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Hey guys! I am extremely excited to announce the issue I did with Women’s Health is on stands right now! The magazine did a great job in getting my truth across their glossy pages. All the time I get questions from fans about my supposedly-strict diet regimen, what type of cardio I do and for how long. Honestly, that’s just not my jam. I don’t want to be tethered to those types of routines. I want to participate in this wonderful life with fun, happy energy and delicious food. These qualities, I believe, do not come from counting calories or clocking hours sprinting on a hamster wheel.

Although I do share some of my most effective moves, this article isn’t just about attaining a dancer’s body — it’s about having a dancer’s mentality. There’s so much more to the benefits of dance than a taut tush. The elated emotional charge you get from letting yourself go, moving your body freely while expressing how you feel in a positive way… that’s what makes you feel like a dancer! And when you feel good, you look good. They really do go hand in hand.


If you’re moving your body for the sole purpose of being skinny, you’re missing out on so much more. Get your friends together for a game of dodgeball; you’ll laugh so hard you won’t even realize you’re getting toned from head to toe. Or, hit up the great outdoors and go for a hike! This is always where I get the most mental clarity.

Strong and smiling beats size all day, every day.

Images courtesy of Women’s Health

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  1. What a great philosophy! You are such a good role model for young women everywhere who get hooked into the latest fad, quick weight-loss ideology. Dancing for joy should always be just that! Getting some extra benefit from it in terms of a healthier body, should also just that; a side benefit, not the main objective. Some of the magic gets lost otherwise and dancing (or any other movement you choose) becomes a chore and not a way to set your spirit free. Thanks for this message to all of us!

  2. I just love you! Your attitude is so refreshing and your perspectives on health, happiness, kindness and body image are the type I hope to share with my future daughters, nieces and students! Keep being awesome!

  3. Completely agree! I’m struggling right now with how to get healthier and how to control my mind. I’m a dancer and I want to enjoy dancing even more without thinking about losing weight from it. Also, my mom has been pressuring me to slim down on her time and she tells me to give up the junk food any my other favorite indulges, but I want to do it on my own time, and on my own pace. I learned from you that you can eat whatever you want, but just not too much of it all the time. And also, to enjoy dance, its not about getting the body you deserve, it’s about moving your body through emotions and telling stories. If you just do it for the purpose of getting a skinny body, you will never enjoy dancing. I would like to thank you for teaching me this lesson, Jules! I hope you have a good day and good luck on the rest of your tour!

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