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Challenge: Be The Anti-Bully

We all know kids can be mean. All of us have experienced bullying on some level, whether we’ve witnessed someone being bullied, been bullied ourselves, or even been the bully. Bullying isn’t only a problem for the one being targeted. It’s a problem for the school, the office, and the entire community.

My friends at Kind Campaign speak out about being the anti bully. An anti bully is someone who stops and prevents this behavior by raising awareness, providing guidance, and being supportive to everyone involved. I want to share with you an inspiring story about an anti bully and a brave boy.


Sixth grader Julian had a pretty big surgery last spring to correct his scoliosis. That fall, Julian started a new school, in a new state, with a fragile back, and two new accessories: a big ol’ brace, and a roller bag. Being the new kid in middle school can be awkward in itself, I can’t imagine having to wear a back brace and haul around a roller bag on top of that. Julian began getting teased almost immediately. A group of older kids were laughing at him, and while an adult might shrug this behavior off and move along, when you’re a kid, being different can be really hard. Suffice to say Julian was not having the greatest school experience. Continue Reading


Feel Good Friday

We all know at least one person who is going through a tough time. Maybe they are having difficulties at their job, going through a break-up, or dealing with something heavier. It could be anything, big or small. Think back to one day that was particularly ugh. Did something uplifting happen – or could it have happened that would’ve made your day a little brighter? Continue Reading


Elle Women In Hollywood Event

Last week I had the honor of attending Elle’s 22nd annual Women in Hollywood event. This was not an awards show — it is so much more than that. The magazine was bringing attention to women who are bringing change not only to the entertainment community but also to the world. We celebrated the game-changing work of Dakota Johnson, Kate Winslet, Ava DuVernay, Amy Schumer, Salma Hayek, Carey Mulligan, Gena Rowlands, and Alicia Vikander. The energy in the room was inspiring. It brought together a sense of community and togetherness, and the uplifting buzz being spread through the room could only be described in one word: magical. Continue Reading


My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 4

On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, celebrities danced to commemorate their “most memorable year.” To say this episode was a tear jerker is a major understatement. It was beautiful to hear about the backstories of the people we are getting to know little by little every week. This episode brings out a vulnerable side of people and allows them to find beauty in that space. For that, it is one of my most favorite weeks on the show every season.

Bindi’s dance in particular was pretty spectacular. She dedicated her dance to her dad, the late, great Steve Irwin. Everyone was brought to tears and inspired by her courageous performance. Continue Reading


Akola Project

As you guys know, I’m all about celebrating people who pay it forward. This week’s inspiring post is dedicated to Akola Project, a jewelry brand as well as a non-profit and social business that is empowering Ugandan women.

There are many rural villages in our vast world that are very far removed from the global economy. As a result, the people in those villages suffer greatly from lack of resources and support. Akola took it upon themselves to bridge the gap for several villages in Uganda; it was their mission to empower these people by connecting them to the global economy. They accomplished this by creating a jewelry business powered by Ugandan women who receive fair wages for their craftsmanship. In the Ugandan language, the word Akola translates to the verb: to work. By giving these women jobs, they’re gaining hope, skills and resources. Continue Reading


Meet the Move Crew: Jason Glover, Dance Captain

What is a dance captain?

When we’re touring and on the road, we are no longer dancing under the watchful eyes of Nappytabs. As captains, we are Napoleon and Tabitha’s extra set of eyes. We’re responsible for making sure the choreography stays clean and on point. Last year there was just one captain and this time Hayley and I are lucky to be co-captains. That way we can lean on each other and share the responsibilities.

That is a huge responsibility! You must have worked very hard to get here.

I’ve been dancing since I was eleven years old. I studied almost every type of dance and really trained for this type of lifestyle. I didn’t always realize you could do this for a living. I thought my options were either going to Broadway or be in the ballet.

What do you love most about MOVE? Continue Reading


Gotta Make Lemonade!

Many of you know Samantha Harris as the lovely co-host on DWTS and the upbeat entertainment news journalist on Extra, E! News, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. On and off camera, Samantha radiates positivity and warmth, so her latest endeavor really doesn’t surprise me at the least. It does however inspire me beyond words.

When Samantha made the brave move to go public with her battle against breast cancer, she was overcome by the strength and hope that people gave her via social media. The personal, heartfelt stories that strangers shared made her feel connected to something positive and helpful. That sense of community and place of hope was something she wanted to give back to others. Rather than focusing only on illness, Samantha developed a space for people facing any of life’s challenges — or as she calls them, “life’s lemons.” Whether you’re dealing with broken bones or a broken heart, Gotta Make Lemonade is made for you. Continue Reading

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