My Sister Shares Her 3 Tips For A Lasting Relationship

When it comes to strong and loving relationships, one of my biggest role models is my sister Sharee. With almost 20 years of marriage behind her and many more to come, she always has the best advice for couples. I asked her to share with us her top tips for a lasting relationship and here’s what she had to say…



1. Always do a weekly date night!
It’s important to nurture your relationship and spend quality time together. Randall and I have a very busy schedule, but we always make a date night every week, even if it’s just for an hour. We spend so much time caring for our six children that sometimes we forget to take care of each other. But if we don’t then the very basis and core of our family isn’t strong so we make it our first priority.


2. Do things together that you both enjoy.
Randall and I have very different personalities but we enjoy similar activities. We both like to run trails and we also like doing obstacle races like the Spartan, so a few years ago we started setting goals to run races together. Having those memories and fun times together are priceless. When things are difficult we can pull from those experiences and laugh and reminisce and it seems to lighten the load of life.


3. Say “I love you” every day!
We also show affection by hugging or even kissing in front of our kids so they can see how much we love each other, too. This gives them a sense of security and shows them how they should be treated when they find a partner. 😉

We also try to do little acts of kindness for each other. For instance, Randall took my car to get serviced and detailed. It was such a nice surprise! I will make a special treat for him since he has a very restricted diet and it makes him feel important and loved. It’s being considerate of one another which in turn breeds mutual respect and love. It’s important to make your partner feel valued, needed and wanted. This also automatically shows loyalty and trust for one another.


Romance, Party of Two

While stepping out to a special restaurant is always appreciated, sometimes staying in and preparing a beautiful meal means so much more. To go the extra mile and set the mood for a romantic dinner neither of you will soon forget, follow my foolproof guide to a swoon-worthy at home dinner for two.

1. Pick a place you don’t regularly dine in so the night feels unlike any other. If you usually dine in the kitchen or in front of the tv (oh we all do it!) set the fancy dining room table if you have one. Or, if weather permits, the backyard or patio is one of my favorites. You can also always turn an extra room or garage into a private dining space just for the night.

Image via Home Depot
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Head of the Class

Chilly weather allows for one of my favorite ways to accessorize: hats! More specifically, beanies. I’ve worn these fuzzy toppers to keep my head nice and toasty ever since I can remember. And while the overall shape remains, beanies have upped their game as far as style options. I am all about the — dare I say — fancier styles I’ve seen in stores lately.

No longer only available in cable knits and fleece, beanies are also featuring embellishments like crystals and pearls, textured with braids, and topped off with adorable pom poms.

J. Crew Faux Fur $55 | Embellished Cashmere Beanie $130 | Coal Sweater Pom Beanie Creme $35 | Alexandra Foldover Beanie $32 | Jeweled Kitty Beanie $20 | Embellished Knit Hat $14 | Black Pom Knit Beanie $50 | Popcorn Knit Slouch Beanie $45 | Billabong Shades of Dusk Beanie $28

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Not Your Average Ponytail: 3 Looks To Set You Apart

If you’ve got big Valentine’s Day plans coming up, you’ve got quite a bit to consider: what to wear, where to go, red lips vs gloss, the gift, the card, so on and so forth! Lucky for you and I both, my friends at Beauty Coach came through to make sure our hair will be one less thing we have to worry about. Their easy-to-do romantic looks are pure perfection, whether for a special date with your honey or for going out with the girls.
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Take Center Stage… In Your Shower!

Everyone sounds good singing in the shower (two words: awesome acoustics.) Well, at least we think we do, right? Regardless, who cares! Showers were made for singing… in addition to you know, getting clean.

There’s something about singing that makes me feel so good — especially in the shower where you can be totally uninhibited and really let loose! That’s my challenge for you this week. No matter how you sound, give it a go! If you try this and anyone complains, you can just tell them it’s good for your mental health. :) Continue Reading


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Oh, Valentines Day. You were so simple way back when all we had to do was show up to school armed with enough fill-in-the-blank cards and candy for the whole class. Now there are actual gifts to consider and protocols to follow. What do you buy the person you’ve only just started seeing? What to gift your girlfriend of over a year? Is jewelry too much? Are flowers not enough? Does anyone really eat the chocolates?! (Yes.)

Have no fear of cupid — I put together a fantastic list of gifts that are thoughtful and slightly outside the box. Your Valentine will love it, especially because it came from you! They are yours for a reason, after all.

Anchor leather wrap bracelet $65 | Tortoise shell sunglasses $20 | Personalized tree trunk glassware duo $85 | Custom puzzle $129 | Grey iPad case $20 | Faux suede Chelsea boots $90 | Herschel retreat backpack $70 | Coin 2.0 $100

Cursive wood block $25-$45 | Morse code necklace $62 | Heart of gold bangle $32 | Sara Happ lip set $35 | Heart of gold mug $13 | Hand-carved heart book $14 | What I Love About You and Me book $10

And don’t forget the most important thing: the perfect card!



Actress Off Duty: Get The Look

I had an absolute blast working with Vanessa Hudgens, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Keke Palmer on Grease Live. Besides knowing how to sing, dance, and act, these chicks brought some serious style to rehearsals. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who wanted to recreate their cuteness, so I did some online stalking digging for us all and found ways to snag their style.

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Top 5 #JulesGreaseChallenge Winners!

An enormous thank you to everyone who tuned in to Grease Live last night! This was one of the most exciting nights of my career and to see my excitement mirrored in you all meant the world to me. So again, thank you!

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3 Easy Steps To Becoming A Better Dancer

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have requested my advice for becoming a better dancer. Below you’ll find my top three tips for reaching the top.

1. Have fun and most importantly, be yourself! Dancing is about expressing who you are and being YOU. When I dance, I feel like I’m more present and in touch with myself than ever. You just need to let go of whatever else is on your mind and enjoy the moment. Continue Reading