The Power of Pillows

Just in case you haven’t noticed, my love for pillows knows no bounds! Swapping out your soft squares is such an easy, inexpensive way to switch things up. I like to change mine out every couple of months to create a new vibe in the room. Sometimes I’ll even switch them out just for the day or night! If I’m having my girls over for dinner, I like creating a comfy environment where we can cozy-up and chat for hours post-food coma. If I’m hosting something a little fancier, I’ll opt for a look that’s more sophisticated and structured.

It’s really no different than when it comes to fashion and changing your look. For example, when I want to be boho chic I’ll wear a peasant top and floppy hat. Days later, I might feel like bringing out my inner biker chick with a leather jacket and studded clutch. Why not apply the same state of mind to my home? If I want my living room vibe to be earthy and neutral one week, I will toss in a few shades made by mother nature. If I’m in a goofy mood, I’ll toss in some quirky graphic prints that make me smile.

Digital mood boards are my way to go when I’m seeking home inspiration. I love scouring the Internet, searching for key words that relate to whatever theme or style I’m currently craving. Since I’m in the process of building my dream house, I am constantly taking screenshots and creating collages based on what I find online. There are endless DIY ideas and cool concepts that you wouldn’t ordinarily find when popping into a showroom or store.

Image via Life Instyle

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Image via The Jungalow

Image via Honestly WTF

Image via Glitter Guide

Image via The Tomkat Studio

Image via Dormify

What are some of your favorite places to find inspiration? Let me know… I’m on the hunt!

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  1. Love your style! Not only with the way you look, also with your home! It’s nice reading your blog. Keep It up !

  2. I just want to start off by saying that I love your blog and your sense of style! Anyways, I like to start off on Pinterest and/or StumbleUpon. If I find something there that I particularly like, then I go to the website the source is originally from and browse through there 🙂

  3. Hey..I’ve made a few pillows pillow and a french pillow with floral 3D shapes, sequins and ‘oui’ that i hand stitched. Love the organic formation of them.

  4. Check out DENY designed based out of Denver! All of their designers are real artists looking to expand their pellets – not just boring designer names that already have their place in the world. They have amazing pillows and all sorts of designs for any mood!

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