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Kitchen Confidential: An Unexpected Splash Of Color

Who says sponges have to be boring? Why should all kitchen knives be black? I say go bold or go home with splashes of bright hues in unexpected places! It’s a small but special touch that gives something ordinary an exciting appeal.

Which kitchen accessory are you most into?

Home Decor

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I am especially proud of this pretty DIY tree I decorated at home last week. It was surprisingly simple to do! All you need are a few easy-to-find items. You can use the ones I list here, or get creative and go with your own ideas.


Start with clear, round and heart-shaped globes that feature openings near the top.

Place twirled pieces of yarn inside, using the same shade of string as ties to hang from the tree. I chose to use hues of cream and brown because I wanted a natural color scheme but obviously the options are endless! I also used a rose gold wire in some of the globes for a touch of sparkle. Continue Reading

Home Decor

Ask Jules Vol. 2

You guys emailed me so many great questions about your home décor! Below I gave you my two cents and in addition, brought in my super talented interior designer Jake Arnold.


Hey, Jules!!
So I have been seriously dating a mountain man and with all of the fun outdoor adventures comes the (icky) manly decor. Think: deer and elk skulls, bull riding pics, mounted fish, hodgepodge furniture and spurs. I am trying to slowly introduce him to better style (my style is more vintage chic- rustic wood, mirrors, black, white, grey with pops of color). I bought him a log bed for Christmas and need your help with how to blend our styles while still making him comfortable — he asked me to move in.

Thank you so much!!
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Take It Or Leaf It

Piles of crispy, colorful leaves make me want to do two things: 1) dive into them and 2) do something crafty! I searched the Internet for home decor inspirations using fallen leaves and found some seriously stunning ideas.

I love all these projects and I can’t wait to try them out. Just click the link under the photo and it will take you to the full tutorial!

If you do any of these DIYs please post pics! Continue Reading

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A Fresh Start For Old Jewels

I don’t think I’m the only girl who has a stash of jewelry that sits hidden somewhere and rarely if ever sees the light of day. These pieces weren’t necessarily expensive investments but they were purchased nonetheless because at the time, I figured I’d definitely don them at some point. I keep them around because for one, they’re pretty, and two, perhaps just maybe one day I’ll take them out for a twirl. Maybe. Maybe not. Continue Reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Yard

I’ve been thinking about creating a special space in my new backyard inspired by some of the beautiful patios I’ve seen. A few of my favorite restaurants feature an outdoor oasis where you are seated beneath strings of dimly lit decorative lights. I like the simplicity of the sparse bulbs and the chill, ethereal vibe they emit. It’s very bohemian but classic at the same time. Below are some of the options I’m considering to create my very own starry-like sky.

I’ve found a few that I’m thinking about – see below! Continue Reading

Home Decor

Hit Refresh

Often at random I feel the urge to refresh and redecorate my living space. It’s never that I don’t like the way a room looks or feels but I rather I’d like to mix things up, switch things around. Initially my thoughts are, “Maybe I just need a new couch? Or a different coffee table?” Before I know it, I’ve completely remodeled the room in my head. Luckily I’ve learned that instead of going shopping, my thirst to re-do is usually quenched by making a few small subtle changes with existing items.

Below are a few of my go-to solutions for a room refresh: Continue Reading


DIY Found Objects Headboard with Mr. Kate

If you love laughing, crafting and looking cute, Mr. Kate’s new book “A Hot Glue Gun Mess” will make you very happy! In her debut book (that came out yesterday!) Kate kills the do-it-yourself department. She gave me an exclusive look at the Found Objects Headboard and it was so good, I just had to share it with you! If you create this at home, you absolutely must post pics in the comments!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! xo Jules


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Home Decor

Don’t Be Bored… Be Board!

When it comes to clothes and accessories, I’ve got a pretty good idea as far what my personal style looks like. I can see a cute top from across the store and know, “That’s me!” But when it comes to furniture and decor, I’ve learned that my tastes are a little bit all over the place. As I prepare to decorate my new house, I’ve been collecting and collaging images to get a concise idea of what style best represents me. In fashion, designers often create a mood board to decide what themes, shapes and colors will inspire their upcoming collection. I’ve decided to take a note from the fashionistas and create a vision board to help navigate my plans for my casa.

Vision, inspiration or mood boards are a good practice for everyone whether you’re decorating, designing or not. Besides being fun, it’s a way to get in touch with your creative side and understand your likes and dislikes. It’s important to discover these things because it’s personal and what makes you, you. I’d like to not only walk into my closet, but also my home and think, “That’s me!” Continue Reading

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Written on the Walls

As many of you know, I’m in the middle of designing and building my dream house. Right now I’m in the stages of sourcing wallpaper for my master bathroom and closet. I’ve been learning so much about interior design throughout this process and thought it would be a cool journey to share with you!

My plans are to keep a neutral palette in and around my bedroom. Of course I’ll introduce some color but it will be in a muted, earthy way. My interior designer Jake is helping me make selections that are calm, interesting and youthful, as those are the elements I’d like to bring into my sanctuary.

The wallpapers we have narrowed down to are a combination of intricate, detailed hand painted papers. We plan on using modern light fixtures with clean lines to keep the look contemporary and young.

Wallpaper is such a fun way to create interest in a space. I’d like to choose one that is subtle enough to blend in but also a special feast for the eye.

I’d love your opinion! What do you all think of these prints? Continue Reading

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