Behind The Scenes: Move Live on Tour

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have requested in the comments (yup, I read em!) to see what it looks like backstage and behind the scenes of a MOVE performance. Lucky for you, we just wrapped a show at the world famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville!

It’s a great honor to get to perform at the iconic Opry. Since 1925 the stage has seen performers like Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, the Dixie Chicks and even a young Elvis Presley! The feeling you get when standing on a stage with so much history is indescribable.

Here’s what our pre-show looks like! Continue Reading


Take Two Challenge

Two songs, that is. It’s time to hit pause on whatever it is you’ve got to do this weekend and press play. I’m challenging you to pick two of your all-time favorite songs and rock out as hard as you can! These songs have to be two things: fun and loud! Music has such a profound effect on us. Happy songs can elevate our spirit and make us feel great! Therefore, I want you to pick two songs that make you feel energized and positive.

Whether you’re driving in the car, cooking dinner, going for a run – close that email, put down the phone and plug into your playlist. Dance hard, sing at the top of your lungs, let it all out! And – let me know what two songs you’ve chosen!

Mine are: Continue Reading

Home Decor

Hello, Nashville; Hello Family!

When the MOVE Tour cruised through Nashville, we had one very important stop to make: my sister Marabeth’s house! It was there that she hosted one of the most unbelievable brunches any of us had been to. My big sis is the ultimate when it comes to cultivating a delightful, delicious and entertaining party. She takes every detail to the next level, creating a happy, relaxing environment that nobody ever wants to leave.

I asked Marabeth to share her top tips for hosting the perfect party and lucky for us, she graciously accepted. Take it away, Marabeth! Continue Reading


Print: The New Neutral

When we think of staple style items that go with any and every thing in our closet, we usually picture a nude accessory. And why shouldn’t we? Beige is meant to blend in and as far as outfits go, a naturally hued shoe or clutch almost always does the job.

A trend that I’ve taken a liking to is to start seeing muted prints in natural colors such as snake skin or animal print as an alternative to a basic solid. By swapping a solid for print, the outfit as a whole gets an instant boost in chicness.

Try adding some oomph to your next ensemble by using these inspirations instead of simple beige. Check out my favorites below! Continue Reading


Deep Dish Delight

On route to Chicago, the buzz on the MOVE Tour bus was all about the anticipation of one thing: deep dish pizza! And let me tell you, the city’s slices did not disappoint. Nothing else compares to digging into a piece of warm pie, stacked high with savory fillings.

I’ve been fantasizing about what I’ll include in my own deep dish when I’m back to cooking in my kitchen at home. My ideal personal pie would include heaps of veggies, and as always, I’d make it as healthy as possible — without sacrificing the taste, of course! Continue Reading


Compliments Are Free

Last week, we challenged ourselves to look in the mirror and name three things we like about what we see. I loved all the positive and honest things you all shared here in the comments and on my Instagram. It’s so cool for me to see you all creating such a positive community. That’s what inspired me for this week’s challenge: let’s flip the switch and give those feel good feelings away to someone else!

Have you ever seen a little girl’s eyes light up when you compliment her sparkly shoes? That feeling truly never goes away. If you’re shopping and thumbing through a rack next to a girl with a fresh fishtail braid – let her know you admire her hairstyle. Continue Reading

Home Decor

Tour Our Bus!

Many of you have asked about the bus set up on our moving MOVE tour. Ask and you shall receive! There are three buses. Derek and I share one, the crew is on another and the dancers have their own. My room is in the back of D-Man’s and my bus. It’s pretty nice! I even have a cozy queen size bed. It’s where I like to snuggle up with an SVU episode or two. Okay, it’s usually a full on marathon.

Before we get started, please note how hilarious our bus is. What’s with those blue flames?! We like to pretend we’re big time rock stars from like an ’80s hair band or something. Doesn’t that seem more appropriate than just a bus full of dancers? Continue Reading


A Wand-erful Beauty Trick

As you know, I love discovering DIY beauty treatments. My made at home lip scrubs leave my lips softer and sweeter than anything I’ve ever found at a store. I have been missing my coconut oil concoction lately and wishing I’d thought to bring it on tour. We don’t exactly keep a fully stocked kitchen on the bus, otherwise I’d make myself a new batch.

I mentioned this to my make-up artist when explaining the over abundance of yummy lip butter. That’s when she did something odd: she handed me a disposable mascara wand. At first I thought she was crazy, but then she showed me how to <!–more–>swivel it around in petroleum jelly (but any natural oil will do) and use it to lightly polish up my pucker. Genius!

I imagine most beauty counters would be kind enough to give you a sample wand or two. These are great for traveling and other times you aren’t able to take your treatments along with you.

Who else has a game changing beauty trick? I need to know!


Getting F.I.T.T., Staying Fit

One might assume the MOVE dancers and I wouldn’t bother with additional exercise since we get such a great workout when performing – and that would be oh-so-untrue. Our morning routine includes a deep stretch and intense yoga session to give our bodies a refreshing challenge. Although dancing is an awesome way to stay fit, like any other exercise our bodies get used to the movements. For this reason we decide to shock our muscles with something they’re not entirely used to.

Fitness expert Andrea Orbeck explains, “This happens because of the body’s natural defense to adapt to demands placed on it. If you lack variety and intensity in your workout, you will likely stay where you are in your fitness level. To avoid this plateau, new demands are required for new goals.”

Not only is mixing up your routine more physically effective but it also mentally enhances your experience to try something new and exciting. I like to throw in an occasional class that is outside of my ordinary, like yoga, spinning, Pilates or kickboxing.

Orbeck suggests that in order to constantly evolve our routine and reach new fitness milestones, think of the acronym F.I.T.T. when changing things up.

So what is F.I.T.T.?

F is for Frequency: more days per week

I is for Intensity: faster tempo and more challenging levels 

T is for Type: variety of incline tread work, sprints and jump rope

T is for Time: longer intensity levels…30, 60 and 90 second power bursts

What is your regular exercise routine? How do you continuously challenge your body?