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Challenge: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

“I’m going to leave the harshest review as soon as I get to my car!” an overly-caffeinated girl shouted across one of my favorite coffee spots on her way out. Yikes.

I regularly visit this café because everything is delicious, the cheery sitting area is always clean and available, and the baristas are the absolute best. The thought of someone trash talking my happy place based on one service slip-up bummed me out. It got me thinking about reviews. It seems like most people are compelled to review something only when they’ve been disappointed. I’ve been a regular at this place for a while now and until this moment, sharing my positive experience here didn’t occur to me. Continue Reading


Nice: More Than Just A City In France

This weekend, I’m challenging you (and me!) to perform at least five random acts of niceness. These small acts won’t cost you a thing but the pay-off on the receiving end will be priceless. Remembering to smile at a stranger might not sound like a true task, but sometimes we get so caught up in our to-do lists we forget to take a beat to be nice, just because.

Below are some of the acts of niceness I will make an extra effort to act on this weekend:

• Smile or say “Hello!” when making eye contact with a stranger.

• Hand out high fives.

• Compliment someone on their style.

• Open doors for others.

• When leaving a tip for a waitress, also leave a note of praise.

What other nice ideas do you guys have? Who else is with me on this challenge?? Continue Reading


Take Center Stage… In Your Shower!

Everyone sounds good singing in the shower (two words: awesome acoustics.) Well, at least we think we do, right? Regardless, who cares! Showers were made for singing… in addition to you know, getting clean.

There’s something about singing that makes me feel so good — especially in the shower where you can be totally uninhibited and really let loose! That’s my challenge for you this week. No matter how you sound, give it a go! If you try this and anyone complains, you can just tell them it’s good for your mental health. 🙂 Continue Reading


The Jar of Positivity

Often it’s easy to forget about all the great things that happen in your every day. I am all for this idea to have a pot of positivity intended to remind myself of good times and wonderful memories, even if they’re from only the week prior.

The plan is, throughout the month whenever something smile-worthy happens I’m going to write it down and fold it into my positivity jar. On the last day of the month, I’ll pour out my memories as a reminder of all the awesome that happened. On the first of the month, I’ll start with a fresh jar.

What do you guys think? Are you in on this one? Continue Reading


2016: The Year To Become Even Better

Now that the new year is officially going full swing, it’s a good time to reflect back on the moments that impacted us most from last year. Whether they were fond experiences or not, we can use them to positively influence us for the future.

(One of my resolutions is to spend even more time with Lexi and Harley!)

Here are some of the lists I’m making to help me look back and learn from 2015:

• 5 things that made me happy

• 5 things I did to make others happy

• 5 times I made myself proud

• 5 times I could have made a better choice

• 5 lessons I’ve learned

• 5 ways I can be an even better version of myself in 2016

I’d love for you all to share some of your answers in the comments — and be sure to encourage one another! There’s nothing better than having a positive community of wonderful people to support us all. 🙂


Calling All Kind Hearts!

I’ve been receiving countless letters from readers who are having a hard time being bullied. Peta’s ex-boyfriend is bullying her at school, yelling horrible things about her in class. The other dancers in Brit’s class intimidate her to the point where she has stopped dancing. Marissa’s girl friends turned on her and now they are trying to make her school life miserable. Sadly, this is all so common. Continue Reading


Thanksgiving Challenge

Today’s post is dedicated to you. Yes, YOU! I am so grateful for all the love and support I receive from you all. I couldn’t do what I love every day if it weren’t for each and every one of you and for that I am THANKFUL!

I usually post challenges on Fridays but I want to do a special one today. Let’s each reach out to at least three people for whom we are thankful for. Let them know what they do or what they’ve done that makes you thankful for them. No mass texts allowed! This challenge is meant to be personal and from the heart.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Make It A Great Day!

The other day, someone said something to me that really stuck. When we were ending our phone call they left me with, “Make it a great day!”

I’ve heard it before but for some reason this time it resonated with me. Typically people will say, “Have a great day!” but what does that really mean? Continue Reading


What Does Success Mean To You?

The dictionary defines the word “success” as: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. Wait, what? That’s certainly not my definition of success. Strayer University brought attention to this interpretation of the word and they didn’t just give it the ol’ eye roll. They’ve actually started a campaign to redefine the Webster Dictionary’s meaning of success. How cool is that?! Continue Reading


End-of-Year Bucket List

The seasons seem to come and go so quickly sometimes. Autumn in particular seems to pass in the blink of an eye. This year has already been so special for me, so I’m going to be sure to make the time to truly embrace this time of year and all it has to offer.

Fall is such a delicious season, from the falling leaves to the traditional dishes… it really should be enjoyed to the fullest. This year I decided to make a short-but-sweet bucket list of things to do in the coming months. I’m going to take time this weekend to schedule some of these activities into my calendar, to be sure I don’t have any regrets come December.

Here’s my autumnal to do list: Continue Reading

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