What’s My Bridal Style?

Even before I got engaged I wondered what style of bride I’d be when the time came. Just like everyday fashion, there are categories like romantic, dramatic, traditional, bohemian, trendy, sexy, and so on. Of course my advice to myself (as well as others) is to be true to me and who I am, but when it comes to style I find myself fitting into all of these categories — it just depends on what day it is!

I narrowed it down to my top five bridal personalities and created a mood board for each style using various dresses, accessories and other items. I am attracted to different aspects in all of them.

Come on, past brides… help me out! How on earth did you decide?! I found this mood board site for inspiration:

Just one of the incredible boards from Bridal Musings

I was so inspired, in fact, I wanted to create some different kinds of looks for my impending wedding day. I hope you have as much fun checking these out as I did throwing it all together. And please — I want your honest opinion!

The Romantic Bride
Bridgette Gown $1,600

Kate Spade New York Circular Stud Earrings $48

J-Picone Feather Fascinator $55

The Boho Bride
Lake Gown $850

Rebecca Minkoff Feather Ear Climber & Pavé Stud Earring $48

Nina Crystal Headband $23

The Classic Bride
Mabel Gown $$3,290

Monogrammed Toasting Champagne Flutes (set of two) $48

Ralph Lauren Statement Necklace $78

The Non-Traditional Bride
Grace Gown $2,300

Alexis Bittar Lucite Chandelier Earrings $225

Crystal Statement Headband $168

The Chic Bride
Dakota Gown $1,200

Jules Smith Americana Classic Drop Earrings $65

BAUBLEBAR Pavé Double Helix Cuff $58

What kind of bride do YOU think I should be? Which is your favorite?? Help! 🙂

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Comments 320

  1. I think the classic bride or the non traditional bride fits you! I do like all the styles and I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in whatever you decide!

  2. I personally like the “classic” and “non traditional” looks. Julianne, you wear so many beautiful gowns for events and for work that it’s going to be challenging to find something that makes your wedding feel distinct and special. That’s why the classic and/or more flowing gowns are probably the best. A princess style with lots of beautiful tulle and some “bling” is going to make your wedding day look like a wedding rather than just another gorgeous red carpet dress.

  3. I can picture you in the non traditional or the boho. You are so beautiful and any look would be perfect but I always see you as classic with a funky twist! have so much fun planning your wedding!

  4. A Norwegian designer designed her own wedding dress a couple years ago. It is so beautiful and so original. I think you might like it! I really like the non-traditional style, and the romantic style. I’m so excited for you, Julianne!!

  5. CHIC or BOHO no question! You’re so petite you don’t want it to look like the dress is wearing you. You want to be wearing the dress!

  6. A Norwegian designer designed her own wedding dress a couple years ago. It is so beautiful and so original. I think you might like it! I really like the non-traditional style, and the romantic style. I’m so excited for you, Julianne!!!

  7. My absolute favorite is the non traditional bride. The design on the bottom is incredible! And the top will really compliment your body! Go with your gut and have the time of your life!!

  8. Non-traditional! I love how it is fitted on the torso part of the dress so it shows off your figure, but still adds to the traditional part with the tool skirt! I think it would look lovely on you! But then again, any of them would 🙂

  9. I feel you should go for a mix between romantic and boho with a textured bottom. Nothing too heavy or chunky for your small frame. If you are a veil bride, then after for the reception you can have a floral crown. I think it would be perfect. This is my honest opinion. I love weddings and I’m good at them. And this look can be great for any season.

  10. Non-traditional seems more of your style after seeing a lot of your different dresses from DWTS and different award shows and events. If I were you, I would go with non-traditional. It could also give you a more unique look. If you were to use a classic style, or other style, and create your own dress, there are still people that will have dresses fairly similar to yours. Personally, I would want to have a more unique dress that is not like anyone elses. It would make the big day more yours and more special.

  11. I love the chic bride look!! Orrr the romantic bride depending on time of year. It’s a gorgeous dress!! No matter which you choose you’ll be stunning!!

  12. Definitely non-traditional! It just screams YOU! Beautiful. You and Brooks will both look so incredible on the big day.

  13. I love the classic and non-traditional looks! You will be gorgeous in anything though! I had a hard time when I was looking, but once I put on the dress I ended up going with, I just knew – you will love some things on the hanger and they will look terrible on which helps too 🙂

  14. The Dakota Gown and Mabel Gown. They are simple but stunning, classic to where your future daughter or niece could possibly wear. Also you want a dress that is being worn by you, you don’t want the dress to ware you. You can make it your own unique style with the right accessories.

  15. You will look gorgeous in whatever YOU choose! As far as these particular looks go, I think the non-traditional is what stands out the most. Maybe with a detachable skirt, and add a shorter skirt for the reception and dancing?! Have fun with the planning and best wishes!!

  16. I picture in the romantic bride dress…your hair in a messy bun with the Kate spade earrings! That or the Non Traditional

  17. Personally, I like the non traditional bride board best. It’s beautiful, but still allows you to add your personality and personal touches.
    I don’t like the boho bride dress – it looks more like a red carpet dress than a wedding dress to me.
    My best advice from personal experience: DO NOT choose a dress from a picture. Go to the bridal salon and try on 1 dress in each style/silhouette. You might just be surprised by what you like best! Then, once you’ve chosen a certain silhouette, try on dresses that fit that style to find YOURS! And don’t worry if you don’t get all emotional- I didn’t. I knew I’d found my dress when I didn’t want to take it off! I just kept standing there, looking in the mirror, fluffing out the train, and imagining my wedding day. After 30 minutes of that my mom said, “Ok, you have to take that one off now. You can wear it again on your Big Day”
    Enjoy being engaged and enjoy this whole experience. Don’t stress! As long as you are married to your love afterwards, it was all perfect!

  18. The romantic, or the classic I could picture you wearing. I LOVE the lace on the romantic, and I Love the princess feel of the classic. Decisions, decisions! !:)

  19. Just like most people that have been commenting, my favorite is definitely the non-traditional style. I think it gives you the typical elegance but with a slight bit of edge and intricacy that would make the dress easily recognized as a classic Jules Hough dress. I like that its a unique take on the classic wedding dress. Essentially, I think it screams you! I also think the chic style would fit who you are. It’s simple, but makes a statement just by being simple. It gives off a modern, sleek feel that I’ve seen you radiate in other dresses you’ve worn. Thanks for letting us into this process! I can’t wait to see what you end up choosing! whatever it is, I know you will look beautiful as always!

