Tour Life: What I Eat On The Road

Being on tour requires every last drip of energy I’ve got. In order to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed every day after a high-intensity evening performance, it’s important to keep my body properly fueled with efficient foods. My snacks and meals must be more than just delicious — they have to be effective. As much as I love my sweets, the up and down games sugar plays on my metabolism doesn’t do me any good.

I don’t like crazy restrictions or being too regimented. As you all know, I love to eat! But keeping as close to this balanced schedule as possible keeps me on track. If you’re looking to stick to a productive, clean eating routine, look no further than here!

Good Morning
• Green Juice, or any kind of low-sugar juice (don’t want to crash later)
• Hard-boiled eggs for protein

• Always a hearty salad with lots of clean toppings and grilled chicken. Sounds boring, but tastes delicious and gives my body some serious fuel.

Pre-Show Snack
• Green apple (they’re my favorite but really, any apple will do) with a scoop of almond butter
• A nutritious protein bar — one that is low sugar, high fiber and protein

After Show Dinner
Just like any great work out, I’m usually ravenous after a performance. These meals call for something a little heartier than my daily regimen.
• Chicken stir fry or grilled chicken with quinoa, sweet potatoes or a green salad
• A cozy and delicious bowl of soup

Like I said, life on the road is unlike no other experience. It’s important that the entire Move team eats well, sleeps well and gives you all the best performances possible!

What keeps you fueled for long, grueling days??

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  1. I know everyone says breakfast is a must but I can do without it. I don’t feel any less energetic if I don’t have breakfast. If I do it I like eggs with tomatoes and avocado. For lunch it is a mixed salad, love a greek version for instance. Dinner can be another salad or some chicken and veggies. But my greatest treat is if dinner is fruit with greek yoghurt and some cinnamon. I know, fruits have carbs and carbs are not great for dinner. But well ☺️

  2. As a lifeguard by a pool I’m in the sun all day which can be very tiring. Every 30 minutes we get a ten minute break where we all run to stuff ourselves with a snack since we don’t often have time to sit and eat lunch. I’m not gonna lie it would be so much easier to pound chocolate or something else thats not good for me, but I try to be a good girl and bring only veggies, and fruits to snack on. I also love the 90 calorie bars from Fiber One. For lunch (assuming I have time) I try to stick with salads, or some type of protein. The sun already tires me out, I don’t want to be filling myself with food that makes me feel sluggish, especially since I’m on the job ;). I know I should be starting my day with a healthy breakfast but I love my giant ice-coffees, it’ll be the next thing I work on :). And of course it goes without saying that I chug a ton of water during the day to keep me hydrated. But even if someone is not working outdoors they should make sure to be drinking lots of water, especially in the summer.

  3. Sounds awesome! With all that working out you do, and keeping your metabolism high, it seems like you could even eat more calories than that per day and still be fine. What do you eat on the road when you get a craving for something sweet? Love your site!

  4. Is it stupid to say that I am just going to follow this food list and try and see if my energy just stays up before and after I have done my trainings. Because I really almost crash after trainings.

  5. No wonder you always look so amazing because you eat incredible foods! Are you really a super hero in your spare time too? So keep eating and drinking great foods so you can keep us all posted on how to stay healthy too! Thanks!

  6. You just inspire me to live a better lifestyle and to be more healthier!! Your inspiration and kindness is so contaigious! It also makes me want to be a better, and more energized dancer!! I hope to be on Dancing with The Stars one day and be like you and your brother, Derek!

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