The Importance of Kindness

While I love decorating, planning events and playing with my style, my true passion comes from an entirely different place. My mission in life is to celebrate the little things and spread light and joy, but most of all kindness. There are many wonderful anti-bullying campaigns out there, and I especially love what my friends at The Kind Campaign are achieving through all their hard work. The only way to actually stop bullying is to spread kindness!

Being kind comes from the heart. It means accepting people for who they are. So rather than create awareness, my goal for this part of my website is to create action.

Here I hope to challenge you to do things that feed your soul instead of fill your time. We’ll do the #KindIsTheNewCool challenge together!


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  1. Keep on inspiring. Kindness should be the new cool! I have 3 amazing kids. Lexi is 16, Lillie is 12 and AJ is 4 and my goal is to make sure no matter how someone treats you – your treat them with kindness. Jules, thank you for being an inspiration for us. My girls are dancers and look up to you. I have learned their outlet is dance and I never understood it until recently. Our son was diagnosed with a terminal rare bone disease and it has changed our world forever. But as we watch him struggle and learn and do things a different way he amazes us all.

  2. I love the looks!. I always try to be natural because I think its so important to show the real you. Perfect example right here for a beautiful natural looks!! so excited!!

  3. This is great and you are such a good role model, a few times when I’ve been at my work I’ve decided to go out and buy food for everyone. It truly is better ti give than receive and the feeling you get when you are kind to others is great! 😀

  4. One of my best friends has been going through a lot with depression and just recently left school to get the help and be around the people that can love and support her the most. I made this video for her to help inspire her and let her know that myself and her family are here for her and love her. She is a strong, beautiful woman that deserves the world. I wanted to share this video with everyone in hopes that is inspires them as well. #kindisthenewcool. I also want to thank you for the constant inspiration and kindness that you show all of us. you are amazing, beautiful, and such a strong great role model! ENJOY.

  5. I love this Julianne! So excited about your blog and the emphasis on kindness. It’s truly something we can all get behind.


  6. I can honestly say you and the entire Hough family make me want to be an all around better person. There’s a spark ignited in my heart when I see a post, hear you speak, watch you love life. It’s encouraging to not want to just sit and let life pass you by. So thank you, thank you to you and Derek for bringing a certain joy and passion for life back to me that I have lost along the way. See you this summer

  7. Hey Jules!
    Today me and my cheer team preformed at the Children’s Hospital here in Colorado, and I have to say that it was such an amazing experience and truly inspirational. When we first found out about the opportunity my team and I were skeptical because we had just returned from a crazy National competion in Orlando and we were all very ready for a much needed break. But today after talking to patients and seeing a mother cry watching her blind daughter dance (which she was told she would never be able to do) it made the whole experience so amazing. Now I am so inspired to do good in the world even if you don’t get recognized for you generosity, the look on the peoples faces who you are helping are payment enough.
    ~Marlo (16)

  8. Wow, Jules! You are very inspiring – I’ve watched every single season of DWTS and I must say that I was very sad when you left. Having said that – watching you sing, act, *and* dance – you are a very talented person indeed!! Thank you for sharing your spark and reaching out with kindness. <3

  9. Im not from America and i never been there. i dont know what are your values or how you think but i am happy to see that kindness is also a priority for you… its so hard to live in a world without kind people..spread the world. #kindness is the coolest thing ever!!

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