  20. I really like the chic bride for you. It’s clean and sleek, but you can add a messier hairstyle to play with the clean lines of the dress and jewelry. This dress is perfect because you can take jewelry from any of the other looks to add your own personal flair. If you are feeling boho you could add a headband, or if you’re feeling classic add a pearl necklace. Either way, any of the dresses you pick will be a part of you. It’s hard to capture your personality into one look because it’s so fluid. Think of it like this, your personality is water. You can put the water into any shape or size container, but it’s still going to be water in the end. No matter the dress you choose, you will still feel like yourself. Good luck and congratulations! 🙂

  21. Hi beautiful Julianne!

    First, let me start by saying that you are my fashion, hair, everything inspiration! So in love with you! I married my wonderful hubby July of 2014, and dress shopping is most definitely one of the best parts of the whole process. Obviously any of these dresses would look STUNNING on you, but I found that the easiest & best way to choose is to try them all on, if possible. The moment I out my wedding dress on, I knew it was the one! Hopefully the same could happen for you!

    In my personal opinion, I think the Boho Bride has your name written all over it. It’s different with a little bit of edge. However, I also think the Non-Traditional Bride would look amazing on you. It’s sweet & simple, but so beautiful.

    I pray I get the chance to meet you one day! Can’t wait to see what dress you choose. You will be the perfect bride no matter. (: xoxo

    Instagram: @joandkemp

    xx, Kemper Baugh

  22. I think the non-traditional bride would be great for you! It affords you the opportunity to have a little fun with it and show your creative personality without becoming a caricature (which I think some other bridal styles turn into). Also 2015 has been the year of bohemian brides so why not be different! Non-traditional all the way to me!

  23. I agree, I think the non-traditional dress is beautiful and romantic,and its the kind of dress that leaves you beathless.You would really look great in it 😀

  24. All of these dresses are stunning (you would look AMAZING in that romantic bride one!), but the non-traditional bride dress is so special! The top half has a leotard-esque look that I feel would be so fitting since you’re a dancer, and the skirt is beautiful! Honestly, though, you couldn’t go wrong with any of these!

  25. Even though I am only 15 I personally would go with either the third or fourth! I would because I am a dancer! I love to be free so that I can show off my moves! With the other ones they are so skin tight that you wouldn’t be able to dance….you could always change but personally when it’s my special day I want to be wearing my dress for most of the night! It’s the only night when you will have everything perfectly planned and just your day! You know what I mean? Hahah this is just what I would do! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about it, can’t wait to see your hair and your dress! But most of all….I can’t wait for you to be one of the best wives and maybe mother ( But not yet….I want you to go on another tour) in the entire world!!!! Trust me Julianne you will look amazing in all of them! Choose which one catches your eyes and makes you feel like that’s the one you want to be in on your special day! Don’t stress about it! But don’t forget to consider 3 and 4! Hahah I love you Julianne and can’t wait to hear about it! I’m so happy for you!

  26. I love the fourth one, but Julianne you’re stunning you would look beautiful in anything! I like that you are going for something unique! My only thing about the fourth is when do you guys plan on getting married?

  27. I honestly think you would look stunning in any one of these styles – I can imagine you in each one! I’m torn between Boho and Classic Bride, though – I think the Boho bride is such a unique look and you’d totally pull it off. I especially love the hairpiece that you picked out and I think you would look so whimsical and fun on top of being the gorgeous bride that you will be! On the other hand, you can never go wrong the classic route and I think you would look just as good — instead of whimsical and fun, you’d be elegant and refined… its really a hard choice! But again, no matter what you choose, you’ll look great – as long as you’re comfortable and happy, thats all that matters!

  28. Hi Julianne,

    Congratulations on your impending nuptials! As many of your fellow readers have stated you would like stunning in any of the dresses shown! The dress that really stuck out to me was the romantic dress. I feel like there is so much versatility that comes into play with accessories with that option. It would look great indoors or outdoors, you could add a pop of color or crystal by swapping out the belt, a cathedral or even some style of birdcage veil would be fantastic; the possibilities are endless! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you want to be true to who you are on your big day and I’m sure no matter what you choose you will definitely heed your own advice. Again, congratulations and many wishes of happiness to the both of you!

  29. I think you would look wonderful,in the romantic bride gown!!! They are all beautiful but to me this stands out for you.

  30. The chic bride is do stunning. I can see this dress in any type of wedding, from beach to church. Is so elegant and simplistic. The day is all about the bride, this choice gives you the ability to make “you” stand out. But its the brides choice.

  31. I love the chic bride or the non-traditional bride for you! I’ve never been a bride but go with something you will feel gorgeous in and want pictures to last forever! Happy choosing!

  32. I like the idea of the romantic bride dress. I do not like the earrings. They are too harsh. An elegant pearl would be beautiful. And as for the actual dress I like everything but the neck of the dress which would look better in a boat neck style instead of turtle neck.

    I also love the non traditional bride dress. Its beautiful. It will depend on how fancy the wedding is. You want to stand out, and not be outshined by decorations.

  33. IMO, the best way to decide is to wear the dress that makes you feel most like you! I know that sounds cheesy, but you have to be true to yourself – it will make that day all the more meaningful. <3 🙂

  34. BoHo style or Romantic style would both be gorgeous on you. I really love the BoHo for you though 🙂 no matter what style you feel is right, you will be a beautiful bride.

  35. I think the boho or romantic style would look fabulous on you .. however … when you try these gowns on you’ll know which gown is right for you …

  36. I think the romantic or chic looks would be amazing on you. More so the romantic though, it’s absolutely beautiful and I think it would comoliment you and your personality (from what I know). I’d go with something with a subtle pop of colour for the earrings though to make it a little more fun. LOVE the headpiece you chose! I’m sure you’ll be stunning no matter which you choose 🙂

  37. I love the romantic, the first one. I had my wedding gown made and I chose ivory and it was very lacy. I am sure you will be amazingly beautiful no matter what you choose. ?

  38. I think the Romantic Bride (Bridgette Gown-very elegant and Victorian) or the Chic Bride (Dakota Gown-simplistic, elegant, yet form fitting to show your beautiful form) would both look so beautiful on you……and, match your personality.

  39. Hi Julianne – the Boho or Romantic one would definitely be lovely for you. But as everyone is saying- you will be gorgeous in any of the dresses. ?
    Have fun trying out different gowns and you will just know which one is perfect for your wedding.
    By the way, I named my little 3 year old after you. Sharing a photo of her when she did flower girl duty at a winter wedding last year.
    Happy wedding planning!

