The Joy Of Going Glam

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really looking forward to the Oscars this weekend! There were many incredible films this year and I look forward to celebrating them all. In addition to the theatrics, I can’t wait to see the second most important thing… what’s everyone going to wear?!

Getting ready is half the fun when it comes to going somewhere glamorous. So much thought goes into which dress, with what accessories, to the perfect makeup and right hair. The top designers, stylists and artists in fashion and entertainment come together to create these looks and I love seeing what they come up with. Everyone brings out the very best of the best for the Oscars, so it’s like every other red carpet combined — times infinity.

Last year, I had a blast with my BFF Nina in our (coincidentally!) red gowns. This year is going to be drastically different — I’ll be in DC with Brooks, having a watch party with a bunch of hockey players! πŸ™‚

In the meantime I’ll be dreaming of my past styles! Here are five of my favorite gowns from different events:

Don't worry… I gotchya babe! #truelove @ninadobrev ?

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#BADsandy #GreaseLive

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Which one is your fave?

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  1. Jenny Packham gown. You always look great in her. (I assume you have looked at her bridal line?!). Tho maybe why I like this dress best is because I am remembering the pictures of you and Brooks when you were wearing this!

  2. I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing! Reese Witherspoon never fails to disappoint….she’s always so classy. I love that your style is so versitle. My favorite is the black chiffon type dress! It’s so dramatic!

  3. They all have such different vibes that I can’t pick one favorite. You look stunning in them all!! Edgy or romantic, they are all amazing.

  4. You look beautiful in all of the dresses, but my fave is probably the Estee Lauder one. It’s just so delicate and feminine. I love it! Yes! Seeing what everyone is wearing is so much fun. Maybe we should all discuss our favorite looks after the show. Have fun at your Oscars party! πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you do very much for your DIY helpful hints and solutions for us! I love you so much! Your story of growing up with feelings of just wanting to be loved touched my heart for you and what you went through as a young child in London. It must have been so confusing for you! You should write book about what you went through. It would definitely help others Jules! Again, love you and your heart so much! I just watched Safe Haven 2 times in a row! So glad you are happy in real life now, however, I thought that you and Ryan made a good couple maybe if he was younger it sounds like. I am on Twitter as Dianna Keith and FaithandChristiansMommy on Instagram.

  6. I literally can’t choose one! I love your people’s choice look because it’s fierce and bold. I love the orange Emmy dress because it’s so bright and happy yet sophisticated like you! And then I also love the black Emmy dress because it’s like a unique take on the classic black flowy lace dress! Elegant yet glamourous!

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