Take A Peek Inside My Bag

According to my Ask Jules inbox, there are many of you who want to know what I tote around everyday in my bag. When I’m zooming around town, I like to be prepared for anything — whether it’s jotting down an idea, fixing a sweet tooth or rewarding my dogs (for being the best ever, of course.)

So here’s what you’d find if you emptied out my everyday purse:

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Moto Hobo BagJao Hand RefresherBan.do NotebookMotivational Pen Setbkr Glass Water BottleOrganic Dog TreatsFlora by GucciMophie iPhone Charging CaseRay Ban Icon Sunglasses • Fruity Mentos

What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without??

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  1. I keep Aleve in my purse since there have been quite a few times when I’ve been out and had an awful headache. It has been a lifesaver. Besides that, my items are pretty similar to yours. Thanks for sharing, Julianne! 🙂

  2. I always MUST have chapstick in my bag! I don’t know how many times I could tell you where I’ve been in a situation of having yucky chapped lips in front of genuine people and didn’t have some chapstick to use in a jiffy. Chapstick is definitely one of my essentials as well as a water bottle, phone charger, some cash and my IDs. ?? Thanks for sharing Jules!

  3. Well first of all my wallet and my phone. I usually carry a note pad, a pen, a sharpie, some lip balm, allergy spray, a nail file and…. a chestnut. I picked it up many years ago and ever since it has been in my bag.

  4. Umm let’s see… My phone, lip gloss, Dior lip glow lip balm ( it’s my favorite thing ever), a pen, wallet, small notebook, mascara and Bobby pins!

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