  40. The Grace Gown is gorgeous and that neckline looks amazing on you (judging from other gowns of similar style)! It’s elegant an beautiful just like you!

  41. Love all your work! You have such a warmth on screen..anyway, to answer the question, based on some of your dancing with the stars gowns, which I love btw, I’d say go classic or non-traditional, or better yet a non-traditional take on a classic…which the goddess Vera Wang does so well. Congrats on everything!

  42. You would be gorgeous in any of them but the last three are my favorites! I love the accessories with the last one! Good luck picking one out! I would have it narrowed down to like 50 lol. Let us know which one you pick!

  43. I’d merge 2 dresses into one…love the top of the romantic with the bottom of the non traditional. You will look stunning in anything you wear. No matter what you choose, you will be Breathtakingly beautiful on your wedding day !! ???

  44. I love The Non-Traditional Bride: Grace Gown
    all the dresses are beautiful, but I prefer the Grace Gown.
    I’m sure no matter what you choose you will be just like a princess, and look beautiful as always!

  45. The Non-Traditional Bride, The title says it all. You would be beautiful in any dress you pick BUT you would make a BOLD statement in the Grace Gown. Congrats!

  46. I actually saw another wedding dress (carolina herrera) that would look good on you but based on those dresses i think the romantic dress would be perfect.

  47. The last 3 are gorgeous! I think that if you went with one of the first 2 you might regret it later because, while those styles go in and out, the last 3 are timeless.

  48. I would say the non-traditional. But what I think you should do is imagine looking up into Brooks’s face on that day and thinking about how you want to feel in what you’re wearing when you do that. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect.

  49. BoHo bride….I see you in the Lake Gown… it’s you… your life and your spirit… & I have never Even met you. That dress stands out from the rest… You will be one absolutely stunning bride… the BEST of wishes from a huge fan!

    xoxo MeL

  50. I ‘d go with classic or non traditional bride. You would look magical and beautiful in both !
    I am not feeling the romantic bride…
    The boho and chic bride are styled like dresses you would normally wear for carpets and events.

  51. I would vote the non traditional or the chic… Both are gorgeous! It’s really what you imagine yourself in:) regardless, you’ll look beautiful!

  52. When it comes to choosing your wedding gown you want to consider how you feel in it! I reccomend choosing something timeless and elegant that also suits your personality. I personally love the classic bride look whereas the others you could wear to various events. While trying on gowns think about the whole day from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away! You want to be comfortable and love your dress so much you don’t want to take it off:) I specialize in helping brides choose the perfect dress for their special day. I’d be happy to share more information if you’re interested. xx Natalie

  53. I love the Classic and the Chic. I think you would look beautiful in either one. I just celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary 2 months ago and when I picked my wedding dress I knew right away that it was the one because it made me smile from ear to ear and it was fun, comfortable and showed off my fabulous red shoes! Plus it had pockets! Pick what will make you happy and makes you feel beautiful.

  54. Boho or non-traditional! Both of these styles would look amazing on you! But the dress will pick you. As soon as you try it on you will know

  55. Non traditional for sure, I think it will look great on you. So two votes for this one (one vote from my mum :))
    Sending love from Czech republic 🙂

  56. I see you in either boho or non-traditional. I think they are both timeless looks. It just depends on how you see yourself on that day. I made sure to try on all different shapes and styles of dresses to make sure that I was making the right decision. Once you have it on, you’ll know.

  57. I”m kinda hating you since you are the type of bride that would look good in all of them :))) If we get to vote I see you most in the Non-Traditional or Chic Bride. Thank you for sharing all of this, it is immensely fun to visit juliannehough.com

  58. I love the Chic gown, for you as my first choice and the Boho gown as a tight second. Your figure would be flattered by any of them. 😀

  59. I could definitely see you in the Chic dress! It kind of reminds me of this simple and yet stunning! But you would look beautiful in any dress! Brooks is a lucky man.

  60. Ive watched DWTS for years and always lean towards boho to non-traditional for you. You have an edge about you that I think you should show.

  61. I see you in the non traditional bride look. It is hard to choose but you will just know when you put the right dress on. I can’t explain it any other way, so go try on some styles at a bridal shop so that you can see them on your own body. Bring a friend and a camera and take a picture of your self in each dress. Looking at pictures is different than just looking in a mirror, it gives another perspective. Plus you can review the pictures again later if you need to sleep on the decision. Most of all just have fun and enjoy every minute of this experience!

  62. The Chic is definitely the most timeless and most beautiful. You will look amazing in anything that you choose…even if it is none of these.

  63. I think you’re a mix of the Chic and Boho Bride. Based on what you wear on DWTS/your Instagram pics I feel like those are the types of things you wear most often; so you are obviously comfortable in those styles which means you’ll be comfortable/stunning on your’s and Brook’s big day!

  64. The Chic bride dress with the nina crystal headband is my favorite dress for you!! Also you can put a blingy belt around the waist to make it pop. Most importantly choose the one you love and Brooks will think you will look beautiful in any one.

  65. You are definitely a mix between the Boho bride and the Non-Traditional bride. The Chic bride although very pretty I find way too simple for you. You can pull off anything and your wedding day is a day to stand out from the crowd and be bold. You wouldn’t want to wear a dress that a guest could be wearing just in the different colour.

  66. First of all, you would look gorgeous in any and all of them. However, I really love the look of either the classic or chic for you. I would then personally mix and match the accessories and that way you can have a little bit of each look, which you would pull off stunningly.

  67. I vote for the beautiful Chic Bride gown. In fact, I also really like the simple accessories shown with this gown. Simple and gorgeous.

  68. All are beautiful gowns but, I like #2 and #5. All would be beautiful on you. The others are covering too much and would hide your figure.

  69. Classic or chic. It’s timeless. You will always be able to look at your photos and be “in style”.
    You wear a lot of open back dresses on DWTS and they look amazing on you. I think you should do some kind of open back. Congrats. You deserve this 🙂

  70. I feel the Chic gown and the Classic gown are too ordinary for you. You are more cutting edge. I like Boho and Non-Traditional. I know every bride wants to feel like a princess, but you should still be you. You could pull them all off so it’s going to be a tough choice.

  71. The Chic gown would be my first choice for you. You are young, do the strapless thing. Also, you have very toned arms, which would be perfect for this dress style. It’s elegant, sexy, timeless. Have you checked out the designer Maggie Sottero? She does the most stunning dresses – lots of low backs (some with corset ties), – check her out!

