When my friend and hair stylist Riawna arrived to the Dancing With The Stars set last week we immediately burst into laughter.

She was wearing one of my favorite outfits — or, was I wearing hers? I can’t remember. Regardless, we were both wearing one-piece denim jumpers by Forever 21. Riawna and I obviously agree, one and done is the way to go!

A simple, stylish one piece is not only comfortable, it’s ridiculously convenient. You can forget about the stress of putting together an outfit when all you have to do is grab a few accessories and go.

To join in on the one piece twinning style, click on your favorite look below!!

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  • Christina

    Ooh. I like the red one. That color makes me feel sultry and sassy. hehe 😀

  • PDuncan12345

    No offense but the blue denim jumper makes you two look like “weekend offenders” getting ready to pick up trash along the side of the highway. You just need your orange vests :o(

  • Rafael Centenera

    Both of you have the centDoGGoDblues! ^_~ <3

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