Start with clear, round and heart-shaped globes that feature openings near the top.

Place twirled pieces of yarn inside, using the same shade of string as ties to hang from the tree. I chose to use hues of cream and brown because I wanted a natural color scheme but obviously the options are endless! I also used a rose gold wire in some of the globes for a touch of sparkle. Continue Reading


The Gift Of Giving Back

What’s better than gifting someone? Answer: gifting everyone! I searched high and low for do-good gifts that benefit people, animals, and the planet. Each of these companies offers gifts for both men and women. One stop shopping, that’s what I’m talking about!

For Your Earth Loving Friend
LumberUnion is a newly-launched Made in America clothing brand with an environmental initiative that hits close to home. They’ve partnered with American Forest, a global nonprofit organization committed to reforestation for over 140 years. Together they are working to reforest the millions of devastated acres in the USA created by this past season’s fires.

For each hat or tee you purchase, four trees are saved! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving to us all, for generations to come. Continue Reading


The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe (For Feasting)

Tomorrow’s holiday isn’t exactly one where I carefully consider what to wear. It’s not meant to be incredibly festive or fancy. Let’s be real, tomorrow is all about the FOOD! But still, you will not be catching me in leather leggings, a snug dress, tights or anything restricting my ability to indulge in a delicious home cooked meal and veg out afterward with my family.

Below are stylish alternatives to sweatpants that are majorly comfortable but still look like you have your life together. Continue Reading

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