Winter Wedding Wonderland

Wedding season is said to be in the summer and early fall. When it comes to my wedding (and everything else in life) I like to skate a little bit outside the box. This got me thinking about winter weddings. The thought of getting married surrounded by snowcapped mountains and grey-ish white skies sounds pretty magical to me.

The wintry theme also allows for ethereal touches, like white feathers in the floral decor and hot toddies served at the bar. Below are some of the winter wedding inspirations I’ve pulled for my wedding mood board:

Photo credit: Agatonstrom

Photo via Preston Bailey

Photo via Suburban Faux Pas

Photo via FeltWitch

Photo credit: Sachin Khona via The Perfect Palette

What’s your favorite winter wedding detail?

Main image from Suburban Faux Pas

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  1. My sister got married in the winter (8 years ago today). We’re in NY (north of the city) and it had snowed just a bit the night before. It made for some really beautiful and unexpected photos. She chose December because she knew the church where she was getting married (the one our family is a member of) would be decorated with greens and red bows – which also helped keep decorating time and costs to a minimum. I know that’s not what everyone wants, but for her it worked out great.

  2. I was just in a wedding this past weekend. The wedding was at a lodge and it is so warm and cozy. LOVED it! My most favorite wedding details from her wedding were…
    1. The decorations were stumps, real plants, and wood slabs (outdoors brought indoors)
    2. Her brother-in-law sang their first dance song
    3. Her aunts (who all bake) made cheesecake, pies, and brownies b/c her and her husband don’t like cake
    It was all personal and the room was filled with love, laughter, friends, family, and warmth. Beautiful time of the year to have pictures taken outdoors also.

  3. Shop bop dress for sure, it would look amazing with your physic and the Preston Bailey decor is amazing… Love u Jules ❤️?

  4. Christmas season is a nice time for an anniversary. My marriage eventually failed but the season was enriched…

  5. Ooh. I love the idea of a winter wedding! I really like the decor with the blue. It’s wintry but romantic at the same time. Also, I do think the gloves would be fitting especially if you want to rock a sleeveless dress, but need a little extra warmth. 🙂

  6. I can totally imagine you getting married in Winter dear Jules! Seems amazing! And the options you share with us are fantastic! Love the long sleeved dresses! ?

  7. I love the cake and the blue lights!!!!! Ahhhh this would be majestic for your wedding!!!!! <3
    I'm invited right 😉

  8. You always have such great ideas Jules! The blue lights create such a beautiful and romantic atmosphere! The way that a white dress would look in that lighting would be absolutely stunning! The cake matches the snowy theme dead on and looks really yummy 😛

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