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I feel like the luckiest girl ever now having shot four covers for SHAPE Magazine! Every issue has made me increasingly more proud to have the chance to work with the talented SHAPE team. The magazine is a great opportunity for me to connect with you about what I believe it takes to feel good from the inside out.

Many of you have written in to the magazine with questions for me regarding my fitness routine. Below, I’ve answered 10 questions from SHAPE readers. I hope they inspire you to live, love and move to your fullest!
1. What do you find to be the most effective ab exercise? — Rachel M. on Facebook
I love them all! I find that mixing up my moves is what’s most effective. I like to lay on a box during leg raises, so I can really use my lower abs with each movement. I also love standing exercises for abs where I can really isolate my torso. I sometimes add hand weights to these moves in order to work my obliques too. Both are effective! 

2. What’s your go to food when refueling after a workout? — Jude J. on Facebook
I have a protein shake right after my workoust. Otherwise I’ll get hungry an hour after and binge on something I probably shouldn’t! 

3. What do you feel like was your biggest achievement? — Caren S. on Facebook
I feel really lucky because I view all my little achievements as one big achievement. I feel most accomplished when I’m living a balanced lifestyle with diet and exercise, in my relationships with friends, family, and my fiance. All these little things add up 🙂 

5. How do you stay on track with eating healthy on the weekends? — @pattilli7 on Instagram
Everything in moderation! I also like to say I’m committing to having a healthy lifestyle rather than using the phrase “dieting.”

6. How do you stay motivated? What do you binge on? — @michele_stuurman  on Instagram
I stay motivated because I find that I actually FEEL better when I’m putting healthy, yummy food into my body. When I binge, I definitely go straight for the pizza and pasta! 
7. How do you find time to workout with a busy schedule and travel? — @cegrey on Instagram
I make it a part of my schedule! A lot of people schedule their day and never put their workout in there, but that’s my first priority. I prefer to workout early in the morning because it not only energizes me for the day, but I find that’s the best time to do it before the busy day begins. 

8. What are your daily morning routines, that you feel set you up for having a healthy and positive day? — @mfannin34 on Instagram 
The first thing I do when I wake up is think of 5 things I’m grateful for, which immediately sets my tone for the day. I then snuggle Lexi and Harley for a good 10 minutes, have a healthy breakfast, and head straight to my workout.  

9. What types of cardio do you do?? Asked by @hollyanne_33 on Instagram
I’ll take a dance cardio class at studios like Body By Simone and Tracy Anderson and take David Zint’s class at Soul Cycle! 

10. I have the same Fitbit Alta band! Love it! What does your Alta help with you most when keeping fitness and health going strong? — @Strappredhead on Instagram
It motivates me to get in as many steps as I can because I know it’s tracking me, haha! I’m a little competitive with myself and always want to beat my step count from the previous day. 

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  1. I’ve been trying to find some good short workouts for the core, legs and butt but I don’t seem to find good ones for me. Could you recommend me some routines?. And also I can never motivate myself to do the exercise, I just feel to lazy to do it. What could I do it motivate myself?

  2. Hi Julianne ! You are a true source of inspiration, and thanks to you, i registered in several classes of gym and dance now and i love it ! So thank you again !

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