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A Card As Wonderful As My Mom

One of the many traits I’ve received from my Mom is my handwriting, more specifically, my signature. It’s funny how even the little things like how you cross your “T” or curve your “J” can be passed down from generation to generation. It’s something I notice often and pay extra attention to when I send a card to my mom. That’s why I was so excited to partner with Hallmark for Mother’s Day — they always have the perfect way to celebrate a loved one!

There is something extra special about receiving a handwritten Hallmark card. Unlike an email or text, a card is touching since it’s truly personal and physically real. I try to send cards on all holidays, but it’s extra important to me that I send my mom a card on Mother’s Day. After all, I did get my handwriting from her, so what better a way to tell her how much I love and appreciate her to the moon and back?

My mom is always present to support her kids and grandkids. I look to her for strength and inspiration on a daily basis. Even though they’re not my moms, my sisters are exceptional mothers themselves. Without a question Sharee, Katherine, and Marabeth will be receiving cards of appreciation, too!

I’m so happy to have discovered Hallmark Signature cards because much like the very notion of sending cards, this line is beautiful and timeless. I chose to send my Mom this floral edition because like her, it’s vibrant, feminine, upbeat and lovely!

What card will you be sending mom this Sunday?


My Mom Marriann On Being A Mother

My mom is one of the most beautiful, kind and inspiring people I know. I am aware that I’m fortunate to have such a wonderful figure in my life, so I’d like to share her message with you all. No matter who you’re celebrating today, this note is not only for me but to you too.


There are no words that can describe the feeling of the moment right after childbirth. The first of course is of great relief! Followed by one of exhilaration at the precious moment when your sweet baby is placed in your arms. The overwhelming love, gratitude and privilege floods over you with a flurry of other emotions. The weight of responsibility and hoping you can measure up to the mother you esteem yourself to be holds your heart hostage. Last but definitely not least the instinctual momma bear syndrome sets in.

As far back as I can remember when others would ask me the proverbial question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always responded, “I want to be a mother.” Being young myself served me well because I too was like a kid having fun, playing, learning and making mistakes right along with my kids. I liked having fun and being silly, loving and supportive. The forever cheerleader, I wanted my children to be independent and unafraid, to experience life, take their own journeys. I didn’t realize just how independent they would all become and leave… Ha! Continue Reading


5 Gift Ideas For Mom That Prove Thoughtful Is Better Than Expensive

The sides of Catt Sadler we know and love are the witty, vivacious host of all things entertainment and the stylish, savvy blogger of The Catt Walk. To celebrate a day that’s close to her heart, Catt is sharing her ideas for making mother’s day special without breaking the bank, and reminds us what Mother’s Day is truly all about.


It’s hard to put into words what being a mother means to me. It is the greatest privilege I’ve ever known. Whereas in most areas of life I can reason and use logic to approach a given situation, this is the one arena where I find all that goes by the wayside. Most mothers would agree you’d die for your children. You’d run into a burning fire for your children. You’d move mountains to know they are safe, healthy, fulfilled, inspired, and living their best lives; whether they are two weeks, two years, or twenty years old!

With that said, when it comes to Mother’s Day I know many people spend hours online and in the stores seeking out the perfect gift for mom. Well, I’m a mom and let me tell you the truth: the priceless gifts cannot be bought because they don’t cost a thing! We really just want to be with you, spending quality time, laughing and loving on each other. Continue Reading


A Mother’s Day DIY with Louise Roe

Louise Roe is a bright and cheery television host, model, fashion journalist, author and apparently also a DIY master. I love how she identified a need and instead of going out to buy something, she hit up her local craft store and made it herself. How cool is that? Check out her cute at home idea, and for more inspiration pick up her newly-released book, Front Roe: How to Be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life.


Lately, I’ve become obsessed with DIY interior goods – monogramming, coffee table accents, pretty book shelves, and creating an art wall! I had been looking for an organizational container to toss my jewelry into (the pile keeps growing and doesn’t look cute), and needed some way of displaying everything to look chic. These leather squares that I DIY’d turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

With it being Mother’s Day this weekend, I wanted to think outside the box when it came to a gift Mom will LOVE (and use!) and decided these pretty boxes would be perfect.

Check out the easy instructions below (and remember I suck at complicated DIY, so if I can do this, you guys can too…). Continue Reading

Fashion, Style

Rachel Roy’s Mother’s Day Style Tips

Rachel Roy is not only an incredible fashion designer and purveyor of style, she’s also a proud mom and daughter too. I love her philosophy for getting dressed with others in mind. I’m definitely going to consider this notion not only for Mother’s Day but any time I want to style myself for someone else’s smile!


Part of being a great daughter, an excellent mother, or even a good friend is finding ways to make the people we love feel appreciated. One of the ways I like to show my love is by considering their tastes and style when it comes to my wardrobe. Yes, you read that correctly!

For example, my youngest daughter loves pink and she loves when people are dressed up. So when I pick her up from school, I’ll often choose a fancier option than is required for errands because I know it will delight her. Continue Reading


Nicky Hilton’s Special Mother’s Day Brunch

Nicky Hilton is all about two things: felines and family. The only pair she loves more than her cats Mac and Cheese is her parents Rick and Kathy. I knew she’d have something special to share when it comes to how the Hiltons celebrate Mother’s Day!


Every Mother’s Day my family likes to get together for a big breakfast. It’s the one day of the year we really get to spoil her, making her feel extra special. Nothing says love like a home cooked meal, so my siblings and I all pitch in to make sure everything is perfect. Continue Reading

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