  72. you could wear a burlap sack and still look amazing! I love the Chic Dress – thinking that you could then add elements to the dress without worrying about them competing with it. Also one thing to remember – if you do opt for any colour than white remember to match your fiance’s shirt to the colour – even a dress in a candlelight/champagne colour will look “dirty/dingy” if the groom wears a white shirt.

  73. I think the romantic gown would be amazing on you. You will look great in any of them. I think when you start to try some on you will start to get a feel for what will be “your dress” such a happy time….enjoy every second.x

  74. I love them all! Depends on season, Venue, and wedding style. You won’t know til your staring at yourself in the mirror. Good luck! Took me 7 dresses.

  75. Whichever one you pick, I’d suggest you go FULL OUTTTT with every fun crazy dramatic “BRIDE” feely design (aka whichever makes you feel like a queen) because you wear a gorgeous gown every week on DWTS. This is you & your fiances’ very special day and these details will help make how you feel stand out from the other fancy days 🙂

  76. The nontraditional Grace Gown is absolutely stunning!! Pairing it with classic pearls, a romantic curled updo, and chic strappy but comfortable heeled sandals. Everyone knows you have a to die for body, but you don’t necessarily need to show it off on your wedding day in a form fitting dress. Combine looks and choose pieces you love that make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Congrats!!

  77. Personally, I love the Boho and Non-Traditional styles. But my advice would be to pull back all of the layers and find out what young Jules, when she was 5 and making a veil out of toilet paper would love to wear – Go back to that moment when you were a little girl dreaming of her wedding day and remember what made you feel like a princess. Choose the style and dress that really symbolizes your roots. Choose the style and dress that you wouldn’t wear on DWTS or on the red carpet. Your wedding is your dream day, a day filled with love and family and you deserve to be and feel like a true princess, not a star or celebrity xoxo

  78. I like the Non Traditional gown….and to even add a little more of you…have them cut out a little oval on your shoulders like the other outfits you posted under ‘cold shoulder’. Or even cut out the shoulders to match the lace on the dress. That added lace on the shoulders would be amazing and would bring up the bottom of dress and would make everything absolutely ‘bloom’!! Second contender is the Romantic bride.

  79. I am in a tie between the romantic and chic gowns. I think that the chic style would look amazing on your figure. Maybe look for a gown that has the chic style with bead work or embellishments to bring in the romantic style. A side pin up hair style with a flower would bring in the classic elegant look.

  80. very beautiful wedding dresses: Zuhair Murad ‘Malie’ Dress from the 2015 Bridal Collection.
    I think that in them you’ll be great.

  81. I definitely love the Non-Traditional for you! It seems to capture your blissful, happy personality and would showcase your beauty wonderfully!

  82. Non-traditional? working at a bridal store I always tell brides a few things! First to consider what you’ve always envisioned for yourself, also to try on different styles/colors to be able to see it on your body! So many times the bride will change her predecided mind once she sees a different style on her. And of course pick something that makes you feel like the most you:) The most important thing I tell them is to pay attention to which one they feel prettiest in! The reaction says it all, especially when mom cries once you try a veil on with it?

  83. I love the non-traditional! But I do not know when or where the wedding is so it might not fit with the weather but I think it would look incredible on you.

  84. I just got married about 6 months ago and my frame of mind was constantly, “will I still think this was a good choice in 10 years?” I always tell people to go timeless….whatever that might mean for you. Of course, dresses look differently on everyone, and although you’re in MUCH better shape than me, my frame is similar to yours. With that being said, I had a simple, yet gorgeous long sleeve lace, mermaid cut gown (I am blessed enough to have a talented mother who could actually make it, but it was mimicked after ones I saw). I really do believe brides try so hard to be ‘the most beautiful’ person on their special day, but really end up looking like a completely different person. Timeless is classy, and beauty is natural. I’m not suggesting a ‘no make up’ look, but let everyone see Julianne. Marriage is marvelous!!! Love God first, because He’ll help you love your husband better. HAPPIEST WEDDING/MARRIAGE!

  85. It is difficult to pick because a wedding gown is such a personal thing. My best advice would be to start with a shape (ball gown, mermaid, sheath, etc) and go from there. The harder part, I think for you, will be that you do where so many amazing dresses for shows and events so you might want your wedding dress to be something extra special. Or, maybe it can be more simple because you aren’t wearing it on the red carpet. You can look at it both ways. I think it was said earlier but I’ll say it again. Finding your dress is like finding your partner: you might love the first one you try, you might have to try on a few, but when you find ‘the one’ you will know.

    I’m sure you have a ton of designers to pick from, but Rosa Clara is one of my favs!

    Regardless of all the advice, just remember to have fun with it. It will all come together in the end 🙂

    Good luck!

  86. Personally I think the Chic gown is very YOU! The silhouette is stunning and would work well on you. If you wanted a bit more “bling” you could enhance the dress with either an all satin ribbon, or embellished belt. This would also work in a variety of venues.

  87. The Grsce gown because you’ll look amazing and every time you wear a dress like that on DWTS I get chills. With long earrings and your perfect curled hair will look amazing!!! I hope when I’m married someday I’ll be as beautiful as you❤️

  88. Chic style would look beautiful on you Jules you certainly have the figure for that dress. There all beautiful that one stood out to me, just my opinion

  89. Either the chic or non traditional suit you best. I see the chic dress fitting for you if you have a more glamorous wedding. If you go more casual the non traditional works better. Personally I think you’d stand out in the chic dress best. It’s perfect for your body type.

  90. From your choices I think “The Classic Bride” suits you best! But I also think this Marchesa gown would be wonderful on you, a lovely mixture of romantic and non traditional!

  91. OF course you would look beautiful in a burlap sack, however, I do not think any of these dresses fit the beautiful you. I’ve seen you wear prettier dresses on DWTS. However, if you pick any of these, you will be gorgeous.

  92. Julianne, I most definitely can see you in the Non-Traditional Dress. It is very different, not the usual wedding dress and I think it will look absolutely beautiful!

  93. Hi Julianne
    I enjoy watching you on dancing with the stars every week . You are my favorite judge ?. My favorite dresses are either the classic and the non traditinal. Good luck on your search and on your big day . Either one you pick you will look Amazing .

  94. Definitely Non-Traditional 🙂 so pretty, elegant, sweet, innocent at the same time. Exactly like you are 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your whole journey to the altar and all the tips and ideas 🙂 good luck.

