The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe (For Feasting)

Tomorrow’s holiday isn’t exactly one where I carefully consider what to wear. It’s not meant to be incredibly festive or fancy. Let’s be real, tomorrow is all about the FOOD! But still, you will not be catching me in leather leggings, a snug dress, tights or anything restricting my ability to indulge in a delicious home cooked meal and veg out afterward with my family.

Below are stylish alternatives to sweatpants that are majorly comfortable but still look like you have your life together.

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  1. Very cute outfits! I agree! I just want to be comfy, too. So, I’ll definitely be rocking something similar to this. I hope you post some dances for Dance Wars. They are so much fun to watch! If you decide not to, though, and just want to chill, I understand. Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

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