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As many of you know, I’m in the middle of designing and building my dream house. Right now I’m in the stages of sourcing wallpaper for my master bathroom and closet. I’ve been learning so much about interior design throughout this process and thought it would be a cool journey to share with you!

My plans are to keep a neutral palette in and around my bedroom. Of course I’ll introduce some color but it will be in a muted, earthy way. My interior designer Jake is helping me make selections that are calm, interesting and youthful, as those are the elements I’d like to bring into my sanctuary.

The wallpapers we have narrowed down to are a combination of intricate, detailed hand painted papers. We plan on using modern light fixtures with clean lines to keep the look contemporary and young.

Wallpaper is such a fun way to create interest in a space. I’d like to choose one that is subtle enough to blend in but also a special feast for the eye.

I’d love your opinion! What do you all think of these prints?


Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Gracie prints are beautifully made hand painted papers, but they tend to be more traditional/less spunky. They’re also extremely expensive. This was what I had in my dining room at my old house, which was in a more traditional area, so it was appropriate for where I lived (definitely hard to see, sorry about that and the lack of furniture, it was just before I moved my things in), but if you are interested in that brand, your designer probably has samples. Keep us updated! I love home renovations/progress pictures!

  2. I think the green one on the left is the best choice! There are colors in that wallpaper that you can pull from for decorating the rest of the room. The flowers are also whimsical and romantic. But all the choices are great! Good luck pulling it all together!

  3. The second one is the most simple but still beautiful. But there is something about the first one that catches my eye. There is an elegants to it. I don’t know what it is yet but there is something about it that draws you in. Maybe it’s the element of nature (with the birds). Even though there is more going on in the second wall paper, it still remains simple but with a little something extra.

  4. Hi Jules, my eye was drawn to the first two as they are both beautiful. But, personally I am a little fearful of wallpaper! While there are so many stunning designs, I think most people tend to find their tastes change over time, so wallpaper can be a large expense and committment! : ) I like to accessorize instead with things that can be more easily changed out and adapted as your personal style progresses. Just a thought. . .

  5. I am torn between the first green one and the middle one! I love the green, it’s one of my favorite colors and there’s a lot you can pull from it. The middle one has a simplistic, romantic look to it that I like. Even though it’s simple it could be done up with pretty accent colors! I love them both.

  6. I love the middle one— so beautiful, and because of it’s simplicity, you have the ability to go in any direction with the rest of the features/decor including any accent colors you may choose to incorporate into the room!

  7. I like the pink and yellow flowers but i also love the middle one. so simple. beautiful. delicate. many colors would work as an accent.

  8. the pink and red, or the far right, yellow hues. The others will be “dated”. The options with either of these are endless. !!

    1. Definitely the second one as it’s not in your face and it’s not busy. You can also pull colours from it which is also neutral…so it’s a win win!

  9. Something about the one on the left says “older” and not “younger.” I think it’s because I had a horribly ugly vintage couch with all kinds of pheasants and hunting birds on it. It just says “late 70’s hunting lodge woman’s kitchen ” to me. Even though it’s Pretty!

    Personally, I like the one on the right. It looks like you’d have a willow tree in your room, which makes it seem adventurous to me. I used to spend my summers climbing and playing in one, constantly, when I was a kid, so that’s why I’d choose that one.

    It’s obviously your dream home, though, and you’ll have to see it every day! So you go with the emotion you get the best vibe from when seeing the wallpaper. Good luck!

  10. The blue is not only very calming and zen, but has the ability to match far more. Everything from whites, neutrals, bight reds, purples, and fuchsia, to dark browns and blacks will match – giving you the ability to accent in anyway you want (or change when you’re ready for something new). Good luck!

