Summer Fruit Bowl

Let’s face it, fall is right around the corner and pretty soon fresh summer fruits will be replaced with all things pumpkin spice. I love this simple, sweet and savory recipe using some of my favorite in-season fruits. The spice and salt give the perfect hint of something extra while the lime keeps it light and refreshing. It’s the perfect dish to serve at a dinner party, and it’s light enough to munch on for a snack. Continue Reading


Our Engagement Story

Although I knew Brooks was the one the day I met him, I had no idea what to expect as far as when and how he’d pop the question. Well… let me tell you guys, it was magical and sweet. We were at home, romantic and relaxed, which is perfectly very “us.” We stood on the deck, watching the sun set over the lake and listening to our favorite songs. Not even for a second did I expect that beautiful, serene scene was about to become one of the most meaningful moments of our lives. In fact, I was so taken aback when Brooks got down on one knee I completely blacked out! It was like a rush of heat and a wave of uncontrollable emotion swept right through my body. I didn’t have any words at first (me! no words!). All I could do was explode into his arms and experience pure joy from head to toe.

Being engaged didn’t truly hit me until I started saying “fiancé” out loud. “My fiancé loves that song. Let me check my fiancé’s schedule. Have you met my fiancé?” It’s crazy! I have to say, being engaged actually does feel different. There is a sense of strength in us, a feeling of being further grounded but most of all, it just makes me really giddy! Continue Reading


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dearest Friends and Readers,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and well wishes surrounding my engagement! This is certainly one of the most exciting times in my life and I am so happy to share it with you all!

That said, I’m going to take a slight social media time out to enjoy this special time with my fiance (!)… When I return to writing in a few days, I promise some exclusive details and pics just for you, so stay tuned!



Thank you, Thinx

Today’s post is dedicated to three incredibly inspiring women, twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar. These ladies saw a void in our marketplace and a desperate situation internationally which inspired their company, THINX.

It all started when they were traveling in Africa. They met a young girl named Amale. It was mid-day during the week, so they asked Amale why she wasn’t in school. The girl replied that it was her “week of shame.” It turns out over 67 million girls and women in Africa don’t have access to feminine products like tampons or pads. Their options are limited to sticks, leaves, mud or dirty rags — none of which are great options. What ends up happening is over 100 million girls(!!) in developing countries miss that entire week of school or work. Sadly, most of them fall behind and eventually drop out or lose their job.

The founders of THINX discovered a company in Uganda called AFRIpads, a business that manufactures affordable pads, which allow women to go to work and girls to stay in school during their period. Upon returning home, the ladies set off to create a U.S.-based business that would support AFRIpads and do their part to offer women in developing countries a brighter future. Continue Reading

Home Decor

Hit Refresh

Often at random I feel the urge to refresh and redecorate my living space. It’s never that I don’t like the way a room looks or feels but I rather I’d like to mix things up, switch things around. Initially my thoughts are, “Maybe I just need a new couch? Or a different coffee table?” Before I know it, I’ve completely remodeled the room in my head. Luckily I’ve learned that instead of going shopping, my thirst to re-do is usually quenched by making a few small subtle changes with existing items.

Below are a few of my go-to solutions for a room refresh: Continue Reading


Fancy Feet

I don’t know about you girls, but when I think about getting gussied up for a fancy dinner or special event, I instantly associate what I’d wear with heels. It seems like we’ve been trained to think in order for an outfit to be eligible or elegant a pair of sky high heels are required.

Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels and wear them all the time! But sometimes I just wanted to stay grounded — literally. You know what I mean? As beautiful as they are, there’s an element of trickery to being elevated via pump or stiletto. You have to be more mindful of where you step, how you walk and careful not to crunch anyone else’s toes.

I’ve noticed some pretty stunning ensembles lately on a few fashion savvy friends of mine and to my surprise they’re not teetering on their toes. It seems like designers are finally embracing the fancy flat. I, for one, am a huge fan of this convenient trend. With wedding season coming up, it’s a great option if you’d like to be the last guest dancing… Continue Reading


5 Tips For Photographing Your Pets

Clearly I am one proud momma when it comes to my fur babies Lexi and Harley. I just can’t help but snap away every time they do something silly or adorable – and judging by my photo stream I feel that way very often! Many of you have asked how I get such great shots of my pups (thank you, by the way!) and while I’m not an expert, I do follow several self-taught tips in order to capture the greatest shot. Continue Reading


6 Ways To MOVE: The Dance Challenge

You all know how I feel about dance when it comes to elevating my mood and staying in shape. Derek and my feelings and beliefs about dance were the major influences behind us creating the MOVE Live On Tour! We wanted to share with everyone the sensational benefits of movement. I realize not everyone can make it to our show, but I’m hoping I can still inspire some of you to get your groove on.

This weekend, I challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and do something exciting! I’ve got some fun ways you can express yourself, but there are no rules for this challenge, so just get crazy and let loose, but most importantly — tell me how it goes!

Here are some of my ideas to incorporate dance into your weekend: Continue Reading


Clean Space = Clear Mind

Often things come up in our lives that cause us stress and frustration. Whether it’s waiting for a final grade or stirring over a big decision, situations that have us feeling disorderly or out of control can truly drive us nuts!

In these times, I know of one simple solution that provides a temporary relief and offers a sense of order: organizing. Not so much sorting your thoughts or sketching out a to do list but rather straightening out something completely unrelated such as a spice rack or desk drawer. Cleaning up this real mess doesn’t completely clear the one in my head, but it sure gives me a little sense of order and accomplishment.

Try it! You might be surprised. Below is a list of spaces I usually dig into when I’m needing to sort through something physical. Cleaning out and straightening up any junk drawer will give you an instant jolt of pride but these spots can usually always use some sprucing up as well: Continue Reading


Scrape, Soak or Freeze?

I was thinking the other day… post cough or cold, there’s no way I’d pick up the same drinking glass I used when I was sneezing up a storm to take a sip, however there are lipsticks in my purse and drawer that I’ll whip out without ever thinking twice. Umm… eeew!

This prompted an immediate online search followed by a code red (and coral, peach, blush, orange and so on) clean-up situation.

The Internet tells you there are three easy ways to sanitize your lip cosmetics, and after some deep investigating, I am here to share my results with you. Think of this as sort of a beauty version of two truths and a lie.

Read on for the lipstick dish. Continue Reading