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Many of you have asked about the bus set up on our moving MOVE tour. Ask and you shall receive! There are three buses. Derek and I share one, the crew is on another and the dancers have their own. My room is in the back of D-Man’s and my bus. Itโ€™s pretty nice! I even have a cozy queen size bed. Itโ€™s where I like to snuggle up with an SVU episode or two. Okay, itโ€™s usually a full on marathon.

Before we get started, please note how hilarious our bus is. What’s with those blue flames?! We like to pretend we’re big time rock stars from like an ’80s hair band or something. Doesn’t that seem more appropriate than just a bus full of dancers?



Even with most of the comforts of home, sleeping can be hard at times if weโ€™re going through a bumpy area.


Since these buses become our homes for two months, we have all done our best to turn it into our own little sanctuaries. We always have blankets, candles, pictures and other personal items to make it feel familiar and cozy.

What would you do to make it feel more like home? I’ve still got a few weeks of living here — maybe you can help!

Photo credit: Anthony Kin

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  1. hey Jules!! maybe you could add a vase of fake flowers(because real ones would spill with the bumps) or an inspiration board in your bus! to help make it a happier place! it looks great!

  2. W live in our Motorhome which is 38 feet long for 3 months while we are in FL for the winter Love every minute of it. We camp in it off and on in the summer at the lake and in Pigeon Forge, TN I’d be afraid of the candles in it though

  3. How about some artwork or colored pictures from your nieces/nephews to brighten up the place and make you smile? Maybe a Caps jersey? (LOL!)

  4. Travel has a lot of faces. You seem to have a pretty nice ride. You are a lot of things besides a dancer. But dance is not a small thing. I took up a lot of space to show pictures of when the house I am in was on the road and I was taking pictures. You could have event people fold your towels while you perform. I’m not sure you could bring a water buffalo but I used to lead my sisters on this one. I think my bedroom in my private seven room ( nice) apartment in China was not much bigger than your bus bedroom…

  5. You could hang a dream catcher above your bed! I had one in my dorm room at college this year, and not only was it a pretty decoration, but I really think it helped me have happier dreams too! To make my dorm experience in college feel more like home, I kept my exact night routine that I was used to doing at my house, and brought it to college! I love to read before falling asleep, so for the first few weeks of college, I brought to school some of the same books that I had read before bed while at home, so that right before I fell asleep, I would be reminded of being at home in my own bed.

  6. Thanks for giving us a bus tour! It looks nice and cozy! You have probably already thought of this, but I love having music to listen to anytime and definitely while traveling. It is so soothing. Another thing that is nice to have is a journal to write in. You could chronicle your touring adventures and even add photos if you have time. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Jules thanks for the bus tour – it looks so cozy! Could you please do a hair tutorial on how you style your short hair with curls? Do you do it with a flat iron or curling wand? It always looks so nice and the curls sit so well ๐Ÿ™‚ XXX

  8. I really would live to walk through it. And your dog’s look comfortable. Love Gary from Eureka, California. Kisses..

  9. Julianne,I would love to know if you ever plan to come up to the Majestic Redwoods of northern California. It is beautiful . We are about 300 miles north of San Francisco. Can. Love to meet you in person. Love from your friend in the Redwoods. I shouldn’t have posted that. It’s ok though. Love Gary. And how about a picture to that email address? XXXOOO

  10. you should cook the same food that u do in your home, something like the home food of julianne. when i’m not in home i cook this type of things and i feels like in home :). PD: your buss it pretty awesome. PD2: Regards from the south of Chile

  11. Julianne I would love to see you perform in San Francisco, I will be your personal tour guild and I want to meet you in person hope I see you at Bill Graham Auditorium….

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