  11. Hmmm I would think the middle is the best one. The one on the left looks like something out of grandparents home. The right looks nice in the setup of the pic but I feel it would get outdated very soon. So I pick the middle

  12. In my opinion, the second blue one or the third with the willow tree look woukd be the most youthful and modern. The second does leave a feeling of “zen” but also is very youthful and somewhat feminine. And I just love the modern look if the third one, even if it was just applied to one wall as an accent wall cause it almost gives you a feeling of being outdoors but is very clean looking. It would really go with those modern lines you were talking about. (and I didn’t choose the first because something about those birds just makes me think of my grandma’s: ) to me it is less youthful. I’m sure whichever you choose you’ll make it look great!

  13. The one on the left is a little too much. My favorite is the one on the right. Something about it is very calm and relaxing. I probably like it so much because my name is Willow (;

  14. the one in the middle . . . the color palette, design, wistfulness says P O S S I B I L I T Y a calm and divine background to the beauty that is you

  15. I love the middle/blue-gray one! Blues are very calming and serene. you can pull so many other colors to decorate with as well! Grays, whites, yellows and other shades of blues.

  16. Middle blue! Calming pallette, but simple enough to not be overwhelming.
    The left one is too much. Wall paper shouldn’t be a focal point, but an accent piece to everything else.

  17. Not a fan of wallpaper but I like the top picture with the pink/wine colors. Seems like it would flow with neutral.

  18. I realllly like the middle one. Although the one on the right is cool as well, I think the blue one would look best on the wall!

  19. I love the subtlety of the middle one in the white and shade of grey. This will be easier to change color schemes in the future. You accent colors can range from reds, navies, even lime greens………….Feminine Simplicity!!!!

  20. I really like the middle blue one. I feel like it’s calming but also you can add a pop of color in accent decor to livin it up a little and bring a touch of youthfulness to it.

  21. Definitely the middle one! It’s simple yet beautiful and you can match about anything! The one on the right is very busy and the one on the left is nice to but it depends on your furniture choice to know if it will look good

  22. I can see why you have been confused..They are all beautiful..I think the one on the middle & the right willow tree one goes with your personality the most. The left one is a bit of too much for the eyes. But I am sure whichever one you pick you will make it look great. Can’t wait to see the outcome. Good luck.

  23. I really like green for creating a warm and calm feeling in a room, but i think the many little details on the left wallpaper are too much if you think about seeing it every day for many years.
    I would choose the wallpaper in the middle, but i would change the colour – green is always my favorite colour. 😉

  24. I really like green for creating a warm and calm feeling, but in my opinion the left wallpaper has to many little details. It might be too much if you think about seeing it every day for many years.
    I would choose the wallpaper in the middle, but with a different colour – green maybe.. 😉

  25. If you want to do neutral furniture or very limited colored furniture, the left one would be beautiful. Maybe grey and natural toned fabric. The center one would allow for more color play in your furniture. The right one would make you feel cozy but limits colors as well.

  26. Hi Julianne!!! Our favorite is the one of the pink Japanese Dogwoods, the one you used as the cover photo – a classic design in a color that adds a touch of warmth to brighten your day!!! – not too detailed, but intricate enough to be interesting. Your Divas, Deborah, Rebekah & Jennifer

  27. The one that looks like a willow tree. It looks like it would be calming to sit “under.’ But it does not look old-fashioned.

  28. I love the one on the extreme right; it’s green & white. I also want to congratulate you on all your success. In America, no one realizes what a privilege it is for a woman to build and decorate her very own home.This is something that people could not imagine in many parts of the world;it’s something I dream about- and I’m ten yrs. older than you. Enjoy the process. Your career and success continue to amaze me and no one is more deserving or hard working. Also, you make great decisions.

  29. I love the one on left, the light green, but it might be too busy for an entire room, accent wall maybe. The middle one I LOVE, I find that one more relaxing, especially if it’s for a bathroom, it’s light and airy, and when you want to relax in a bubble bath at the end of the day, that would be best!

