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Welcome to my cozy little corner on the World Wide Web! I wanted to design a space where I could connect with fans and friends about the things I’m most passionate about, and I wanted to be able to hear from all of you. This is a place where we can share recipes, workout tips, talk about style, beauty and home décor. I’m especially excited to talk to you guys about things that matter most, like ways we can all be rock stars in our communities and tips to become the best versions of ourselves.

This is a place for all of us, sort of like a fun digital neighborhood, and it’s important to me to hear from you. So, what do YOU want to see on my site? Let’s create something amazing together!


Julianne Hough
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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is just trying to be a nice person who dances as often as possible, usually in public. She recently wifed up to NHL star Brooks Laich and is the proud dog-mom of two pups, Lexi & Harley (they’re the real brains behind everything).
Julianne Hough
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  • Barbora

    Really can’t wait for more posts, recipes, workout and style tips. So happy for this new blog.

    Wishing you and your family everything good. 😉 Greetings from Slovakia

  • Dvd

    Love this concept, you are a great role model for women, and especially for the younger generation. I am super excited to read about you and share awesome tips about life in all aspects.

  • Hi Julianne,

    Just listened to Lewis’ podcast interview with you, and when you mentioned on there that you
    wanted to launch your blog I thought I’d pop over to say hi and support you 😉

    You have an amazing energy – it’s great you found another medium to share it with the world
    – keep up the great work 🙂

  • Kate

    I am soooo incredibly excited that you created a blog. The color scheme and layout is so fresh and minimalistic; just like your style I cannot wait for new posts. Your photography is stunning. You truly are an inspiration.


  • John

    Jules, happen to remember a Southwest flight Nashville to Lax when you first signed your recording contract? You came to the back of the plane and asked if I wanted to see something and showed me a poster with your name on it. I don’t believe you ended up with Capitol, but you were so excited! I’m so glad to see you and your career doing so well. You have a heart of gold and a face to match. Keep your positive outlook and you will be very happy.

  • billienyc

    #KindnIsTheNewCool has a small typo in the about me! Just take out the n. Lovely site!

  • Laurie

    Hi julianne 🙂 this is so cool that you create a blog, such a good idea ! I watch the interview that you make with Lewis and you inspire me so much ! You are an amazing woman who make me realise that everything is possible if you keep working for it. You are a pretty good model of a strong, beautiful, brillant, kind and funny woman for me. I admire you so much

  • Wow, I am so excited about this! The photos are great, and it was smart to have several posts up before going live. i will definitely be back! xo

  • Carolina

    Loved your posts so far Julianne! Keep it up! I love all the great and fresh vibes you’re sending out. See you in June in Hollywood,FL!

  • Angelique

    Hi Julianne! I’m so excited ! it’s so cool you created this blog! Looking forward to see other posts!
    xoxo from France <3

  • Kinsey Mordini

    It is great to see such positivity from a role model for young women like myself!

    I will definitely be getting some inspiration from you for my website 🙂

  • Iris

    This is so awesome!! Love it!!

  • Libby Isanhart

    Amazing girl doing amazing things. I take any and all advice you have about life and hard work and fitness. Very wise beyond your years and I look up to you a lot. Can you please talk about the importance of kindness in the workplace specifically? And in addition to that just general outlook at work in general when days are not so great… Thanks!! Keep up the great work!

  • Maya

    Come to Snap Chat please 🙂 Maya – a German fan

  • Chelsey Hageman

    Jules! I want to hear about what motivates you and how you “recharge”? You are a busy woman (as many of us are) and I am curious how you stick with it, keep going strong- I mean, what keeps you fueled? Secondly, what do you do to recharge your battery when you get spread too thin or take on too much or just have been “going strong” for too long?

  • Beth

    You are such an incredible and talented woman and I can’t wait to read more of what you post!!

