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Girls’ Night Outdoor Dinner Party

Last week I finally got around to hosting a dinner in my new backyard! Much thought went into creating an intimate space for my friends to dine a la fresh air. I wanted each place setting to feel formal in terms of the set up, while keeping the vibe casual and comfortable.

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Grease Live Theme Party Ideas

This Sunday night, I’m beyond excited to play Sandy on FOX’s Grease Live! Thank you to everyone for the shared excitement and support. I love that so many of you are having Grease Live viewing parties! That’s so much fun!

I’ve pulled together some 1950s-inspired food and décor ideas, because let’s be real — the only kind of party is a theme party. If you need some inspiration for your costume, I talked about my favorite looks here last week. Continue Reading


Sparkle Your Way Into The New Year

My extremely talented friend and stylist Anita Patrickson knows a thing or two (million, that is) about finding unique and stunning clothing pieces and accessories. Anita generously took a beat from composing New Years Eve ensembles for her best-dressed clients and compiled a list of sparkling must haves just for us! I love how playful and frilly each piece is.

What will you all be wearing when the clock strikes midnight? Which of these pieces inspire you?

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Not-So-Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater parties have become a staple holiday soiree. So much so that stores have started carrying (and selling out of) these crazy tops! I am all for an activity where we can all get silly and not take ourselves so seriously. Bring on the hideousness!

Here are a few of my faves I found:

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5 Ways To Host An Unforgettable Party

When you’re hosting an event, whether it’s a birthday, bat mitzvah, fab forty… whatever the occasion, one way to turn your party into a par-tay is to wow your guests with a cool and unexpected memento to take home.

Simply Troy, my go-to guy for all things event related, shared some entertaining and authentic ideas that are sure to be a success at your next party. Check them out! Continue Reading


Party Planning Like A Pro

When it came to planning my engagement party, I turned to the event executor extraordinaire, Troy Williams of Simply Troy. His parties are always beautifully done, original, extremely thoughtful and most importantly — fun!

We discussed that family & friends were the most important aspect to Brooks and myself when it came to the party. We wanted everyone to be comfortable, excited and have a great time. Our overall goal for the evening was to host a celebration filled with love, good food and cocktails.

The first step was locking down a space and I must say, Troy hit the jackpot when he secured Eric Buterbaugh Florals. It has a stunning rustic outdoor garden and a cool, glamorous indoor gallery. It felt like we were in someone’s beautiful home, which was exactly the vibe we were going for. Once Troy locked down the location, the inspiration started pouring out of him and the party really began to take shape. Continue Reading


Engagement Ensemble

Last week Brooks and I celebrated our engagement with a bang! We hosted an insanely fun party for some of our family and friends in LA. There were many choices to be made when it came to planning for the party but the first one that came to my mind was of course, what should I wear?!

I immediately called up my friend and fashion stylist, the wonderful Anita Patrickson. We decided to start looking for a timeless, classic dress that also felt fun and sexy. Anita said her goal was for me to be able to look back at the pictures in 20 years and love them, rather than cringe at a “trend” that was fleeting. Knowing me as well as she does she also knew it was really important to be able to dance up a storm (which we did, obviously) and have a great time in what I was wearing. The less fuss, the better!

We both loved the shape of this dress. It felt very ’90s Kate Moss — cool, sexy and edgy, yet simple and elegant. Continue Reading

Home Decor

Hello, Nashville; Hello Family!

When the MOVE Tour cruised through Nashville, we had one very important stop to make: my sister Marabeth’s house! It was there that she hosted one of the most unbelievable brunches any of us had been to. My big sis is the ultimate when it comes to cultivating a delightful, delicious and entertaining party. She takes every detail to the next level, creating a happy, relaxing environment that nobody ever wants to leave.

I asked Marabeth to share her top tips for hosting the perfect party and lucky for us, she graciously accepted. Take it away, Marabeth! Continue Reading

Home Decor

Patriotic Party Planning

What’s better than decorating for a holiday soiree? Decorating with delicious food for a holiday soiree! It just so happens that some of the tastiest treats come in hues of red, white and blue. Coincidence? Nah.

For my 4th of July celebrations, rather than getting crafty with crepe paper and other non-edible centerpieces, I am all for decking out your digs with festive delicacies.

Layered jars filled with sweets are one of my favorite decorative dishes to serve (and eat!) at July 4th parties. The individual mason jarred sweets are easy to make, look beautiful, are fun for guests to indulge in and taste so good! Continue Reading


5 Tips For The Perfect Friends’ Night In

My girlfriends and I like to get together as a group as often as possible. Lately we haven’t been able to do it as frequently as we’d like to, so I was especially excited to have a night in with my girls last week.

We all love to cook almost as much as we love to eat, so a potluck was without question the way to go. After a few back and forth group emails we decided taco time would be our tasty theme.

Our host made the special night even more so, taking the theme a step further by decorating the dining room in brightly colored placemats, napkins and candles. The extra efforts and thoughtful details made our friends dinner feel like a festive event.

Staying in is easier, less expensive and way more intimate than meeting everyone at a restaurant or bar. Below are my tips for planning an awesome group dinner date. Continue Reading

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