Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Oh, Valentines Day. You were so simple way back when all we had to do was show up to school armed with enough fill-in-the-blank cards and candy for the whole class. Now there are actual gifts to consider and protocols to follow. What do you buy the person you’ve only just started seeing? What to gift your girlfriend of over a year? Is jewelry too much? Are flowers not enough? Does anyone really eat the chocolates?! (Yes.)

Have no fear of cupid — I put together a fantastic list of gifts that are thoughtful and slightly outside the box. Your Valentine will love it, especially because it came from you! They are yours for a reason, after all.

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Anchor leather wrap bracelet $65 | Tortoise shell sunglasses $20 | Personalized tree trunk glassware duo $85 | Custom puzzle $129 | Grey iPad case $20 | Faux suede Chelsea boots $90 | Herschel retreat backpack $70 | Coin 2.0 $100

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Cursive wood block $25-$45 | Morse code necklace $62 | Heart of gold bangle $32 | Sara Happ lip set $35 | Heart of gold mug $13 | Hand-carved heart book $14 | What I Love About You and Me book $10

And don’t forget the most important thing: the perfect card!


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  1. Cute, Jules. Did you know I’m totally Herschel backpack obsessed? I have the same one you posted in light blue… 🙂

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