  95. Julianne, The Chic gown will frame and highlight your beauty and personality. You want the spotlight to be on you and only you as you walk down the aisle to your future husband

  96. I love the classic or the chic bride. Both of those styles will flatter your frame. But of course you look amazing in anything!!!! Love ya

  97. I love the nontraditional. You would look beautiful no matter what dress you decide on. I love the elegance. It seems so you although i have seen you in a lot of chic gowns. I think you would seem like you are floating when you walk in this beautiful dress. Good luck in whatever you choose.

  98. You will be a beautiful bride. I’m still a romantic when it comes to weddings. It’s so fill with tradition and meeting. You always have a chance to be edgy on the show. I see you as a Disney bride. Cinderella.

  99. You have so much style and beauty you could pull off all of them. Personally I think you should do a mix of the non traditional and chic bride. Because you want to look sexy feminine outstanding and unique on your wedding day. With all the style and shape you have in yourself both mixed would accent your character and passion very well. Plus you need something somewhat fitting that will look good to dance in ! 🙂

  100. You would definitely be able to pull off all of the styles! I absolutely love the non-traditional style and it would be so pretty and flattering on you. I have always heard that white looks better on some people and creme looks better on others. You seem like you could pull off both… so maybe the non-traditional or the chic? Both would look amazing!

    1. I think cream of off-white rather than pure white. You are a “spring” – try the Color Me Beautiful book (with some girlfriends and some color swatches, great fun).

  101. Ahhh non-traditional! It’s so you. Can’t wait to see you in whichever you choose! You will be the most gorgeous bride!

  102. My favourites are either the romantic or the non-traditional! But I think all of the dresses are beautiful and elegant, in a classy (not in your face) kind of way 🙂

  103. While I think you would look amazing in those beautiful choices…..Chloee Sampson has some pretty great advice! I love something that is a little different from the “strapless” I got married two years ago at Crane Cottage in Jekyll Island. I love the 1920’s era which is when Jekyll was in its prime. I wanted my dress to fit into that era to match its beautiful surroundings. The guys wore a classic black suit by Vera Wang. My colors and flower choices were some of my favorites and happened to be fall colors which was perfect for October. If you ever get a chance you should visit Jekyll Island, GA. I know you have a fondness for the 20’s era as well. I think you would fall in love with it! My choices on your dress selections would be 1. Grace gown, Lake gown and Romantic bride. I like the other two as well but not as much as the others.. It’s again what you feel the prettiest in and whichever one goes along best with your choice of venue? Theme etc… So happy for you and you will be a Beautiful Bride!??

  104. Wow! You picked some good ones! They are all gorgeous, but I would probably also consider what kind of wedding you are having and where you are having it. If you’re doing a winter wedding, I think the non-traditional or the boho one would be beautiful. I also like that these are unique. I know if it were me, I’d want to go my own way and not look like anyone else. Just pick the one that suits you. Another style that I think would look great on you is maybe a bohemian off the shoulder style dress. Sexy but flowy at the same time! Good luck! You’ll look amazing no matter what you choose! Also, if you’re having a really hard time choosing, you could have one dress for the wedding and a separate one for the partay..haha I mean reception. 😉

  105. I like a combo of the traditional and non-traditional… it’s just fun to have a bit flowy skirt on your wedding dress. its sort of like Scarlett O’Hara… fun and not a type of dress you’ll ever wear anywhere else

  106. As a future bride myself, I would lean towards the non traditional. Only because I’m not a follower of trends, I want something that hasn’t been done a million times before. Make your wedding your own, if you like it, go for it!

  107. The non-traditional and chic styles would be lovely on you (as would they all). We would be thrilled to design some handmade one of a kind bridal jewelry for your wedding (and we are huge Caps fans)!

  108. Go with something that your kids, grandkids, etc. won’t be like “WTF were you wearing?!” Classic is always best. You also don’t want to regret your own choice a couple years down the road when the ‘trendy’ things have gone out of style!

  109. As a photographer who shoots weddings on occasion, I’m leaning in the general direction of the non-traditional dress, but that’s just me… what it ultimately has to be, is this: when you put any dress on in a bridal shop, don’t look until it’s all the way on. The Dress(tm) will make itself known the minute you turn around into the mirror. If it doesn’t knock your socks off, it’s not the right dress. The right dress will not only knock your socks off, but will knock the socks off everyone in the room. Trust your instincts, and try on lots of dresses.

    Hint for you: whoever you have doing your wedding pictures, if you can get a team of two people to do it, have one member of the team focused on Brooks during the whole processional. You may not catch the look on his face when he sees you – which will hopefully be much like a freshly-landed fish – but the photographer surely will, and it’ll be a great shot. 🙂

  110. I love the non-traditional gown! I think it would look stunning on you. Of course you look gorgeous in everything .The most important thing is that you pick something that you LOVE and feel great in. And one to dance in might be a plus.

  111. I really love the non-traditional for you!!!! I think it suits you best and matches what we see of you by ways of social media. However, you could pull off any of these dresses so pik the one you love most!

  112. While I LOVE the non-traditional dress, Olivia Palermo already wore one almost exactly like this. You should always wear what you feel best in but I know that stars, actresses, etc also find it very important to not wear a gown, especially a wedding dress, that’s already been done :/ The boho is gorgeous too! Or maybe combine fav pieces/ideas & have one made for you. Congrats! http://oliviapalermo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/The-really-Final-Shot-2.jpeg

  113. I vote the non traditions dress, it’s simple and elegant and very pretty. I think you would look just just stunning. If not that, then the romantic style. Wishing you and Brooks all the best ❤️

  114. The way I see it, you only get to wear a wedding dress once. So I would choose a dress that was only suitable as a weding dress. Except from the traditional I feel like you could wear most of them to other events than your wedding.
    But thats my opinion 🙂
    I think the best way to decide is to try them on, then maybe the dress will choose you 😉

  115. I think the Chic Bride or Non-Traditional look are best for you. I can see you with the gold headband of the non-traditional and the beautiful earrings. The Chic look is showing off you beautiful shoulders. I am sure no matter which you choose, your groom will love it.

  116. BOHO….dying dying dying over it! I love it, it’s simple, elegant, different ….everything!!! Whatever you pick will be gorgeous but that one is my absolute favorite!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  117. Hi Julianne, I am fond of romantic or non traditional. I do not like open shoulders on a bride all to much, so “no”to these dresses. I could totally imagine you in some lace. But the non traditional version as also very appealing. Given your personality, I think that style would be wonderful. And I would always go for a simple look. Effortless. Almost comfortable. It is your big day. You wanna feel great, not just look great.

  118. non-traditional! it’s beautiful, fun and unique just like you! i think it kind of encompasses a lot of the styles, a bit of tradition, romance, non-tradition, chic. it’s a beautiful dress!!!

