The Purge: Tips And Tricks For An Organized Closet

It seems like everyone I know, no matter their budget, whether or not they’re a fashionista, men, women, so on and so forth — we all share the same predicament when it comes to our closet: How do we decide what stays and what goes?

I have the hardest time deciding what’s worth holding onto versus what gets cut. It’s so hard to let go of certain things because once it’s gone, it’s GONE. We all have at least one item which reminds us of an amazing memory that we don’t want to let go of. Is that reason enough to keep it in your inventory? I’m not so sure! There are also those items you’ve had forever but you haven’t actually worn it. We’ve all said to ourselves, ‘one day… I might wear it.’ You know what I’m talking about! For tips and encouragement, I turned to you guys to help me decide what to do when clearing out my closet. I’m so glad I did!

I like to go back and try everything on one last time before it officially hits the donate pile. Sometimes I get so caught up in the clean-out process and I let something go that I might truly miss. Case in point this blue jumper and these silver heels! I haven’t worn them in a while but now that I see them on, I’m thinking they would be perfect for meet and greets during MOVE Live On Tour!


1. Jumpers have been on-trend consistently for a while now and I don’t see them going out of style any time soon. Keep!

2. Dark colors like grey and black aren’t usually my thing but these pants and sweaters are so comfy, which makes them perfect for traveling (comfort = keep)!

3. Haven’t worn this dress in a while BUT I still think I’ll want to wear it at some point. Using my readers advice, I’ll give it three months!

4. I love my basics! If it’s still in good shape, it stays. Until they’re stretched out, faded or torn, they stay in rotation.

5. These cute flats were my favorites and you can tell from all the stains they’ve acquired. They’ll be missed.

6. This red jacket is classic and versatile. It’s a definite staple and therefore it must stay.

Thank you everyone who sent in tips for #JulesCrazyCloset! I read every single one of your tweets and they truly helped me get my stuff together.

Here are some of my favorite tips from you guys:

“Clothes I never wear tend to be pushed to the right side of my closet. Then, I try to sell them!” @gessieboy

“Get rid of clothes you never wear. Don’t keep them cuz they’re cute!” @kaileyyrose

“My rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you’ll never wear it again. Donate.” @monicajosif

“Turn my hangers backwards & once an item is worn, I put it back ‘normal’ if still turned ‘wrong’ it goes at the end of the season.” @kelleyschwer

“If you haven’t worn it in a calendar year, give it away!” @murylauren

“If it doesn’t fit, is damaged, doesn’t excite you to put on or make you feel like your best self – adios clothes.” @jmwylie

“If you buy something new, throw out something old.” @mandiebass

“One in, one out. Keeps me from having too much. I consign because a great piece deserves a new life.” @krystenklein

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  1. I have to organize my closet too but I never can get rid of an clothing item. Unless it’s stained, damaged or doesn’t fit. I always think that there might be the time when I would want to where it. Say for example when it’s on trend again. It has happened to me that when I sold an item or gave it away there always comes the time when I’m like, ohh I can wear that top, oh wait where is it again :))

  2. Being between jobs and therefore with plenty of free time, I can no longer legitimately pit off facing my overflowing wardrobe/s. And I am struggling so much! Though having read this, I am going to have to be ruthless…

  3. My best tip is find a great place to donate to, it makes me happier to know the clothes will go to a good home. What are some good places to donate? Love your posts!

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