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Make Your Own All Natural Eye Makeup Remover

After discovering some crazy chemical ingredients on the back of my usual make-up remover, I decided to seek out a homemade solution to take its place. Sure, I could buy something au natural but where’s the fun in that? I could also go out and buy a ready-made salad but I find joy in preparing my own.

There were so many different recipes online, and after trying several, this was definitely my favorite. It absolutely works and it even removes waterproof mascara!

DIY All Natural Eye Makeup Remover

• 2 Tbsp witch hazel (you can even use lavender or rose petal)
• 2 Tbsp natural oil (such as jojoba oil, almond oil, etc.)
• 2 Tbsp water (filtered water is suggested) Continue Reading


Ask Jules vol. 4: Beauty Edition

I received so many emails at about clear skin and short hair — topics I know a thing or two about! Below is my best advice for you! xo

Dear Julianne,
Thanks for creating an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and ask you questions! I’m Alexandra 🙂 I’m 21 years old and have never had skin problems until recently. I have no idea why, but my face is breaking out bad. I play sports 24/7 so I’m constantly sweating. I assume that contributes to the germs on my face, but I’ve tried several different products and nothing is working. I was wondering if there was a certain product that you use that works magic? I’m desperate here and tired of my face looking horrible. Thanks for taking time to read my message!

Much Love,
Continue Reading


Pucker Up For Pink

I learned during New York Fashion Week that the current lip color de jour is pink! I noticed that many of the models and the fashion forward folk were all about the rosy lips. A fan myself, I think a pretty pink lip looks youthful and healthy. It’s almost as if your lips are blushing. Bold colors can be difficult to pull off, so how do you find the perfect tone for you? Read on! Continue Reading


Scrape, Soak or Freeze?

I was thinking the other day… post cough or cold, there’s no way I’d pick up the same drinking glass I used when I was sneezing up a storm to take a sip, however there are lipsticks in my purse and drawer that I’ll whip out without ever thinking twice. Umm… eeew!

This prompted an immediate online search followed by a code red (and coral, peach, blush, orange and so on) clean-up situation.

The Internet tells you there are three easy ways to sanitize your lip cosmetics, and after some deep investigating, I am here to share my results with you. Think of this as sort of a beauty version of two truths and a lie.

Read on for the lipstick dish. Continue Reading

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