  30. I like the green one on the left. It looks calming and mystical. It would definitely make my imagination soar!

  31. The middle one. Definitely. For a bedroom I feel the other two are way too busy. The blue is more calming & has more of a clean look.

  32. I like the blue wallpaper in the middle. Blue is a very calming color. It would be very pretty in the bedroom.

  33. I just love the one on the right. I love the thought of being able to sit under your very own willow tree (in your house!) and read a book. How peaceful! And it has a very modern look. Good luck 🙂

  34. The one on the right that looks like a willow tree. Adds a little bit of a rustic feel (for your Utah roots) while staying modern/contemporary with the clean green lines in the wallpaper. Good luck!

  35. I like the blue one, but I think the green one is the best. It’s a little more edgy and modern than the other ones. Also, I think the green one will allow you to be more creative with your decorating and you can put some cool colors in the room to contrast and complement the green. 🙂

  36. The one on the right, looks so fresh and welcoming, almost like if you are outside next to a tree 🙂 Can’t wait to see the whole house ! Good luck !!

  37. The green wallpaper on the left! I think the pale green has more of a contemporary feel and also keeps it youthful. Oranges, yellows, and purples will look great has accents throughout the room.

  38. It would be even more beautiful if you had these painted on your wall. You would have your own personal work of art on the walls. Decorative painting is unique

  39. I like the green one on the left the best. Soft, muted greens with a hint of pink on the white flowers are just great colors. You can do so much with accents, too! My second choice is the blue. This is a tough decision! I’m sure you’ll make the choices that are perfect for your sanctuary! Good luck, Julianne!

  40. I love the green one, but think just a panel of it would be enough — for whole walls, I’d go with the blue/gray mix in the center. More neutral, lots of potential to keep it earthy or brighten it up with pops of color if you change your mind.

  41. First choice: cherry blossom, 2nd pick: the green print with birds. That is def a conversation starter. Good luck and please share with us what you pick!

  42. I would chose the one on the right the green one because I personally will chose it for someone who is young and wants something fun. This is my opinion

  43. I like the blue one..it’s more edgy and modern while still soothing to look at..the one on the far right, while maybe calming, is not visually interesting at all..and the birds might be a little too vintage looking

  44. I like the blue/purple one in the middle. I find it very elegant and calming, which is a good feeling to have in a bedroom. The green one on the left I personally find too loud and busy.

  45. I think the middle one because it’s theist airy and can be accented in any way. The other 2 are 2 overpowering in my opinion…keep it simple and use your accessories to build the room. Great choices though…

  46. I love them all. To me the middle and the right seem a bit more modern. I LOVE the one on the left. You could definitely do a feature wall in that paper… or your entire bathroom. Just gorgeous!

  47. I’m sure you are aware, Jules Styles are circular. Some of have been around to see them go out and come back 🙂 I’m sure you have your preferences but either of the two really work for what you want. I just don’t like the lines on the right. It makes me think someone has spilled paint at the top of the wall. See what Brooks likes. He can give you the testosterone influenced opinion.

  48. The middle one with the shades of blue is elegant and classic yet romanic and calming. This will last the test of time. Just by changing out furniture or adding pillows and accessories would make the room fill refreshed. I do like the green willow tree on the right though but I also think it’s to trendy. This could be outdated by next year.

  49. I love the first and second, don’t care for the third. If you choose the first, just be careful of the furniture and accessories you choose because it’s so busy. Wish I could be there to help you decorate. I love decorating.

  50. I love the two on the left side. My eyes tends to go to the green on to the far left the most. Good luck!

  51. Hi Jules! Consider me a friend. My name is Sheryl. Ok, here goes. The green one on the left is s bit too busy, for my taste. The one in the middle is limiting because of the color palate. I like the weeping willow wall. It’s dramatic without being too busy and is still a somewhat neutral enough to go with a wider range of colors. There you have it., Darlin’ !

