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Engagement Ensemble

Last week Brooks and I celebrated our engagement with a bang! We hosted an insanely fun party for some of our family and friends in LA. There were many choices to be made when it came to planning for the party but the first one that came to my mind was of course, what should I wear?!

I immediately called up my friend and fashion stylist, the wonderful Anita Patrickson. We decided to start looking for a timeless, classic dress that also felt fun and sexy. Anita said her goal was for me to be able to look back at the pictures in 20 years and love them, rather than cringe at a “trend” that was fleeting. Knowing me as well as she does she also knew it was really important to be able to dance up a storm (which we did, obviously) and have a great time in what I was wearing. The less fuss, the better!

We both loved the shape of this dress. It felt very ’90s Kate Moss — cool, sexy and edgy, yet simple and elegant. Continue Reading


5 Tips For Photographing Your Pets

Clearly I am one proud momma when it comes to my fur babies Lexi and Harley. I just can’t help but snap away every time they do something silly or adorable – and judging by my photo stream I feel that way very often! Many of you have asked how I get such great shots of my pups (thank you, by the way!) and while I’m not an expert, I do follow several self-taught tips in order to capture the greatest shot. Continue Reading

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Save the Earth, Save Your Locks

Happy Earth Day, friends! This day is all about supporting and protecting our one and only planet. There are many, many ways we can make a difference by slightly switching up our regular routines. One way I choose to conserve is to save water by washing my hair less frequently. What’s that? Eeew, you say? Well, luckily there is a genius product out there called dry shampoo that removes the eeew factor, giving you fresh looking locks. Skipping that one wash can save up to 150 gallons of water each month! That’s pretty crazy when you think about how much water is literally going down the drain.

Dry shampoo can get a little tricky. It took me several tries to get it right but once I mastered it, I was hooked. When applied directly into the roots, the fine powder absorbs all the oils that make your hair appear dirty. Most have a light scent, so your hair looks and smells fresh and clean. Continue Reading

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How To Go From Bedhead To Beautiful In 5 Minutes Flat

Sometimes you just don’t feel like spending time and effort getting dolled up for a quick trip to anywhere. I love rolling out of bed and going straight to brunch — but nobody else should have to suffer from the sight of my bedhead. Am I right?

My goal is often to be out the door in five minutes, without looking like a hot mess. So here are the three keys for achieving maximum cuteness with minimal effort… Continue Reading

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5 On-the-Go Tips To Stay Fit

Hey guys! Here are some great, quick and easy tips from my trainer Astrid McGuire! I’m constantly on the go and never know the next time I’ll be able to hit the gym, so I love any tricks that’ll help keep me active. Thanks, Astrid! xox

1. Always have a pair of workout clothes and running shoes in your car. You never know when your schedule might free up and you could take a class or go for a hike. Fryman Canyon in Studio City, CA, is one of my favorite trails! Continue Reading

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