  119. I love the classic and non-traditional style! But in all honesty you would look amazing in any one of those dresses! You will know which one is the one for you when you try them on. 🙂

  120. I love the classic gown! Definitely my favorite but you would look great in any of them too! The chic gown is my second choice

  121. The Non-Traditional Bride is my fave. I do like the Classic Bride, it’s very pretty as well. I do like the Boho style but I think it’s a little too matronly looking for someone your age.

  122. Classic or Chic! Maybe non-traditional. You need the pictures to stand the test of time and not regret any ‘style’ or ‘trends’. Good luck!

  123. Please, please don’t choose the Boho. It’s TOO OLD for you. But then I like simple, and you can pull off simple cause you’re a very pretty young lady. Just my opinion….

  124. My favorite is the Non-traditional Gown. I think you would look absolutely stunning in it! I like all of the other ones too, especially the Classic, but there was something about the Non-traditional one that stole my heart (I am a sucker for 3/4 sleeves).

    I went spur-of-the-moment dress shopping about a month ago, with the Boho silhouette in mind. I wanted something fitted but flowey, and not at all the “normal,” “boring,” strapless dress. I tried on a strapless, natural-waisted, tulle skirt dress, similar to your Classic option, and it was over for me. 🙂 My love for twirly tulle took over and I am so happy with my choice. Everyone I know told me that no matter what you think you want, it never turns out that way, so maybe just step outside of what you had in mind for one dress, and you’ll get that sudden feeling of “this is my dress!”

  125. My favorite gown is the classic bride one. I see you in the chic bride gown though.

    As lovely as the non-traditional one is, the lace placement on the skirt leads my eye up to the private area… (being honest) and the chic bride dress somehow reminds me of what one might wear underneath a wedding gown (maybe due to the photo though).

  126. Bonjour Juliannne, vous seriez magnifique dans toutes ces robes mais pour ma part, je prefere la Chic Bride. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur:)

  127. Boho or Chic. Just based off the personality that comes across on tv and your own personal on and off camera style, I’d say you’re a combination of the two. So there you go!

  128. You posted this on our 43rd wedding anniversary. So, even though I’m older than most who would post here, I’m a huge fan and felt compelled to say something. Here’s my 2 cents. Since, like most fans, I only know your on screen personality, I’m just making assumptions here.
    I’ve narrowed it down to two…the Boho, and the non-traditional bride. The non-traditional says elegant, graceful, dancer to me, and the Boho says free-spirited, fun, unconventional. I suggest you wear the non-traditional for the formal walk down the aisle part of the wedding and change into the boho for some part of the reception. If you are going to be dancing at the reception, haha…..as if….. :):) Anyway…when you are dancing the boho might be restrictive, so perhaps you could have it shortened so that flair at the bottom is brought up a bit to swing around your legs as you and husband float across the dance floor. No matter what you choose you will look exquisite . And I’m sure lots of people think the same thing!!! All the Best!

  129. I wore a very pale blue, very flowing dress – and I have worn it to dance in, almost every anniversary since (10 years coming up). If you love your dress, I think it is nice to put it on again, perhaps for a very private evening with your husband and champagne. BTW, I like the romantic style for you, but perhaps not this exact dress. The non-traditional style, too, but same (this particular dress covers up too much of your beautiful body). But, bottom line, try them on and you will know what you love.

  130. Love the Grace Gown for you. You are so lovely whatever you choose will look stunning. Go with your heart. All the very best to you as you transition into your new life.

  131. Of this bunch, Romanitc. But I think your should look more. None of these scream Julianne to me. I think it should look like a wedding gown and not something you might wear for some other occasion since you only get one wedding (hopefully!)

  132. I think you would look best in the Romantic or Non-Traditional (although I lean to the Romantic for you). So classic and beautiful, just like you.

  133. With your frame, aesthetic features and personality, the one that ‘screams’ out at me is the Romantic Bridal dress (the first one). The one that is a close runner-up is the Non-Traditional Bridal dress…those are the ones I would suggest personally; however, I think you’ll be beautiful in anything you wear, period!


    Cherie G.

  134. I would pick the traditional gown for you and spice it up a bit with an interesting belt and accessories. The cut of the traditional gown is perfect for you.

  135. I just read all the lovely posts, and I think you have your answer. It’s non-traditional by a landslide, and that’s my vote too. You are young, sassy, and from what I’ve seen of your red-carpet gowns, a bit of a risk-taker when it comes to fashion. Go for it, and congrats!

  136. You would look beautiful in any wedding dress, but I can really see you in the non-traditional style – like so many others who have commented.

  137. Julianne, I’d love to see you in the Boho gown or the Chic gown! You are one chick lady, and the Boho is very sexy which you are also. What season is the wedding as that may determine style also? Best wishes!

  138. Hi Julianne, I think that you will look great on any of them but The Chic one is the one that I will choose for you. You will look stunning in that dress, will show your curves and will allow you to dance all the night long 🙂 The gowns are absolutely gorgeous BUT the problem is that you can have difficulty dancing with it (personal experience). I do not see you in the Romantic nor the Boho. In you get the chic, you can accessorize it with many different things, a long beautiful veil, necklace, a rhinestone sash… wish you the best!

  139. I could see you in all of these, but my favorite of these pics is the romantic. I was young and didn’t really know what I wanted when I got married, but now that I’ve had time to reflect on my decision, I would say…don’t worry about tradition (the bride doesn’t have to necessarily wear white), pick something classic that you’ll possibly still love through the years, find a dress you feel amazing in and don’t want to take off. 🙂

  140. I would pick the Boho Bride dress for you, because I think it is the most unique, and would look stunning on you. My second pick would be the Non-Traditional Bride dress. I like the “leotard-type” bodice, which ties into your dancing, and the embroidery down the front of the gown is a lovely detail. You’d look stunning in them all, but I personally like to choose things that are unique, and I think the strapless gowns are a little “overdone.”

  141. I am generally lean toward traditional, and the gown that I made for my wedding years ago, was definitely “Traditional” ball gown but since I made it myself I was able to bring in some non traditional elements as well. Though it wouldn’t be “in style” now, I have never regretted the choice I made in its construction. I still look back at some of the photos and feel it’s gorgeous. If you don’t disappear in the gown, and it flatters you, it is the right gown…no matter the label you put on it.
    That being said, I love the BOHO style. It is classic and elegant with a flare for the dramatic, much like the you I have seen portrayed over the years. Whichever you choose, make it your own! You will be absolutely stunning! Good luck and congrats!

