Here Comes The Bridal Makeup Advice

Hey, everyone! It’s Spencer Barnes again, here to chat some more about skincare and makeup. This time, we are going in-depth about bridal looks. Since it’s wedding season, I figured many of you brides-to-be might appreciate my makeup tips for your big day. This list is how I approach creating the perfect looks for my clients and friends on their wedding days. I hope you find it just as helpful!

• Arrange for a trial makeup session and check it out in different types of lighting, including flash photography.
• Use a primer. It will refine the pores, keep your skin looking flawless, and extend the wearability of your makeup.
• Use oil-free foundation with long wear properties (unless you have very dry skin). This will help your t-zone stay shine free and in place.
• Choose matte products overall — they’ll look much better in photos (particularly eyeshadows).
• Add a tiny bit of soft pearl sheen under the brow to open the eyes and add dimension.
• Use blotting sheets before adding powder when doing touch-ups to avoid a cakey look.
• Define your eyes by using false lashes. Choose them in advance and trim the ends if needed so they are a custom fit.
• Apply waterproof mascara to avoid smudging or running.
• Go for a look people know you by. If you have a signature thing, such as you always have the same lip color – that’s one thing. But this isn’t the day to try bold new things. For lips, I recommend a color that’s neutral, but slightly dialed-up so it reads in photos (like a blushing rose or peachy nude). This will ensure you look timelessly enhanced.
• Do line your lips using a color close to your enhanced lip tone for a crisp, perfected shape and extended wearability.
• If you’re considering a long wear lip products, test it before hand to see how it wears over time. It’s nice not to have to touch up often.
• Pre-pack the essentials and bring them to your reception: blotting sheets, powder, lip touch-up, and gloss for moisture. Just what you need to maintain the look with a quick retouch.

• Go overly trendy.
• Use heavy, smoky eye shadows in charcoals, blacks, or dark browns. Your shadow should enhance your eyes, not distract.
• Do your own makeup the day of your wedding. Even if you’re good at doing your own makeup, you might have the jitters or nerves and you’ll definitely get interrupted continuously. Get a pro to help you out on this day.
• Tweeze the day of your wedding. You risk red, irritated skin. Also, you shouldn’t be stressed or rushed when tweezing but rather in a relaxed state of mind, since you might get carried away.
• Wax the day of. Sometimes waxing can leave skin really fresh and shiny. Makeup doesn’t stick to skin when it’s in this state and the waxed area doesn’t look like the rest of the skin. I suggest going in one week before and no sooner for waxing services.

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