  • wasilewski ∞

    It’s a great idea, Julianne! You’re like the sun, people love you. You can make them better. I would like to see here your advices about clothes and food, life and work. You are a great athlete! Can you tell something interesting about it? I also would like to know what you like to read and what do you like to listen. Hope you’ll see it and answer me. Love you xo

  • Eva

    I love your site and thank you for making it!
    i would like to see some recipes cuz yeah, i like food i guess 😉
    x eva

  • sarah rose storm

    This is incredible! I am so excited. You are an absolute doll and my favorite role model! I cannot wait to learn more about you and your world 😉 Keep the inspiration coming

  • dami astoul

    Hi julianne!!! i love this idea!! i’m a big fan of you, you’re one of the kindest persons in the world. xo Dami from argentina

  • This is so exciting! I am a huge fan, so I’m really excited to be able to kinda get to know you. I am definitely interested in tips and tricks of how to stay healthy. I am also interested in style trends that won’t break the bank.

  • Shelly

    Hi Julianne!
    You are stunning! Thanks for spreading positivity on the web! We need more of this!! You’re such a beautiful example of how we should all be.

  • Johan Ljunglide

    You’re awesome Julianne! and hot

  • Isabel PR

    Hi jules!
    im a spanish really big fan of you! I love your idea of spanding kidness all over the world because nowadays people dont apreaciate anything what other do for them, the values os the people are complitly lost, and I really love your idea of trying change this!
    I hope this could change people!
    thanks also for doing this so you can share things with all of us!!!
    it mean so much if you can answer me!!
    love you!!! muchas graciass!

  • Shyanne Naquin

    My goal is to be just like you.

  • I would love to read about staying energized while you work out – how do you keep it fun? (if you do!) And also, I’ve loved every single hairstyle you’ve ever rocked, haha. Tell us your dirty secrets for how you attain such perfect hair! haha.

  • Blissful Mess

    Congrats on the new site! Super cute and great reads. I’m a newer blogger and I love to see new sites and ideas. Great work! XOXO Karen

  • Jemma Longbottom

    Jules! I am a huge fan of yours, your movies, your dancing, your hair, your fashion, and just about everything else! So excited to be a part of your website! X

  • LisaIJean

    Hi Jules!
    I’d love to pick your brain about skin care. Your skin always looks amazing so please dish…. what are your secrets?! Maybe you could share some of your tips and/or tricks, products you recommend, etc. I’m always on the look out for face lotions with SPF for sensitive skin. Recently I found an amazing Aztec mask at a natural Heath food store that gives your skin a tightening sensation and you can feel your face pulsate. The best part is, aside from what is does to your skin, is that it is reasonably priced! Thanks Jules!


  • Guest

    Hi Jules!!!! I am really big fan of you. I love your movies, your dancing, your ideas…everything!!!! This site is amazing!!! Xoxo Chisato from Japan

  • Shannon

    Love the website already. I think i would like to see
    – quick and easy healthy recipes
    – style tips i.e how to mix and match pieces creating different looks
    – more hair tutorials for short hair (long hair girls always get the love!)

    Keep up the great posts
    Love from Toronto Canada.

  • Mae

    Welcome to blogland! I am so excited about your site and can’t wait for more posts to come along! I would love to see recipes, health tips, and of course other stuff! Just one more thing…I love love your web page design.

  • Sarah Mouhssine

    My greatest passion is spreading kindness. I love to make people smile. I go to homeless people and give them food or money, I buy toys for the sick children and give it to them. I am also going to Syria to help build houses for the poor people next summer. I love seeing people with a smile on their face and being happy.

    The important thing in live is to be and stay positive. My sister was always positive in life and she always said: ”You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens”. My only big sister is my hero. She was a brave, positive young lady who made everyone smile. Unfortunately she passed away from cancer last year.
    She was my best friend, family and the one who I shared everthing with. It’s really really hard to lose someone who means a lot to you. What I learned from her is to stay positive, do what your dream about and live your life to the fullest.

    I love that you spread kindness around the world. You always make me happy. You are my rolemodel and my inspiration. Keep up the good work and hopefully I see you one day. Wanted to go so badd to the live move tour, but I live in the Netherlands.. #StayPositiveEverythingCanHappen #DontDreamItDoIt #KindIsTheNewCool …

    ”To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is succes”.

    -xxx- Sarah

  • Desiree Arevalo

    Yes!!!! ” I love this web of your life style! Definitely want to know more about what you use on your skin and the natural makeup look.!