  142. As a recent bride myself (I was married in September) you can’t go wrong with a classic style! While all of them would look great on you, I think it’s always best to go with something timeless and classic. I can’t tell you how many people who have looked back on their wedding dress and thought, what was I thinking?! However, go with your gut and whichever YOU feel the best in and what you think suits you best.

  143. The Classic Bride for a classy girl. I think you would look amazing in the classic but I also love the The Non-Traditional Bride. Reminds me of a classical dance dress. Im no professional but its my opinion.

  144. I love the romantic, I think it’s classy, chic and modern with a touch of vintage. You would look even more amazing than usual 🙂

  145. I also used to work at a bridal store (Mon Amie in Costa Mesa, CA) and I totally agree with Cholee Sampson’s input. Wear what you’re comfortable in (literally, it’s a loong day), feel gorgeous in and sparks joy in you. Having said that, for you – I really like, in descending order: Boho Bride, Non-Traditional Bride, and then Chic Bride. The Boho and Non-Traditional dresses are very unique; the Chic is lovely, but more mundane.

  146. Julianne, you are so beautiful you could pull of anything! After watching you dance for so many years and thinking of you as a huge inspiration. I think the Boho Bride look would look really great on you. It’s different, chic, and very pretty with a flattering shape.
    I also love the Non Traditional Dress, but I like the Boho more!!

    I would recommend staying away from the feathers. In my opinion they are very distracting and no one wants to be distracted from you!! I also don’t really like the headband that comes across the forehead. Again, it’s distracting.
    All the other jewelry is beautiful! But I think only 1 large statement piece so that it really makes an impact and not too many “statements”. I love your fashion taste!! Keep us updated on your choices 🙂

  147. You’re going to look beautiful in whatever style you decide on but I think bohemian princess, best suits you. You’re a classic beauty with a free and easy spirit. Best wishes to you and Brooks! Go Caps!!!

  148. Romantic – Here’s why. It’s the most romantic moment in your life that you share with your loved ones. You want to take his breathe away, cry and see you. Your vision board is beautiful, romantic and full of love as you will be. ??

  149. I can’t decide between Non-Traditional and Classic. I think I’m leaning toward Classic though. You’re always so elegant and put together, and that would really suit you!

  150. I can see you most in the romantic bride style. They are all lovely, but the romantic style fits with how I perceive you (full of love and classic natural feminine beauty)! Good luck!

  151. You would look amazing in whatever you select, but I immediately thought of the Non-traditional for you! Best of luck in planning your wedding!

  152. Any garment worn by Julianne Hough becomes indescribable. All dresses presented are dazzling. Without knowing all the ingredients to your wedding I would choose the Bridgette Gown. I’ve missed you, Derek, and family from the one and only day we met nearly 14 years ago. I’ve logged an infinite list of good memories, chuckles, and smiles in the past decade from all that I hear, read, and have seen through our U.S. human networks and media.

    Best Wishes to the “Hough” Family!

    Aron E. Yucha “Blue, Magic, Future” 😉

  153. I think once you try ‘the one’ on, you’ll know; at least that worked for me..having said that I like the classic and the chic dresses. Also, many women now a days wear one dress for the ceremony, and change for the reception, so I would say go traditional for the ceremony and sexy/chic for the party. Good luck and congratulations!!!!

  154. Hello Julianne, You could pull off any of these styles beautifully. I think you will want something that looks like a Wedding Dress, not just another Gown. I can see you in either the Classic Style or the Romantic style. Congratulations and Good Luck.

  155. Non Traditional and Classic are definitely my favorites for you! I think the others are amazing, and this was so fun! I love the boho as a dress, but not a wedding dress. Maybe for the rehearsal? I think the classic and non traditional will make you feel like a bride. I always wanted a mermaid or trumpet (because I like them and I have a nice butt hahaha) but when I put on a ballgown is when I had that ‘aha’ bride moment. I think you need to try them on (if you haven’t already) and that should help. I just see you in the non-traditional and think of how it would show off your grace and fun side at the same time! Best of luck. Remember to enjoy the experience!

  156. I think the Marchesa 2016 gown that Tisha posted below would be a beautiful one to add to your selection of choices. It would be the one I would choose for you 🙂

  157. Love the non-traditional of these choices. The sleek, plain bodice will not draw attention away from the beauty of the bride’s face.

  158. non-traditional dress!!!!!! That style would be beautiful on you.

    PS – I’m a huge fan of yours (from dancing with the stars years ago) and Laich has always been my favorite player (he’s on my jersey!) We have season tickets and I so hope I run into you one day!!

  159. You have worn so many red carpet gowns and dance costumes, it is your one special day’s fashion you won’t repeat any where else, so go for the non traditional look, but look very bridal. A gown you wouldn’t wear for any other occasion.

  160. I really like the Boho gown , followed by the non -traditional. for your figure. The Boho is very elegant and will make your body look elongated. But these are my thoughts. Go with what ever dress make your heart and soul smile. God Bless you on your special day.

  161. I think you don’t really know until you try on the dress and feel like it is meant for you. I think something non-ballroom since you love to dance but still traditional to feel like a bride. You can wear beautiful dresses all the time in the celebrity world so make sure this one makes you feel like the beautiful bride you will be versus a beautiful dress. Xo

  162. Non traditional!! ??? partial up-do, loose curls, with that gorgeous headband, maybe a few flowers woven in!!! That whole package would look stunning!!!

  163. I vote for the chic bride. The style is simple and clean without trying to make the bride look like an engénue, yet elegant and sophisticated. Just my opinion.

  164. Jules –

    after watching you on various shows and seen you on broadway as well as following you musically….. this dress by JUSTIN ALEXANDER SPRING 2015 COLLECTION would put almost all of the categories into one dress and would look extremely elegant on you………. also remember that less is more when it comes to bridal. – Dont overdo it….. you want elegance and romance vs plain jane and/or gaudy….. some tend to overdo it.

    dont forget you can also go with 2 looks as well, one for the ceremony and one for the celebration. you always want something that is functional as well –

    with your free spirit and spunk you dont want something that you will be confined in and not be able to enjoy yourself.

    always remember – it is your day, your decision and most of all it is what you make of it.
    after 25 years and a lot of ups and downs – i would know.

    whatever you choose I am sure you will be a lovely bride.

  165. Julianne! Congratulations! chic, classic and non traditional are my choices, but I’m sure you will look beautiful no matter what!

