2 Easy Steps To Beautiful Biceps

A few weeks ago, you met my trainer Erica Hood from Body By Simone when she taught us some killer moves for our glutes. This week, Erica is sharing her recipe for bona fide biceps.

These bands create a resistance that when used correctly can help build strength, improve posture and balance. Erica and I have been using them to tone my arms using the two movements below. If you don’t already have the bands, you can buy them here.

2 Easy Steps To Beautiful Biceps

Position: Start standing with both feet in the center of the band. 


Movement 1: Lift the handles up and down 10x. 


Movement 2: Hold up and take tiny pulses 10x. 


Repeat movement one then movement two for three sets.

Don’t forget to share your results with us!

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  1. Awesome! I’m definitely thinking about purchasing one of these bands. Your abs look amazing, btw. Also, I love Nina’s photobombs. haha 😀

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