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Celebrating BFF Day With My Best Girls

For National BFF Day, I want to take a moment to honor two of the VERY BEST FRIENDS I’ve ever had: my fur babies Lexi and Harley.

As almost any dog owner knows, they don’t call them “(wo)man’s best friend” for nothing. These pups have been with me through everything. They listen to my rants, know when I need to cuddle, and laugh at all my jokes (I mean, I can tell they’re laughing on the inside). Between the three of us, we make the perfect squad.

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Home Decor

Tour My Home In Better Homes and Gardens!

When I began building my dream house I’d regularly reference the beautiful homes featured in Better Homes & Gardens. I’d snap pics and tear sheets to include as inspirations for what I would one day call my very own space. To have the tables turned and actually be the one inspiring others with my home is surreal, to say the least. The fact that Lexi and Harley got in on the action makes this feature one of my favorites. Lexi propping her arm up on the arm of the sofa is pretty much the best thing ever, right? She is so hilarious.

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My Guide To Dogs On The Go

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I travel with my furry babies, Lexi and Harley. I love watching them get to explore new territories, whether it’s kicking up sand at the beach or licking freshly-fallen snow. As much fun as it is venturing away from home as a family, I know my first priority is always to keep them safe. I am constantly keeping an eye out for products meant to protect my pups while we are away from home.

Regardless if it’s a road trip or a quick drive to the store, dogs are just like us, and should really be wearing a seatbelt. One hard press on the brakes is enough to send an animal tumbling. I can’t bear the thought of what could happen in the event of an accident. Continue Reading


Puppy Popsicles

You guys know I live to love on my furry babies Lexi and Harley. There’s nothing that gets their tails whipping harder than knowing they’re in for a scrumptious treat. These puppy popsicles are one of their favorite things to snack on! They’re easy to make and very much appreciated after a long walk or hike.

Here are a few really simple recipes for frozen treats for your dogs (or cats!): Continue Reading


5 Tips For Photographing Your Pets

Clearly I am one proud momma when it comes to my fur babies Lexi and Harley. I just can’t help but snap away every time they do something silly or adorable – and judging by my photo stream I feel that way very often! Many of you have asked how I get such great shots of my pups (thank you, by the way!) and while I’m not an expert, I do follow several self-taught tips in order to capture the greatest shot. Continue Reading


Happy National Puppy Day!

As you guys know, dogs are pretty much my thing. So I take today aka National Puppy Day very, very seriously. Puppy Day is not just about celebrating the greatness of your furry friend. It’s also all about protecting all pups, loving them properly, and making a difference for the dogs who don’t have a loving place to call home.

We had a lot of rescue dogs growing up. My mom has a heart of gold! She would go to the pound literally every week to bring supplies to the animals. She wanted to make sure they were either getting picked up from the families who had lost them, or they found new places to call home. I remember once when I was around six years old, my mom came home with a Dalmatian she named Lucky. She arrived to the shelter twenty minutes before they were going to put him to sleep because nobody had claimed him. So that’s how we got lucky with sweet Lucky! Continue Reading

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