  52. I am loving the green on the left has very soft inviting colors and a few pops of neutral makes it so you can add bright pops of color in your accessories. LOVE IT!!!

  53. Im drawn to the blue. blue is very calming and relaxing where as the left one seems like too busy for a bedroom and the one on the right seems like it is for like a exercise room or flashy up beat room. Your bedroom is where you want to be calm and quiet. It looks like petals from heaven are falling on you!

  54. I keep coming back to the one in the middle, blues. You can so bring in any other color for accent.

  55. I like the green one because I feel like it represents you. You’re very friendly and you keep going and going like a green light tells you to go. I also feel like it’s the most edgy and stylish for a modern day home.

  56. I like the middle one if that is cascading IVY then that’s my fav…had it in my wedding invitation for our Sunken Garden Wedding and as the centerpieces it is classic and beautiful 🙂 second choice the first green one because it is calming and nature with the birds 🙂

  57. I like the first one, a little busy but wll work with solid accessories; I prefer the middle one, can accessorize with bright colors; and I absolutely do not like the third one, too modern for my taste. It’s fun decorating, isn’t it?? Good Luck………….(I so miss DWTS already)

  58. I like the one from the right. I don’t know why, the first seconds give me a feeling…and this one made me feel like home.

  59. I love the 3rd one! It has a feeling of earthy, airy freedom. The possibilities are endless with the style and colors you can add as accents. The first one with the birds looks like it belongs in a traditional space, very grandma-ish.

  60. I love the blue it would be fun to accent! The green on the left would have a more sanctuary blissful feeling paired with equal neutral and calming accents. Good luck!

  61. I feel like the left and right could run the risk of taking over the room, take attention away from the furniture. The center might give you more design option.

  62. My personal favorite is the middle one because I think it can go with so many things! It is also very simple and beautiful at the same time. My second favorite would have to be the one on the left, but it might be too busy. Of course it is up to you though 🙂 Good luck I’m sure it will come out great!

  63. I like the middle one and the one on the right! I think the colours of the middle are lovely and could really go with a lot of other colours but the wallpaper on the right is really modern and a bit edgy almost? Either or for me would be a good choice 🙂

  64. The middle one would be beautiful. The other two I feel would be best as an accent wall as I feel over time you may want to update it because you won’t like it as much anymore.

  65. Hi Jules, It would depend on what your decor color scheme is, personally I like all three but love the first two. You have a great eye for fashion even when it’s on your wall.

  66. I’d say the middle one. The left one is just too old person and the right one doesn’t look like you can decorate around it as well.

  67. I like the middle or right one. I tend to like green, but the middle.is really pretty. However, I love willow trees.

  68. I would say the middle – less busy – for a bedroom/bath it would have a calming effect. The one on the left too old fashion and the one on the right looks like someone spilled paint! just my opinion.

  69. Cherry blossoms on the top (if that’s an option). If not, the green on the far left is my favorite. Simple, yet elegant.

  70. I like the one on right, you can add so much to go with it in the room. The others are too busy for me.

  71. I love either the blue one or the one on the right. I think the left one is pretty but it looks too busy. If your wallpaper is too busy, it’ll be hard to find furniture/objects that won’t clash with the wallpaper.

  72. I like the one in the middle. You could go with gray, plums or blue accents for the rest of the room. They are all beautiful choices though. Good luck and have fun decorating! 🙂

  73. I like the green one on the left. It is a very peaceful color, and will go well with the neutrals. I also like the middle one, and could see it with neutrals and spots of intense color. It reminds me of a lot of the oriental fabrics for quilting. The right one seems like it would demand too much glitz for a peaceful bedroom, maybe the dining room…

  74. I love the middle one! Light and airy, and easy to bring in other colors! Enjoy your new home! I am coming to see you and Derek on July 5th in Niagara Falls in MOVE! Very excited! You are a terrific dancer!

