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Baked Apples + Figs Crumble

Surely by now you’ve learned that I love a good dessert. The key for me is to be smart about it! I once read that if you want to indulge in something, make it yourself. Want a pizza? Make one at home! Craving french fries? Break out the potatoes! The act of cooking something yourself not only gives you an opportunity to use healthier ingredients, but also reminds you of how much work goes into what you eat. After putting in all the work of cooking something, you’ve earned the treat!

With that in mind, I try to make dessert myself. It’s a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep my willpower in check. Not only is this recipe yummy, but it’s only 170 calories per ½ cup serving! Continue Reading


One Planet = One Love

This week in celebration of Earth Day, I looked for additional ways I could continue to make environmentally responsible choices. I learned there is so much opportunity to be of better service to our environment. Through minor adaptations to our regular routines, each of us could truly make a difference that effects our environment. My challenge to all of us this week is to make at least one change that is good for the planet. Maybe that’s driving less and using public transportation or riding a bike, powering off electronics when they’re not in use, switching out light bulbs for ones that are energy efficient, replacing shower heads, purchasing recycling bins for places that don’t have the option. Cool?

Let me know how you’re making a difference! #JulesChallenge


When Life Gives You Lemons… Clean With Them!

I’m not so sure why lemons have such a bad rep. We wouldn’t want a car that’s a lemon and we try to avoid a situation where ‘life gives you lemons’. Thing is, lemons are actually pretty awesome. Besides providing the perfect zest in our drinks and on our food, lemons are also in fact an all natural household cleaner safe for most surfaces. Who knew?

In honor of mother nature, I’m swapping stinky, potentially unsafe chemicals for mother nature’s little miracle fruit. It turns out these yellow cuties have antibacterial properties that are just as — if not more — effective than the synthetic cleaning products. Continue Reading

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Save the Earth, Save Your Locks

Happy Earth Day, friends! This day is all about supporting and protecting our one and only planet. There are many, many ways we can make a difference by slightly switching up our regular routines. One way I choose to conserve is to save water by washing my hair less frequently. What’s that? Eeew, you say? Well, luckily there is a genius product out there called dry shampoo that removes the eeew factor, giving you fresh looking locks. Skipping that one wash can save up to 150 gallons of water each month! That’s pretty crazy when you think about how much water is literally going down the drain.

Dry shampoo can get a little tricky. It took me several tries to get it right but once I mastered it, I was hooked. When applied directly into the roots, the fine powder absorbs all the oils that make your hair appear dirty. Most have a light scent, so your hair looks and smells fresh and clean. Continue Reading

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Healthy “Thin Mint” Smoothie

It’s the beginning of another potentially awesome week, which means it’s time to do some meal planning! How do you keep breakfast fun? I’m much less inclined to wake up and make something healthy for myself if it sounds boring.

This smoothie recipe from Shape is far from boring, though! It tastes just like Thin Mints (one of my favorite treats), but it’s actually really healthy. It’s even green, so it looks healthy, too! Just the thing to make me look forward to the first meal of the day. Continue Reading


Smile Challenge

On MOVE Live On Tour, we talk a ton about movement. One might assume we’re only referencing dance as a way to move, but the fact is there are many different types of movement. You can move your physical body, be moved by something emotional, and even feel movement happening within your life. The list goes on!

On tour, we aim to inspire the audience to discover what moves them. What inspires all of us to become greater, more appreciative contributors to the world? We believe movement is the key to unlocking some of these questions. Continue Reading


Festival (Hair) Style: My Weekend At Coachella

Last weekend I had an amazing time at the Coachella Music Festival! My girls and I danced, barbecued, swam and sang our faces off. Packing for Coachella is always fun because the vibe is very boho and eccentric, so it’s a good time to break out the cut-off shorts, crotchet tops, feathers, fringe and whatever else you fancy! It’s also an awesome opportunity to do something exciting with your hair and I’m just saying — my crew didn’t disappoint with our ‘dos. Continue Reading


My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Hands down my favorite moment of the night was posing for pics with some of my favorite Disney characters! I finally got to hang with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy AND Donald. Disney night on Dancing With The Stars was especially magical, because it brought out the kid in all of us.

A little voice within me screamed, “It’s really them!” when they came out. I don’t think that ever goes away. I hope it never does!

Everyone did an amazing job last night. It must have been all that Disney magic in the air!

Healthy, Recipes

Jules’ Stuffed And Roasted Peppers

In the beginning of my relationship I faced a minor challenge when it came to a major factor: FOOD! Brooks likes to eat very clean. He would never substitute health over taste. I, on the other hand, am the total opposite. Bring on the creamy, salty, sweet, spicy goodness and I will happily devour it!

Wanting to be a great girlfriend and test out my domestic goddess-like skills, I set out to find creative meals to make that would satisfy us both. He’s always surprised when I am able to create something new and delicious out of ingredients that might sound otherwise uninspiring. This one got two thumbs up, so I thought I’d share it with you! Continue Reading


I Love Dogs (And People Who Love Dogs)

I greatly admire people who take an experience with personal pain and use it as an opportunity to help others heal. I commend communities with an open door policy, places that invite and accept anyone in no matter what their background. Therefore, Angela Padilla is my kind of gal and Family Dog Rescue is my kind of place.

California’s animal shelters are sadly overcrowded. Unfortunately people mostly adopt “perfect” animals. You know, the ones who are the “right” age, who have the nice fur and who don’t suffer a disability. That leaves many “imperfect” animals left behind in a loveless environment, an uncertain fate.

Angela Padilla was battling breast cancer and feeling like an outcast. She began volunteering with dogs and immediately her spirits were lifted due to the unconditional love she received from them. The dogs didn’t care that she was sick — they only saw the love she had to give. After realizing it was the dogs who rescued Angela, she decided to rescue them right back. Continue Reading