  • Tonya Brizz

    Yea! Glad to see your page! Appreciate the link to the kind campaign. I think its definitely the sort of thing that deserves more attention! Also love the make up free pics!

  • Jack Graham

    Julianne! YOU ROCK! I’m a huge fan. Keep on doing you! This blog is going to be great for so many people.

    J-olly happy lady
    U-are awesome
    L-ook ^…. you’re awesome
    I- think this blog is shweeeeet
    A- is the first letter of the alphabet
    N-iagra falls is a beautiful place
    N-ext time I watch Safe Haven, I’ll try not to cry
    E-xtremely creative for making this blog

    I played roller hockey from the age of 8-10. If hockey players are your thing, I can fulfill that requirement.

  • Janita Kumaran

    I am so glad to hear that you now have your own website.. From the moment I saw Safe Haven I have become your great fun. You are my biggest inspiration to workout. I love your fashion style and just the type of person you are and it’s awesome to know that I can follow you with evrything to do from this website. You are fit inspiration and one of my role models. I love your free spirited nature and this website is exactly the thing I have been looking for. Thank you for being a great inspiration and for launching this website

  • I found this a very good idea, I love everything you do, honestly you are wonderful, but for sure you hear this a lot of people …. lol … Anyway.

    I hope someday you can get a chance to meet you, would love to know what you do to have beautiful hair, flawless skin and a sincere smile … More until that day comes, I will always be here doing the little questions in your cozy corner .

    Isabelle Mello

  • Mary Rickards

    Please tell me that CTR is still important to you.

  • Nicole

    Hey Jules,
    I would hope to meet you someday, how do you stay in shape and what kind of exercises do you do when you workout? I can’t wait for Move Live on Tour this summer!!! How do you do to make you have flawless skin?

  • Lorraine

    I’ve watched you when you started on DWTS. There is no doubt that you are a wonderful dancer. And I hope that you keep that up. But it is so nice to see you branch out and share your kindness and creativity. There’s no harm in being a “nice” person in the world! Be well and good luck!

  • Kasey Strong

    You should post a tutorial on how to do your hair like in this post’s pic! (Like what products you use, and what tools, and how you use the tools and stuff). I have a super similar haircut and I always try to do my hair like this, all messy-flippy-cute, and it’s way harder than it seems!

  • Britney Stanger

    I was wondering if you could help me with bullying. Sometimes I don’t feel like I belong. I just want to not be me. These kids tear me down and break me. And I don’t know if I can put back the pieces. I don’t know who to trust. I love you and you’re my biggest inspiration. Thanks for being you and I would love it if u would reply. 🙂 love you so much<3

  • Nikki-dee Rosa

    Love everything about you girlfriend! U got it all goin on & still seem to carry a humbleness that speaks louder than words. Seriously!! I feel like we would be friends (in real life!) Haha. Just keep doin what you’re doing. You’re an amazing, fresh role model for a young generation & older the same. For the young you show classiness meets corky & how it’s ALL beautiful. And for the older you show there’s still hope for this generation! Stay strong beautiful! You rock!

  • GAIL


  • Gary Bullock

    Hello Julianne. You don’t know me, but I have been following your rise to stardom. It was a beautiful journey. I have a bucket list. Everything on my list has been fulfilled. Except for my number one wish before Us die. My final wish is to meet the lovely, smart, and captivating lady That keeps me entertained, and warm my heart. You will probably never see this, but I pray that you do. Love Gary. This is not a good idea but.. 1-707-444-9225

  • Nana

    I’m so happy to be here! I’m a big fan of DWTS, I loved you on Footloose and Rock of Ages and was most impressed to hear your interview with Lewis Howes. You are da bomb! Can’t wait to hear more from you. Lots of love and light and joy from Costa Rica!

  • Jami Hulse

    Just happy your around… Enough said❤

  • Maeve Sheehan

    You inspire me so much and I want to thank you for all the positivity you spread to all of us and particularly for the genuine way you treat everyone you come across. Above all that, you’re insanely talented yet stay completely humble through it all. You definitely do inspire me to be the best version of myself. I really am lucky to have found someone like you to look up to and I’m so happy to have your wisdom to learn from! Thanks again, love you ❤️

  • You are so inspiring! 🙂 Enjoy coming to this blog everyday!