  75. I love the green one on the right (facing the page) It is unique. Make sure you love what you choose. Taking wallpaper off is a nightmare.

  76. I´d say the green one, the green one on the right is also nice but…just imagine this design in the dark…I´d say it could be liitle annoying for me…just my opinion. I work with colours every day as a handmade designer of homeware :))) Good luck .

  77. The green one on the right…it’s warmer than the blue and more youthful than the green on the left. I love vintage/retro but that one’s too much – frame it up and put it on the wall that way – a piece of art.

  78. I love the green one on the left. I looks so beautiful and (to me) it looks calming (if that makes sense) like when I look at it, I feel calm and humble.:)

  79. I like the blue one in the middle, but you could do a stencil design instead of the wallpaper, this way when you want to redo it with a different design years later it’s easier to accomplish. Wallpaper isn’t easy to take off as paint you just ‘re paint.

  80. I think all of them are very beautiful, but the one on the left is quite restrictive when it comes to decorating the rest of the room. I would say the one in the middle and the one on the right are the less limiting ones.
    The one in the middle is the most discreet one. And, if you’re looking for calm, interesting and youthful, that would definitely be my choice. Although the one on the left is very beautifull, it has too many elements and, personally, I’d get tired of it quite quickly.
    I personally see bathrooms as rooms to relax in, and I like to have them in blue tones (to go in line with the water theme). For the closet, I would have something with a bit more edge to it (but still simple enough), hence the one on the right. Therefore, my choice would be the one in the middle for the bathroom and the one on the right for the closet (if you want to have two different ones, if not, go for the middle one).
    Anyway, whatever you choose, should feel right for you, so good luck! 🙂

  81. Wallpaper is tough. Thoughts are to keep it light and bright. While it’s best to try for a ‘Happy Space’, it all rests on the space your trying to influence – orientation, light, feel. Pendula in the Bathroom? Fabulous Idea!

  82. It’s hard to say without seeing the room. In a larger room, the one on the left. In a smaller den or a room where people would sit and relax I like the middle one. I don’t really care for the one on the right – but that is just my opinion. I’m sure that no matter which one you choose, you will make the room look beautiful and inviting.

  83. I like the Weeping Willow Tree because it is not so busy as the other patterns. But you will have to remember you will be looking at that everyday and you might get tired of looking at the busy patterns and the Weeping Willow Tree seems serene and calming.

  84. Oh my they are all beautiful! I personally have always wanted a willow tree simply because I loved pocahontas. But the one in the middle caught my eye first, the colors are amazingly beautiful and almost make it feel like a room to dream and be creative! You’ve quite the decision to make.

  85. I like the one in the middle, the blue one. Second fav is the one on the left. Very romatic in a way. And the blue one makes me dream…

  86. I think the left side is too busy. Love the right one because it reminds me of Southern Live Oak trees.

  87. Love the middle one.. can’t tell if it’s in gray tones or lilac-purple.. but it isn’t as busy and more calming for me… You might want to check out http://www.crystallumiere.com for an interesting wall effect for one of the walls..healing, balancing, inspirational, etc. all the best

  88. I think the green one is the best! It really shows the earthy element that is suited for a haven. For me, green really help people to relax just like how sanctuary look like. Well, its up to you. I hope it helps 🙂

  89. I’m in the process of renovating my home and I always tend to lean towards grays and blues! So I think the blue would be calming and could mix with yellows or deeper colors, such as black. Good luck, can’t wait to see the end results!

  90. The last one is my favorite! It’s a beautiful piece of art work! I love how the weeping willow drapes down in straight lines. It’s not as busy with the clean lines. I also love the light green color! You can mix neutrals and gorgeous light earthy colors to match with with the green in the weeping willow.

  91. I love the one on the right, but I think the one in the middle are the absolute best for a bedroom! 🙂

  92. I really like the 1st and 3rd one very much. Very calm and has a very spiritual feel and meaning to both of them.

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