  166. I personally like the Classic style the most and think that wearing it, you would look like a Disney princess. It’s simple yet stunning, traditional yet modern. The dress is a little reminiscent of some of my favorite dresses you’ve worn on DWTS as well, yet it is still distinctly a “wedding gown”. Plus, you can never go wrong with classic styles because they never become dated. But that’s just my opinion. The Chic one is probably my second favorite followed by Non-Traditional, Romantic and then Boho. But they all look gorgeous and you would look beautiful in whichever you choose (and no, I’m not just saying that. You’re a very pretty girl and you always look breathtaking in every dress/outfit I’ve seen you wear. As long as you feel comfortable in it and you feel like you, you shine no matter the clothes)

  167. You wore a similar style as the classic bride on dwts finale, and it was very pretty… However I feel for how petite and dainty you are the chic bride is the best choice, it isn’t overwhelming with detail or too fluffy to swallow you… I don’t know, just one woman’s opinion.

  168. Love, love, love either the romantic or boho style! I’m a wedding photographer and I think the other ones have been done before, but those first two have a truly unique flair to them. Just beautiful! And I think the fact that you listed both of them first gives a good clue that they are ones you are naturally leaning towards. 🙂

    When it came to picking my bridal style I had a very specific vision in mind and essentially created my own wedding dress because I couldn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for. I wanted a mix of sweet, hippie, and bridal princess. Blush ballgown, custom low-back and beaded sleeves, barefoot sandals… It came together perfectly. 🙂 So my advice: be the stunner you are. Another tip – don’t deviate from your everyday beauty. If your fiancé is used to seeing you with your hair down, wear your hair down! One groom at a recent wedding was so glad his bride chose to have her hair down because “she looked like herself.” When you look back at your pictures, you want to recognize the girl in them.

    And hey, if you need a wedding photographer – I’m available. 😉

  169. Looking back in my wedding, I wish the first thing I did was try on dresses. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a dress… Until I tried it on and hated it haha. I ended up getting the opposite of what I originally planned. Try on dresses until you find what you feel the most ‘you’ in. & take a couple people with you that you absolutely trust, ya know, for moral support 🙂

  170. i definitely see you in either 2 or 4 🙂 all are gorgeous but those are my votes! if i had to pick a fave, 4 🙂 “grace gown” sounds soooo chic.

  171. I like the Dakota gown for you Jules… you are so tiny and it looks so elegant.. You will look good in any of them. I also liked the Lake gown…I am just so happy for you.

  172. I Looove the Grace gown, I feel like it would be perfect with the mood board you chose, and the style is unique yet timeless!

  173. I always thought I would be the bride with a million sparkles and a big poofy dress but I seriously connect with the non-traditional bride dress on a spiritual level! It’s beautiful but not flashy enough to take the eyes off the actual bride. It’s beautiful and softly romantic!

  174. I vote dress 1 romantic bride. Works with your mood board and it’s your opportunity to be a bride. The others are not bridal enough in my opinion.
    Good luck ♡

  175. I can see you in the “chic bride” dress (although I’m loving the non-traditional dress).
    I’m getting married in July and when I bought my dress I tried on SO MANY that I liked but just didn’t feel anything for. Then I tried on this one dress and immediately started happy-crying. My mum and aunt and both my bridesmaids then started crying and the woman who owned the shop even had to reach for the tissues!!
    We set it aside and I tried on a few more (just because) and when the owner suggested I try it on again, it made me cry again! I decided having that strong an emotional reaction meant it was definitely the one ^_^

  176. I think either Boho or non-traditional would be great on you—–all would be honestly—-but you don’t seem to be real traditional. You seem like a free spirit so I that’s why I think either of those would work best. ?

  177. I personally am in love with the Boho style. I am in no way shape or form Bohemian, and neither are you Jules, but I personally think it is so flattering and just beautiful to present yourself in at a wedding and to the person you marry as well. A style for any event, style, personality, and fashion sense.

  178. Go with something comfortable to you. Others opinions can help. But ultimately you need to be happy with it. Don’t pick a dress to make anyone else happy. They don’t have to wear it lol. And when trying things on, try on few styles that you would never think to try, and you might surprise yourself. In my opinion, you would look amazing in something simple, elegant, and comfortable enough to dance the night away after. You have been blessed with such a natural beauty, and have worked very hard to be in such great shape. you don’t want to overpower that with an over the top dress. I think the dress should just enhance you. A few accessories like the Nina Crystal Headband, dangle earrings or maybe even a locket. As an idea… if it’s a winter wedding, ever thought to have white/ivory faux fur shells and muffs for your hands?
    Where are you planning on having the wedding? I live in the Wawota area. Moved here about 12 years ago from southern Alberta and married a wawota boy. He played hockey just ahead of Brooks a year or two when they were growing up. Anyways I’ve helped plan many friends weddings. And ours of coarse (we did a circa 1900’s western wedding). From organization to decorations, to DJ to hair and make up to singing for the bride and grooms first dance or during the signing of the register at the church. I wish I was as talented a singer as you. Anyways I know you don’t know me, but if you decide to marry up here, I would be more than happy to lend a hand or help out your fiances parents with any help they may need.
    . I love my life here. We farm mostly cow/calf and all their feed. And the community itself has been so helpful and welcoming. It’s like going back in time. Everyone still says hello or waves when you pass by, offer to lend a hand if ever anyone needs it. Neighbours help each other finish harvest when it’s needed and still stop by to burrow a cup of sugar. If ever there tragedy to anyone in the community from a house fire to a child with cancer, Wawota always amazes me how everyone bands together to help.
    Anyways congratulations to you and Brooks from my hubby Garth, our daughter April and myself. Whatever you do for your wedding, we wish you all the best and that you’re blessed with a wonderful loving marriage. Be each others best friend, never go to bed mad, and always make time for the little things. Started dating my hubby about 13 years ago, and are happier together every year. He’s my best friend.
    Yours truly
    Julie Cuddington (aka Jewls)

  179. Before thinking of wedding style and dresses, I was more confused about engagement ring. I have set my budget for all the wedding functions and don’t have enough time to search different shops. My sister asked me to directly go through elmajewellery.co.uk/titanium-rings-c-246_31.html and select the perfect one. I was feeling so grateful after picking up the Titanium CZ Stone Ring. Now, our life is going to be as beautiful as this ring.

  180. You have such a beautiful body that I would think something simple but sexy would be great for you. I don’t see the big ball gown but rather sleek, but light and flowy. I didn’t know what I was doing when I got married 6 years ago today (yay!) and I found a great dress but I would have picked something different if I could do it again. You are gorgeous and happy and you will be stunning no matter what. My best to you!! Teri

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